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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Well at least they are not Spartacus or early Vikings with its abundance of Violence AND Nudity and Sex. so give yourself a pat on the back for the progress you have made.


Umm, I spent last summer watching Banshee.



Jennifer Eight (1992, dir: Bruce Robinson)

Part melodrama, part tense mystery thriller, Andy Garcia plays a down on his luck detective (his wife left him), and who becomes obsessed with a serial killer case, who targets blind women. The movie certainly isn’t masterpiece in the genre, but I felt the movie deserves more praise than it got. True, pacing is slow, and the tone is uneven. The story doesn’t bring anything new to the table in serial killer genre, but it has some interesting twists. Dialogues are clean and precise. Actors, beside Garcia, are all top notch here, Lance Henriksen, Uma Thurman and especially John Malkovich. Who, despite that he appeared in two or three scenes, nearly stole the movie. IMO, role of an asshole on the job who thinks he’s totally right, but he is totally clueless - worth of an Oscar nomination.


Star Wars Rogue One was playing on the TNT channel last night. I only caught the final 30 minutes, but that was enough to confirm that this is one of the best (if not THE best) Star Wars films.

I’m not kidding.


I watched that too!


I think if Rogue One cut out basically the entire Forest Whitaker subplot it would be a much tighter and better movie. I still quite enjoy it, but I remember thinking those bits felt like a waste that dragged on.


Give me the Forest Whitaker stuff then and you guys keep the rest.


Trade that for more development of Jyn as the badass rebel from the trailer, and I’d definitely agree. This is the character description from Star Wars Database:

“Putting behind a checkered past by lending her skills to a greater cause, Jyn Erso is impetuous, defiant, and eager to bring the battle to the Empire. Used to operating alone, she finds higher purpose by taking on a desperate mission for the Rebel Alliance.”

Which doesn’t sound at all like the character we got in the film.


Indeed - and you know why it’s so good?

Minimal Jedi magical mysticism nonsense.


:astonished: How dare you!!


I binged Sex Education over the last couple of days. I agree with @Mike and really liked it.

It’s a somewhat ridiculous premise that teenage kids would open up about sex like that but if you just go with it the characters are great, it’s funny and moving. A good balance of embracing teen comedy/drama cliches and then subverting just as many of them.

With Netflix boasting of their 40m views I am confident we’ll get a second series and happy with that.


Christel and I watched Gabriel Iglesias: One Size Fits All, his newest special that dropped yesterday on Netflix.

Actually, it’s the second time we’ve seen it. We were at the show where he recorded the special last year here in Houston.

It was still funny and we enjoyed it a lot. He’s hilarious.


I’ve found a new hyper-violent show for you to enjoy during spring-time…


Thanks I love it!


Just watched Fyre on Netflix, the doc about the disastrous Fyre Festival. It was insane how much the Head Douche reminded me of the guy who owns the company I work for. Down to their verbatim quotes. It was uncanny enough that I’m actually rethinking my employment situation after having seen the film.

That may sound like an overreaction, but it was profoundly eerie, the similarities between these two guys.


Is it the same guy living under an assumed name? :wink:


It’s taken me 8 episodes to realise that Sabrina is best watched in the background while I’m working or doing something else

I don’t really like doing this as I hate multi tasking, but some of these shows are so padded out that the chances of missing anything important is pretty slim

I think I’ll take this approach to Luke Cage season 2, the CW DC series, Black Lightening etc


Across the Universe. It’s a complete mess, and truly awful in places, but I’d still take something ambitious like this over the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody any day of the week.


This is the only A Cross The Universe film I’m interested in:

Those of you at work, be warned. There are boobies.