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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I loved the concept.
You can put it in spoilers if you think it counts - but how much of the movie really plays into the main conceit?


Do you mean in terms of how much is real and how much is the game?


A little, but also how long they react to it.


There’s a really fun scene so they do play into that stuff but I’d say that they all think it’s real about a third of the way in.


Oh, cool. That seems like a good amount of time.

I dislike it when premises like these acclimate the characters too soon.


As I’m further in I agree, the plots are dafter and funnier and as with most sitcoms they work better as you get to know the characters more. Half the fun now is seeing what ‘hipster’ outfits Clem Fandango and his mate are going to wear each episode.


There are some great insulting descriptions of those outfits from Toast (which I won’t spoil in case you haven’t got to them yet).


If you never had at least a tear in your eye during that episode of Walking Dead you are fucking soulless bastard.


Or a… zombie?


‘Walking Dead’ remains a huge hit, but numbers have dropped over the years;

The article points out the problem with people watching the episodes at different times, but it’s clear that show has lost viewers.

That takes nothing from the overall success, which is astonishing, but it may be drawing to an end sooner, rather than later.


The Death Of Stalin is an interesting film but a poor adaptation of the graphic novel. Where the novel is sharp and concise the film is dull and contrived. It’s effective but misses the mark slightly every scene.

However, I do like how it takes the air out of any adherence to political ideology of any sort.


It’s definitely had it’s time - there seems to be quite a wide consensus that it’s tailed right off. I might be wrong but I think this happens to most shows and there’s no way back at that stage.

However I’m enjoying as much as I ever have, I’m really invested in some of the characters, although I think the cast is too big now. I don’t share the complaints at all, especially the idea that it’s too slow now - it’s always been slow.

I do feel it’s a better show than it was in season 2 where I really struggled to keep watching it.

I’m still hoping for a few more seasons yet.


Completely agreed. I loved season 7 - Negan was awesome, and I love the Kingdom. I’d happily keep watching this show for as long as they want to make it, if they keep up the quality of the last seasons.


Saw “Creed” last night. That was a good boxing movie. Nice to see Stallone as Rocky again. I thought the final Rocky was as good a last installment as it could get, but this was a very nice epilogue.

Michael B. Jordan was very good, too, as always.


I’m very up and down on The Walking Dead. I still think the seasons would be better served as 10 to 12 episode seasons as opposed to the 16 or 18 they’ve been doing. It can get way too decompressed for my liking (that’s not new, it’s a complaint I’ve always had).


I gave up on the Walking Dead a couple seasons ago. For me, it ran into the same issue as the comic, which was it just ended up being an unending parade of misery. That stops being fun after a while.


Yeah, I get that for sure. I think the unrelenting nihilism of the show might be its biggest flaw. Plus, it does end up being the same cycle of “we found a place to stay!” and then “oh no, it’s been destroyed by a group of psychotic assholes!” I do still like enough of the characters that I’ve kept watching, but I wouldn’t mind if they said next season was the last and they worked towards an actual ending.


True, that. The comic mixed that up by taking a big leap in time, though, and completely changed the setting in doing that. I could see that working for the show, as well.


What kind of ending could they possibly work towards? I think that’s another flaw of the concept – it has only two possible endings, (1) miraculous cure or (2) everybody dies. The first would feel very anticlimactic, I think, while the second would feel… well, also anticlimactic, as well as depressing as hell.

A miraculous cure would open up a lot of storytelling possibilities and let them relaunch the show as something that has rarely been explored in apocalyptic fiction – yay, apocalypse averted! Looks round at underpopulated wasteland Now what the hell do we do?