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What are you watching? 2019 edition


It’s pitched so that it works as a cynical takedown of what the Leave campaign was doing, if you want to see it in that way.

I’ll be interested to hear whether pro-Leave viewers feel like it’s balanced enough to be able to see the Leave campaign as the heroes of the story.


I’ll admit I found the reportage of politicians objecting to the portrayal of Gove, which sounds quite accurate, very amusing.


He’s only just shown up, but he’s generated a couple of laughs already.


It was strong to the end. Having not expected to enjoy it much, I thought it was surprisingly well-written and quite well-acted (Rory Kinnear in particular stood out, but Cumberbatch was good too) and left me feeling as hollow and dispirited as a drama about Brexit should.


Finally caught Von Trier’s “The House That Jack Built”.
It’s entertaining enough if you usually dig Von Trier films - or the whole “serial killer” subgenre of horror in general.
Although, while visceral, it’s honestly not up there with some of Von Trier’s more infamous works - and while the imagery and subject matter can be disturbing here, it’s played with a hand of pitch black comedy.
Which I feel only will have any of its intended effect for those who are so inclined. I feel like for many it will fall flat, and thus be even more distasteful, or flat-out bore.
I felt it was more hit and miss. For something that’s been on my to-watch list, I had a decent enough time.

But they didn’t use the song the movie takes its name from.
So gonna have to give it a 0/10.


They should have used the Metallica song.


Brexit: the Uncivil War is a bit of a mixed bag.

It’s trying very hard to be quirky, and bits of it are more than a little sitcom, but it’s got a lot of interesting things going on, some of which may well be true.

Worth a look, but it wont be the definitive drama/comedy of this period.


I think we’re still too close to it for that to be possible. We’re still in the middle of all the direct fallout now.

Where I thought it succeeded was in dramatising the various viewpoints around Brexit and the campaigns, in turning that national dialogue into personal exchanges that felt meaningful (even if they felt a bit contrived at times).

I also think it made the right decision by reducing ‘big’ personalities like Cameron, Farage and Johnson to glorified cameos, and making the less well-known campaign chiefs the focus.


Yeah it’s not their story.

In fact that’s the point of this film; they were not the people who drove the whole thing.

Which is still an arguable point, but an interesting one.


I preferred Paddington 2, Hugh Grant was a funnier antagonist but either way both are loads of fun.


Yeah, they’re made out to be useful patsies more than anything else.

Which is maybe a bit unfair, but also maybe not that unfair. :slight_smile:


Watched You on Netflix. I put off watching this because I thought it was a Gossip Girls type show. But it’s actually a much darker story.

It follows a girl that’s being stalked, but we see it from the stalkers PoV. So we see all the fucked up shit he does to get her to fall in love with him. And how he twists everything to justify it to himself.
Joe, the stalker, is obviously mental. But they do a good job of making him weirdly likeable too.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to the second season.


We started the first episode last night. It’s not really my thing so far but it’s interesting enough.


Caught Bodyguard on Netflix and I really rather enjoyed it.
But did anyone else think that one of the music cues in the show sounded exactly like the opening beats to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck?
Cause every time it came up I was losing it.


Pretty sure this is adapted from the book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, which is a creepy fucking story indeed.


Wife had read the book, and so watched the show over the Christmas break - enjoyed it well enough.

It would be pretty easy to ingratiate yourself with someone using their online presence.


Watched Sabrina.
I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.I had fun and I’m looking forward to the next season.
There really is a lot of cannibalism in this show though :open_mouth:


I love that the even joke about that cannibalism thing themselves on the Christmas special.

In other news, I watched “Silence”, Scorcese’s latest. It’s about Kylo Ren and the Amazing Spider-Man going to Japan as Portugese missionaries in the 17th century. During that period, Christians are persecuted there, so they’re risking their lives trying to find their mentor, who is said to have turned away from the Christian faith, which they can’t believe. Then, there’s a lot of torture and philosophical debate, taking turns.

It’s based on a Japanese novel from the sixties, and it’s a fascinating account of an interesting time that I knew nothing about (obviously), and it’s a very well-made movie (of course), and the themes of a silent God and of suffering and faith are very engaging. On the other hand, the movie was rather more… Christian, I guess, than I expected? There doesn’t seem to be any distance to the protagonist’s beliefs; it feels like the movie expects us very much to be as convinced of his faith as he is.

Still - well worth watching.


After watching Holmes and Watson, I feel like as an American I have to apologize to all British people for what is possibly a hate crime. It’s…truly unwatchable. Or, at the very least, insanely unfunny.

I actually have a resolution to save this movie through editing by getting it down to 35 minutes. And even then I doubt I could do it.


Maybe 34 minutes then?