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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I went to a lecture on the global remake phenomenon, which goes back decades and is far more complicated than you’d think if you’re not a lecturer in the subject (like the speaker).

Personally, I’ve always found the stories around bad movies to be far better than the films themselves, so this was great. I got his opinion and just a few clips, many of which were clearly from terrible films.

I may seek out a few of the movies, if I can get some beer, pizza and fellow victims to watch them with, but mostly I’ll stick to the academic analysis.

The big problem tonight though was the chairs. It was two and half hours (with a ten minute break) and one of my legs decided that was too much. The other leg was fine with it, but that didn’t convince it’s partner and I was in various amounts of pain for the second half of the talk.

And probably quite annoying for the people sitting around me as I constantly shifted in my seat.


I watched Bumping Mics with Jeff Ross and Dave Attell series on Netflix. That was hilarious. It’s dark, twisted and so wrong but so damn funny. I laughed out loud so many times.

Christel wanted to watch Ellen Degeneres: Relatable. We quit after 6 minutes. Simply unfunny.


Tonight’s Orville is really good. Check out the cast!


I saw this trailer today. I am rather creeped out, but am extremely interested.


Finally watched Annihilation. It’s basically a horror version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, tossing in beastly mysteries that are just supposed to be profound. I mean, it’s interesting, but not to the level, for me, of Arrival or Interstellar. I don’t think Portman and Isaac’s arc is deep enough to support it.


Haven’t watched last night’s yet but I thought last week’s was brilliant after a pretty tepid start to the season. Bortus is great anyway but everytime I thought it was going to get away from them and go stupid they pulled it back with some weight. Bortus’ monologue about masturbating was brilliant and they had the balls to stick with the outcome of the a-plot (which, in The Orville, actually now seems to be the b-plot).


Oh, man. Arrival and Interstellar both disappointed me severely with the absolute basic plots and unimaginative execution. And Annihilation not quite at that level? Good lawd. It’s things like this that make me re-read Chronicles of the Lensmen.


Netflix have recently added a new documentary series called Sunderland Till I Die, following the local football team for the season after they were relegated from the Premier League. I suspect they were expecting an inspirational tale of a club coming back through adversity to get their groove back (not unreasonable given how teams yo-yo in and out of the bottom of the Premier League), but given the team ended this season by getting relegated down another division I think it’s going to turn out quite differently, so despite my tiny interest in football, I am definitely keen to watch this series.


Well, maybe don’t take my opinion on these things, as I found the earlier movies visionary in execution.


Don’t forget I’m so incredibly old that I’ve read everything! :rofl:


Hell or High Water is surprisingly boring until the last half hour. It’s unfortunate too since that last half hour feelings like it would have made a really good movie.


It’s interesting to say the least…

Doesn’t paint Sunderland in a great light though

The Man City documentary is also very good, in terms of a bit of insight into how much a character Pep is


‘Nightcrawler’ was very well made, but left me a bit cold. It was an interesting idea though, and so is this.

It feels a lot like an 80’s horror movie, but perhaps that’s just the stylized art world setting?

I think it looks ambitious so I want it to work.


Yeah, I’m kind of at that point as well with science fiction films.

Arrival and Interstellar both come off like boring dramas with a spaceship and some vague mysticism thrown in.

Annihilation continues this trend, but it’s a bit more watchable. Going into the movie cold, I’ll say the first part was a pretty dull affair, and then all of this WTF stuff starts slowly building. Which I thought was sort of interesting, but I don’t think the movie quite gelled into a cohesive whole.

But on the flipside you have stuff like Jupiter Ascending and _Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets_that are filled with spaceships, aliens, and spectacle, but just fall completely flat.

Leads me to believe that science fiction is tough to nail in big budget films.


Future Man Season 2: Just to get it out of the way - not as good as season 1. The de-emphasizing the time travel aspects for a static setting doesn’t do the story and show any favors. Dragging it out and feeling really small scale and not really having any venues or pathways for jokes or comedy. The few times it rebukes this set-up the show gets right back to its old mojo, but far too quickly over and few. That said - it’s still an entertaining watch. Not as energetic or as tightly written as the predecessor, but with a varied amounts of good moments and the characters still feel like they haven’t missed a beat. I probably won’t be back for a third season, since it promises more of the things that didn’t work.

