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What are you watching? 2019 edition


TV Guide’s “42nd worse film of all time” according to the article.

Now if they gave them radioactive mutant powers, it would be a hit today.


Oh I wish it were, the Brosettes in my school were pretty unbearable, the trend at the time was pairs of jeans with their logos on.

The Bros phenomenon was a very intense short-lived thing.


I recently watched both The Tick live action series (2001 Fox and 2016 Amazon).

Amazon series:
I enjoyed the series. It was played a tad more serious than I was expecting. The humor was more of the deadpan and low key variety. I think it would have been a bit better if was a hair more bombastic. Peter Serafinowicz did a good job in the role of the Tick. For this version of Arthur, Griffin Newman did very well. Overall, I think the “volume” of the show could have been turned up a notch or two.

Fox series:
You could tell this series really didn’t have Fox’s full support. It looked cheap as hell. The writing and stories were pretty bad. The two bright spots of the series are Patrick Warburton as the Tick and Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel. Warburton was so wonderfully larger than life as the Tick. I would have loved to see this version in the Amazon series. Carbonell just nails every scene he’s in as Batmanuel.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the 1994 animated series but I think this may be the best adaptation of the comic book series.


It is.


Travelers Season 3… pretty good season overall… disapointing cop-out in the begining concerning the end of S2, but kinda redeemed itself with a pretty ballsy ending… but considering how much they ignored the ending of S2… well it could go etiher way in S4. At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see what direction they take they show in for the 4th season (if at all, I dunno if they’ve announced its renewal).


Saw “I, Tonya” yesterday. Loved everything about it. Camera work and soundtrack especially stood out. Great performances, too. Sebastian Stan was the only one who was just okay; Alison Janney and Margot Robbie were incredible.


I kept confusing Margot Robbie with Jaime Pressly in that movie… :smile:

But then again, it’s like they were cut from the same barbie doll cloth… u_u


Hah! Called it months ago. Problem is what you sketch out - I did not buy how S2’s finale played out because it was crappy, relied far too much on the bad guy knowing everything but I also no confidence they would follow through on it because how could they? So, they play a get-out-of-jail card but having done it once, they can do it again so why should I buy into this once more?


Yeah, plus they kinda ended up in the same place they began, which is rather lazy… But still, it was enjoyable for what it was. In the end it’s a series I always forget about, but I’m also always cool with watching whenever it comes out… so yeah…


Which is why I was stunned to discover that’s Robbie as Queen Elizabeth in the upcoming Mary Queen of Scots movie:


Robbie looks how she looks and I’m sure it has helped her a lot in her career but she’s a really good actress and now producer. Pressly has done a load of b-movies.


I think Pressly is less effective as a producer. She’s done good work, she was great in ‘My Name Is Earl’ for example, but hasn’t built on it, despite it being a hit and having critical success too (and she got an Emmy).


The Greatest Showman - this was Sky’s big Christmas Day film that we recorded yesterday and watched tonight. I really enjoyed it.

I liked that it was such an unapologetically old-fashioned story, both in the beats it hit and the way that it was told. The storytelling was very clear, the actors all felt sincere and the song-and-dance numbers were brilliant in a classic Hollywood sort of way. Very catchy songs too.

It was also really nice to find a movie that had true cross-generational appeal, that parents and kids and older family members can all sit together and enjoy on the same terms. I can see why it was a hit.


Victorian X-Men, with songs. I’m with you all the way.


That’s actually why I kept confusing them… in My Name is Earl, Pressly does a pitch perfect white trash chick, and it’s more or less the same character. Pressly is not a bad actress she just had either a shitty agent or bad luck in terms of projects.


When I saw Transformers: The Last Knight I remember posting here that the franchise deserved better. Bumblebee was better. Much better. A really good, well made movie, with a lot of heart. I took the wife and kids to see it tonight, after the festivities of the last couple of days. We all really enjoyed it.


Click and Collect

This was one of the BBC’s flagship one-off comedies for Christmas (along with some BBQ thing?) shown on Christmas Eve. I’m all for them doing this type of thing, as opposed to just endless Christmas specials for Mrs Brown’s Boys (which apparently they can manage to do anyway).

Unfortunately, this is just a bit of a bargain basement Planes, Trains and Automobiles, almost beat for beat, just at Christmas and with a dash of Jingle All The Way, as an uptight guy road-trips with a boor with no boundaries to get his daughter the sold-out toy she wants for Christmas. Pretty predictable and light on strong laughs.


Ha, I said exactly the same thing to my wife while we were watching this. It’s a shame the material wasn’t a bit stronger as the two leads were good and had a decent chemistry.


There is a documentary about the indy filmmaker Larry Cohen on Amazon Prime, and while it is interesting to see a bit more about some of his more notable movies, it is really one of those hagiographic fluff pieces that should all have the same subtitle: “Isn’t he a terrific fellow!” Miius, Spielberg and many others have had numerous docs on them that are much the same.

When it’s about the movies he’s making, it is interesting, but when it is about him, it’s pretty unbearably congratulatory.


If that’s ‘King Cohen’ then I’ve seen it and, hagiographical slant aside, it’s great fun.