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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Yeah, there are two live-action movies that are set after Jin-Roh and the Helhounds Manga, but they came out in 1987 and 1991.


I don’t understand the appeal of a movie like this… like, wouldn’t it be just better to play one of the several “choice matter” video games? Isn’t that the whole difference between movies and modern, more elaborate, video games? That video games allow you to inhabit the character and have active involvement in the narrative instead of just being a passive watcher?

I mean, yes it’s gimmicky, but I don’t see this becoming a trend… seems a bit redundant.


Neither do I and I’m sure it’s only intended as a one-off. The story itself is about a guy inventing an 8 bit computer game that mirrors the binary choices of the viewer too. It’s pertinent to that story specifically.

I’d consider it like the occasional live episodes or musical episodes of various series. In truth is probably too much hard work to do regularly like those, they filmed something like 5 hours.


Yeah, it’s a novelty and an experiment but not something I can see becoming commonplace. It wasn’t a very enjoyable viewing experience for me but it was interesting for trying something a bit different.


Unfortunately not. They do have some at the moment (“Burn After Reading”, “Big Lebowski” “O Brother…”, “The Ballad of…”, “True Grit”), but that’s probably subject to change, as well.

On the other hand though, if you love the Coens, watching the three seasons of the Fargo TV series is probably worth the subsciption alone.


Oh, and speaking of watching: Justice League yesterday with the kid. It’s a bit of a jumbled movie, but not quite the mess I was expecting. Many bits worked well enough, and I liked both The Flash and Cyborg. The weakest point is probably Steppenwolf, who isn’t developed at all. They just tried to cram too much into one movie there: establishing three new characters and their backstory, the road to reviving Superman, getting them all to fight as a team and defeat a world-ending menace… It didn’t leave much room to flesh out the threat now, did it? Or to show Batman in more Batman-y action (instead of being just a team manager and someone who uses tech instead of superpowers).


Another netflix question, do they have a lot of documentaries? @garjones mentioned The Keepers in the news thread. Documentaries is really the kind of tv I enjoy the most.


Netflix varies from country to country, and when I was last in the Netherlands i even noticed a bunch of stuff that was on there which isn’t available in the UK/Ireland. So there are caveats.

But yeah, Netflix has a shit-ton of documentaries, both ones they licensed and ones they commissioned.

(Edit to add, I loaded up the feature-length documentary section, sorted for alphabetical order, started scrolling down, arbitrarily stopped when I reached the end of D and counted back up. There are 126 documentaries at that point.)


Netflix has an absolute avalanche of documentaries, and a few of them aren’t shit, too!


Under the Malaysian version there are 222 documentary series (on top of the features).

There is some crap on there as Robert alludes to but also a fair amount ranking from good to excellent.


They do have some pretty terrific documentary style TV shows too, such as the one about 1980s toys, and the one about hip-hop.


And most of the ones that are good are two or three episodes too long.


So, pretty much like their non-documentary offerings, then.


Some of the documentaries are Netflix exclusives, too.

These are the first that come up on German netflix when I search for documentaries, Arjan, just as an impression:


I watched the first season of Fargo, it didn’t do it for me. It seemed like someone trying to a Coen bros imitation and failing.


That’s pretty much the first season in a nutshell, and why I don’t like it that much either.
The second season is a lot better at feeling like its own natural story. It still has a lot of “nods” to Coen Bros. movies, but it stands much better alone.

No comment on season 3.


I also thought the Billy Bob Thornton character was pretty ridiculous.


I just watched this after seeing a lot of articles about its Spinal Tapness and I can highly recommend it. It is indeed full of utter nonsense (Matt’s conkers rant and Luke’s response being the highlight) and yet also genuinely touching when touching on their relationship and family and how celebrity distorts reality. Plus, I’ve had I Owe You Nothing stuck in my head ever since.



I finally got around to watching Deadpool 2 and thought it was ok - a bit disappointing and flat, and not up there with the first movie (in story or laughs) but a diverting enough way to spend a Saturday night in.