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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Oh, right.

No. He’s not.

Here are those on the cusp:


I think Ingrid Bergman will get a Grammy before Ricky Martin gets his EGOT.


I think Lin-Manuel Miranda will be the next to get an EGOT. He also has a Pulitzer which is another one they tend to add to that bundle.


The famous EGOTP.


PEGOT :wink:


I watched the first episode of Counterpart and really enjoyed it. I love a good Cold War spy thriller and so far, this hits the spot. The sci-fi element is a great touch and works well. JK Simmons is great in his roles. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of this series.


That was great. Loved the Buffy lines.

Seems like I need to go back to the Magicians. Didn’t quite finish season 1 but always meant to, and it’s good to hear s2 is an improvement. Season 1 had some good stuff, but also a lot of rough places.


It’s criminal that Dick van Dyke never got an Oscar.


Yeah! I mean, not for Mary Poppins, obviously. And Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you can understand not getting him a nod. But he definitely should have got one for… erm…


Wouldn’t it be funny if Lin-Manuel finished his PEGOT with a win in the same role? :wink:


Chim Chim Cher-ee won the Oscar for best song, but the award goes to the writer rather than the performer. Which is a bit like like giving the best actor award to the screenwriter.

Anyway, he should have won best actor :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck Dick Van Dyke. It’s criminal that James Earl Jones never got an oscar.


Diagnosis Murder.


Travelers (S1 and 4 eps of S2)

From Brad Wright of Stargate fame, this is a strange but good show.

Strange in that there’s a real disturbing horror vibe to the traveling concept that the show rarely addresses but is starting too, as it involves basically hijacking a body by booting out the consciousness currently in it. For that reason it’s done at that person’s original point of death - they die when they’re supposed and someone else takes over their meat puppet. That it’s still technically killing people is glossed over - and it seems the whole ‘point of death’ is convention only, you can travel back and take a person over at any point on their timeline .

Good in that the idea of traveling from the future to the past combined with taking up the lives of their hosts makes for a good mix for a show like this. Not that it is without its weaknesses, the Carly-Jeff and Grant-Kat stories are the weakest part of the show. David-Marcy is more interesting, particularly the character of David who is the type of character who doesn’t turn up much in TV. He isn’t your take charge bloke, he’s no good in a punch-up, but is very good at helping and supporting others which is why he’s a social worker - it’s unusual and all the better for it.

Towards the end of S1 a major game-change revelation comes in that is pursued further in Season 2 - the Director that the travelers work for is an AI, but due to their changing the past, it’s no longer one that is unopposed. Full picture hasn’t been set out but it sound like originally, matters were so desperate everyone handed power over to an AI because they saw no other solution. The solution it proposed was effective to a degree, so there is now questioning of the Director in the future. S2 has taken this in an interesting direction, will see how it plays out.

If you’ve Netflix and you haven’t given it a go, do so but don’t expect too much.


It’s an okay show… entertaining for what it is, but it still feels like a Continuum rip-off =P


Is that worth a look? Concludes well, doesn’t go off the rails too much?


Molly’s Game

If you know the basic story then this is what you expect, but that’s a good thing. Sorkin gives a talented cast his trademark dialogue and they zip back and forth through Molly’s career and the problems involved, including her own (really) bad choices along the way.

Chastain is as good as always, and everyone else steps up too.

It’s visual, Sorkin directs with some genuine style, but you’re there for the talk, and the talk is good.


Yeah it’s got some nice characters and a decent plot (with some rather interesting themes too)… it kinda goes off the rails for a while during one of the seasons, but they still manage to bring it back and tie it all up for the finale, and yes it concludes well.

So yeah it’s worth a shot if you like sci-fi/time travel shows… definetly.


Have to say, I was expecting more from Darkest Hour after all the hype.Yeah the Gary Oldman performance is good. But the film itself isn’t much different than something you’d see on the BBC or ITV on a bank holiday.

It does create a good sense of just how close we came to surrender. But then you get the train section at the end. Which might be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a film for awhile.


‘Britannia’, not bad, but not ‘Game of Thrones’ yet. It’s going for casual and realistic, not pretentious and full of fake “old” dialogue, which I like, bit it still feels a bit fake so far.

I’ll give it a few more episodes.