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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I really don’t want to crap on something others like, but I think it’s also a good illustration for how far TV has come. It’s very 90’s in it’s structure, with the cast providing life lessons on how to get along, accept people for who they are, take responsibility for your actions and to basically be a more adult version of Sesame Street. And there’s always a place for that kind of jogging pants type of TV, whether it’s The Ofice, Friends or Parks & Rec. However, it does feel old in it’s style, like a relic of TV from 20 years ago. Like Next Generation does.

Wifey asked me the other day if I watch non violent TV anymore, and after thinking about it pretty much everything I love is violent. When you have kids you think about this alot more because you can’t watch what you’d like in front of them. My top shows (outside of sports) are all pretty violent, showing stuff that wouldn’t have been put on TV even 20 years ago. Somehow a show where people get maimed and killed in agony is my relaxing TV show now.

Having said all this she got me watching The Marvelous Ms Maisel a few weeks ago and I’m almost through the second season. It’s basically another Gilmore Girls, fabulous lead actress who can do anything and overcome everything, and a cast of kooky characters around her. And it works in that Gilmore Girls way. I don’t think it’s quite as good as Gilmore, and it’s amazing that one show was barely watched while the other is winning every single award. The power of moving away from the demands of advertising TV is freeing up the stories we watch to be whatever they should be, not whatever gets ratings. And that’s great for us. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, without any blood or beheadings in sight.


That’s why I watch Masterchef Junior.

The beheadings are mostly off-camera.


This is part of why I really enjoy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s not violent at all, the character conflicts are all naturally occurring out of their motivations and reactions (and in some cases, mental illness), no nobody’s bad, they just don’t all get on together all the time. It’s very refreshing.


If we’re listing comfy shows.
I say Superstore.


Who are you?


I’ve tried Ms. Maisel and thought it was good but not enough to fit it into my usual schedule as I just don’t have the time. The Orville gets in probably because I’m the sort of person who chills out completely with TNG on in the background so I get where you’re coming from. I do feel that every thing now really vies for you to watch without looking at your phone and so much of it fails, at least for me. So it ends up most of the shows I love are really intense and you have to actively watch as an audience member wary of missing anything, The Orville is refreshing in a way because it fucks around so much and is nice looking enough to keep off the phone.

I do watch a decent amount of TV that isn’t violent, mostly comedies and quiz or cooking or docs. I tend to watch late night shows and youtube as background if I’m doing certain stuff for work and most of the above work as background too.


I’m watching it as part of watching something with the wife as we don’t really watch the same things any more. I like the quality the crew clearly bring to the production, it’s very impressive. And the writers really know how to work a scene, and wrap things up with crisp dialogue. It feels like you’re watching masters at work, whereas most TV doesn’t feel that way at all.

Cooking shows are my ‘noise in the background’ drug of choice. I can’t stand quiz shows, particularly the British comedian smug cunts format, and there’s not many good comedies. They all feel more or less the same. Only Sunny is the best comedy of this era, with Curb as a close second, but other than those I’m not a big comedy guy.


Last night was the halfway point for Season 3 of True Detective.

It has been decent but it hasn’t blown me away. I think the problem for me is that Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff don’t have much chemistry. At times, it’s the same way with Carmen Ejogo. It could be that Ali’s character is this quiet, soft-spoken man with a darkness inside. I was expecting more from him but so far, his performance has been only good. The story so far has been okay though I’m not sure bouncing the story across 3 timelines was the best idea.

So far, it feels like it is trying to hew closer to Season 1 in format, story, and characters. By doing so, it automatically invites far more comparison to S1 than it really needs to.

Season 1 was just electric. McConaughey and Harrelson were fantastic in the scenes together and still drew you in when they were individually the main focus. The story was compelling and visually stunning. It really was must-see TV. And to think that was almost 5 years ago!


Fukanaga’s direction in Season 1 can’t be discounted. He brought something very haunting and mesmerizing to the story and really got fantastic performances from the leads. The show was never going to be the same without him.


Agree 100%.

I think Season 1 may be one of those special pieces of TV that comes around every once in a while. It was a unique confluence of talent at the going together at the right moment.

While I don’t think S2 worked overall, I do appreciate that it was at least trying to be different from S1. S3 feels like it is trying to emulate a lot of S1 and coming out weaker for it.


Based on all of the recent reviews of it on here I decided to watch Bohemian Rhapsody…and, well, the songs were still okay. They were lip-synched from the actual recorded tracks right? Or did they get a sound-alike? Was it Malek? That’s all I really care about after sitting through it.

The rest is a bore. And the fact they didn’t use Made In Heaven at all during the credits is puzzling. Perfect place for it. Oh, and why didn’t anyone beat Paul Prenter to death? If they’re going to be playing fast and loose with history that would have been a fun scene.
That’s all. 4/10.


Mostly A, a bit of B. Not much of C.

According to Rolling Stone, when not taken from the actual album tracks, most of the singing in Bohemian Rhapsody relies on isolated master tracks of Mercury’s voice from his studio recordings, mashed together with Canadian Christian rock singer Marc Martel, whose ability to copy Mercury’s voice is so uncanny you really just have to hear it for yourself.


Ah, that’s neat then.
Most of the time it’s a bit too obvious and lowers the effectiveness of the concert interludes, but that’s cool they put in the effort.


You love Supergirl, you’re obviously wrong… :smile:


I respectfully disagree with both of those statements. Mahershala Ali is doing an understated but still amazing job of portraying the same character at three critical moments in his life. In particular his performance in the 2015 thread is tragically well done. As for the three timelines idea, I think it serves to add layers of mystery to the story moreso than a single timeline could do; I’m hopeful that all three threads will find resolution in the second half of the season. At least I hope to discover the answer to the burning question of why Dorff’s character is suddenly limping in the 1990 timeline :wink:


This is the wrongest statement I have ever read :stuck_out_tongue:


Nathaniel was bad, how else could he start being good?


Nathaniel was a product of his upbringing. And really, the only bad thing he did was arrange for Josh’s parents to be killed.


I moved this here, so as not to block up the New thread;

It’s an ideal project for a streaming service, the people who want to see it are really interested, it encourages sign ups and staying subscribed.


Brooklyn 99. It’s not LOL for me, but the characters are all extremely likeable and quite often the plot surprises me.

The bits that wife has shown me of The Good Place point to a very comfy but clever show.