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What are you watching? 2019 edition


ISAAC the babysitter was a great episode.


That’s the one I’m watching right now. Good fun.
I thought that Majority Rule was surprisingly smart and relevant for our times. I mean it still has sex jokes and a guy grinding on a statue but this show has given me more than I ever expected from it.


The only problem with Majority Rule is that the character in question was 100% in the wrong.


The other problems with majority rule is that it’s literally stolen from an episode of Black Mirror, the resolution wasn’t actually thought through and the conclusion is unearned.


Black Mirror pretty much stole Black Museum wholesale from The Outer Limits, so fair is fair.


Not really. There’s a significant difference between stealing from something that came out 50 years ago and last year.

What episode was Black Museum cribbed from?


Pretty much every season finale the 90’s revival had.


I thought World War Z (book) handled this pretty well and pretty realistically. Man, I wish they had done that book justice…


The story about the Otaku with the Katana was brilliant.


yes - one of the best. Many of those stories could probably be their own movie.


Indeed they could.

It felt like such a let down that, whether or not you feel it was good in its own right, the movie was just another standard plot.


Zombie movies feel like a nasty kind of wish fulfillment. Select special people stand apart from the mindless masses, who they can kill without remorse in whatever nasty fashion they want. Guys get the girls because they’re literally the last people on Earth (and it’s their obligation to repopulate the planet). Zombies are terrible villains, they’re like animals with even less intelligence.


Did you watch the Black Mirror episode “Men Against Fire”? It really plays off most of the ideas you mention.


I don’t see them as the villains, per se. I see them more as the force of nature. Man becomes the villain in the better zombie stories. My mind gets stimulated way more when i watch a good post apoc film about how humans treat each other after a crisis than a standard horror movie.


Not yet, but I’ll check it out. I take my Black Mirror in small doses.


My problem with those is most people become horrible cunts. They’re pretty cynical about us, considering almost all of us are pretty orderly and ready to help each other out. Post apocalypse USA would probably feel like Iowa. Bit boring, but nice people.


I wish I had your optimism :slight_smile:


“People are the real monsters” is basically the mission statement of the Zombie genre. The original Night of the Living Dead is about how the people who wound up in the house were unwilling or unable to work together until it doomed them. and then the twist ending is some racists shoot the black guy who survived all that.

(Spoilers for a 50-year old movie above, obviously)


I imagine we’ll never have to find out who’s right. But for these reasons I’ve never liked Zombie movies.

Just finished season 2 of Banshee. Not quite as good as the first season. Some good action sequences but it’s almost like they didn’t expect the second season and scrambled to figure out the story. I’ll watch the rest of it, but I’m not binging it like I did season 1.


That’s part of the wish fulfillment I think. Everyone in zombie world is terrible. It’s depressingly cynical.