Sex Education Season 1: Coming out a few months from a year since the last time Netflix made an “anti-rom-com” (Love) and right around the premiere of another (You’re The Worst), it makes sense that this is a show that sits pretty firmly in between them. This debut season doesn’t hit the high notes of comedy and traumedy that the latter does, but also doesn’t find itself trapped inside unearned shmaltz the same way the former would consistently do. It’s sort of half-and-half. It’s at odds between some really clever usages of rom-com tropes, with some darkly subversive stuff mixed in, but also mishandles and rushes/flatly pushes other angles and story beats. It’s not enough to drag it down, but it is enough to be really eye-rolling. But, despite some bland subplots that don’t add much, the show does have that kinetic, aware, and mindful view on its characters and their romantic entanglements that any rom-com show needs - “anti-” or not.


I really enjoyed the season premiere. Delightfully subversive.


To celebrate being an ex-smoker, I spent next month’s tobacco money on some movies. (Got that, Demon Nicotine? Now you’re slain, ousted and broke!)

First up: SPLIT. This is a copy of a post to Drew Edwards over on FB.


Okay, this may be one of the best scripts ever. I got to work with a couple of quite real multiples (the term at the time) and am familiar with alters and personalities and whatever they choose to call themselves. (They usually just call themselves by name and let their personalities speak for the,) Speaking to a core personality is a rare thing. Even moreso is an emergent personality. One of the team docs, Bruce, was having a session and dang if our composite person did not “give birth”. “Split” managed to both be accurate in the depiction of multiple personality disorder (MPD) or the newer (more accurate) term of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). These diagnoses are absolutely real, so any aspersions come from someone/somewhere with an agenda other than promoting the understanding of people. (I also was invited to participate for a while in a group on the net of multiples. I was astounded and humbled by what all these folks deal with. I left when my primary contact did, as i did not want to intrude.) One other factor, no matter the age, gender or personality of a multiple or alter, the single uniting factor was a gleaming intelligence. The acting is just tremendous. The last few minutes, linking mythology, was to me the weakest bit (very ordinary). But I’m giving Night Shamaylan about fifty thumbs up for insight, understanding pathology (if it is pathology, the core of the conflict), telling the tale, directing in such a clever manner even we few with real-life experience are left walking the ol’ therapeutic tightrope at times while watching. (Hey, it’s Night, and we know his Hitchcock love, and yeah, it just could be the first girl is the multiple - until we see more of the story).
Incredible. I am so danged happy I bought this. I fear much may be misinterpreted, but I’m here to help. Definite links to “Unbreakable” and the upcoming “Glass”… Great stuff in “Unbreakable” (and the great Alex Ross designs) but the pacing was like to kill me. Get ON with it. So Night did get on with it in Split, moving along at the pace needed. What he’s going to do with “Glass” I do believe I shall also find amazing. Now Sam Jackson is starting his PR tour, and I do love Sam. Will be paying attention to what he (and Mssrs. McAvoy and Willis) have to say.
I think I liked it.


It was a pitch perfect way to start the final season.
One of the funniest episodes of the series.


Titans - I’m about halfway through the season and have been enjoying it way more than I expected to. It’s nothing amazing, mind you, but it’s been solidly entertaining. I’m hoping that Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing will be at least as good as this is.


The Favourite

I liked it a lot. Of course it’s not a conventional period drama (Yorgos Lanthimos is never going to deliver convention) but it’s a not obtuse or even playing games with narrative just to show off. The story and characters are clear and it’s very emotional in places.

It’s also very funny at times, but then dark and dramatic at others. Most importantly, it’s intelligent. Things happen for human reasons that aren’t right or fair, but which you can understand.

It’s not a feel good movie, but that’s probably not a surprise.

Visually, Lanthimos is channeling a fair amount of ‘Barry Lyndon’ here (maybe some of Ridley Scott’s ‘The Duellists’ too) so it looks great, very naturalistic in that 1970’s sort of way.

The cast deserve all the awards they’re getting, but really everyone has done good work here.