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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I finished watching Season One of Happy!. Overall, it was entertaining. Chris Meloni was definitely the best thing about the show. He stole every scene he was in. He really does have a gift for comedic acting and here, he can truly go for broke.

As to the story, it felt a bit padded out and did drag for me. I think it would have worked better at 6 episodes instead of 8.

I read the original miniseries back when it first came out and thought it was just okay. It always felt like Garth Ennius Lite.

I will definitely give the Season 2 a shot when it comes out.


Yeah, as far as superhero movies go, it felt very scatterbrained and lot of small sequences felt slapped together with nothing setting them up, but a lot of the most important scenes worked pretty well. It simply did not feel like it was really working together as a whole and moved in fits.

It could have used a lot more focus and much better story construction, and it would have been better with more set up for the story. However, its problems were only slightly worse than many other movies that were great successes. It’s a lot better than SUICIDE SQUAD and not that much worse than AQUAMAN.


Yeah it all hinged on the main actor, otherwise none of it would’ve worked… but Meloni did a fantastic job (and Patton was quite good as well).


Watched the first episode of the second season of The Orville today, based on the buzz from this thread. I’ve never watched this show before.

What is this awful shite you’ve inflicted on me?


Should’ve started from the first season.
Cause the first episode of the second is pretty much a containment episode for the show’s myriad brewing subplots.


The first season is $3 per episode. I’m not made of money!


Also, it’s fuckin awful… :smile:

Only made it half way thorugh 4th episode IIRC.


Orville is the poor man’s Star Trek filled with sophomoric humor.

It has an interesting idea or concept every now and then, but they are generally handled poorly and get lost in the cheap art direction, ham-fistedwriting, and crude jokes.


It’s a collaboration between the guy that does Family Guy, and the guy who did the first two series of Enterprise.


Bohemian rhapsody is the laziest film I’ve seen in a very long time. No cliche unused, direction that would make a 80’s TV movie blush.
Was made watch it by the wife who somehow enjoyed it.


The Orville is (most of the time) awesome. The attention to detail in making it as close as possible to Star Trek (though TNG, not proper Star Trek) is so incredible, I can’t see how they haven’t been sued yet :wink:

In the first season (I’m still waiting for it in the second season) they tackled serious SF plots as cleverly and smoothly as TNG ever did.

When it started, I thought I would prefer it without the humour. After a while, I realized that it was key to making the show work. When have you ever been in a workplace that doesn’t have humour like that? (Well, maybe if you worked on the Enterprise-D, where they were all insufferably po-faced all the time). The humour just makes the characters seem real – they clown around and make lame jokes like every normal person in the real world actually does all the time. The jokes aren’t there to laugh at, they are there to make the characters more believable and relatable. I’ve grown to like the characters far more far more quickly than I did any of the stick-up-the-ass TNG characters.

And one final word of praise for something I particularly picked up on in the last one I watched (S2 Ep3): the score is incredible. It has better incidental music than… well, anything I can think of in recent memory. And (like everything else in the production design) it impresses not only in its own right but also by how cleverly it follows Star Trek without being Star Trek. That’s got to be a difficult balancing act, and yet they pull it off in every respect. It’s a clear homage, but it’s still its own thing.


I felt the first season was very much one of those nice, bright coloured, uncomplicated shows that you switch on the TV on a decompress to before you watch something with some depth. I don’t think I’d pay 3 dollars for each episode if I’m truly honest, it is much closer to the negative posts about it and the humour, however it did start to add some weight as it went on, mainly I felt to the Bortus character and his species.

The first episode of the new season was so bad I wasn’t sure if it watch it again. Half way through the second I was feeling the same even despite it being Bortus centric. But something happened halfway through - the conversations and stakes started to feel much stronger. I thought I would hate the third episode of Season 2 seeing the trailer for it and then again, in the second half I was sucked in and thought it was brilliantly written plot and storywise for a story of the week show. I’ve thought the story telling is much better in season 2 after the horrible first episode.

The Orville’s main problem is also it’s saving grace. It’s not trying to contend with TV like Star Trek Discovery or GOT, it’s simply trying to be a fun little sci-fi-for-everyone show that plays with ideas a Trek audience would be used to.

It’s clearly not for everyone and as I’ve said here the character work leaves a lot to be desired, but you should check out the whole of episode 2 of the second season to see what I mean.

It’s really throwaway TV, personally I like that now and again because every show these days is trying so hard to be the next GOT or Breaking Bad. That’s obviously great because the quality is so good, but I do love having something that’s just bright sci-fi colours you can completely switch off to, I think there’s room for it.


This sounds amazing and it’sg almost the exact opposite of my experience of the show.
It’s funny how personal taste works that way. :smiley:


It also helps that the Orville is not “pride of the fleet” like the Enterprise is. It’s a mid-level ship. They know they’ll never be and that takes the edge off of everything. The crew is far more laid back but do get serious when needed.

This really is the best description. Overall, I would rate the show C+, B- at best. It does have plot threads that run through the series but each episode is pretty much standalone. It really feels like a less serious version of Star Trek: The Next Generation. While it the visuals and SFX are top notch and contemporary, it does feel like something from the 80s/90s in a good way. I would not pay to watch it but if you can watch it for free and have the time, give it a shot.

It’s also fun to see all the Star Trek alumni who they get for the show, as guests and as directors.


Obviously I’m right and you’re wrong :wink:


Silver Age television! :+1:



Star Trek TOS = Disneyland.

Orville = county fair.


I consider this a significant insult to Star Trek.


Yeah, it’s more… Epcot.


Okay, who else here was visiting Disneyland and then watching the new first-air episodes of ST:TOS?