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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Yes, we have. I think if you’re gonna do it you have to commit to spectacle. Something audiences don’t see very often.

I’d like to see more personal battles at the end of superhero movies. Where the stakes are simple and immediately relevant to the characters. It’s like how the first season of 24 is the best one and it’s just about Bauer trying to stop the assassination of a man who over the course of the season becomes his friend. Every season after that involved nukes or chemical weapons and it was diminishing returns.


That was something else I liked about Deadpool. Ajax was the Big Bad and the stakes weren’t “save the Earth/Galaxy/Universe”. It was simply personal.


I get the sense that the movies are becoming wise to that and adapting. Ant-Man was the first superhero movie where I remember thinking the final act felt like a conscious reaction against the usual cliché of city-wide destruction and armies of faceless baddies.

After that we’ve seen movies like Dr Strange, Civil War and Black Panther try to offer something a little different with their finales - whether it’s something a bit more personal and weighty, or something a bit more imaginative than just a giant battle.

It will be interesting to see how Infinity War fares, as I feel like it’s going to by its nature rely on a huge amount of spectacle, and it’s also one of those movies that will have to juggle a huge cast (which can sometimes make it difficult to connect with a movie). I hope it won’t be a load of hollow fireworks - a lot relies on how successfully they flesh out Thanos and his relationships with the other characters.


Good points. I’m somewhat hopeful about IW because although I know many don’t agree, I thought Civil War did a really good job of juggling its many characters. They all had something to do, even Spider-Man’s sudden introduction worked, and the stakes were pretty small-scale (save Bucky, stop Zemo from morally degrading the heroes). The stakes will be huge in IW and there’ll be way more characters so it’s still a big gamble but I’m not entirely down on its chances.


I’m watching The Death of Stalin again. Still great.


I think Civil War did pretty well, but the stuff I remember from it is still more the spectacle than everything else. Although I seem to remember having some fairly in-depth discussions here about the morality/legality of the Sokovia Accords, and I thought the Bucky/Cap/Tony stuff helped to tie the movie’s big ideas to the characters in a way that was quite effective.

I’m not down on Infinity War either, just conscious that it has a lot to do if it’s going to work well. Either way, there should be some fun cast interactions.


As long as the Guardians escape unscathed, I will be happy.


Watching El Ministerio del Tiempo since Netflix got the streaming rights to it. Which also means it’s being touted as a Netflix original. Which is funny.

It’s good so far, lives up to the hype.

Thank god I understand spanish since Netflix subtitles are meh-to-bad.


I thought it was well made and everything, it’s just that the story was quite bleak. But I didn’t think it was bad…

I did like the bits on the TV, does this mean we get a moon cinematic universe?? :smile:


I reckon Nebula is a goner but the rest should come out fine.


Just rewatched David Brent: Life on the Road the other night. It’s a movie I’m kind of down the middle with, like love/slightly dislike relationship. On the negative side it does take away Brent’s perfect ending in the Office (although it’s a fictional movie so you can pretend it doesn’t exist), and is a movie that has lost the subtlety that the Office had, i.e. telling rather than showing. But when I’m watching it I’m completely won over because I can’t stop laughing, I generally haven’t laughed that hard at a film in years, I just love the character. And at points it’s heartbreaking, which was always a side to Brent that made him real.

This will sound completely mad but I had a similar feeling when watching the latest Jason Bourne movie. It follows so many familiar beats of the previous films, but Greengrass’ set pieces are some of the best action I’ve witnessed recently in films, he is the master of the shaky, quick edit style. So with both movies there’s stuff that has problems on a story level but what they set out to do in their genre, Brent a comedy, Bourne an action movie they succeed at for me. I think the problems stem from the movies continuing a beloved character’s journey, there’s expectation. But in the end I love both movies.


I just rewatched Civil War with my son, and I have to say that while it still holds up where the spectacle is concerned, the plot was even more trying the second time around. It was still entertaining enough, but I rewatched Ant-Man with the kid before that, and I have to say that was more fun.


Ant-Man is pretty high up there in my estimation. Very succinct, self contained, and tonally consistent.


It’s a little weird tonally, it starts quite serious like Winter Soldier, then with the big superhero fight in the second act goes all fun and jokes and then serious again.

The conflict of perspectives element actually works a lot better in Black Panther.


The writers simply have to do one where the solution relies on mistaking something far away for something small or vice versa. :slight_smile:




I’m watching Thor: Ragnarok with the Taika Waititi commentary. Usually I’m not a fan of one-person commentaries, but Taika is very funny.


That’s why Spider-Man exists.


Er… Spider-Man exists because of careless violations of lab health and safety procedures. Don’t let those guys off the hook. #sciencesmart


Just saw Game Night and thought it was really fun. Cute characters, a lot of laughs, a bunch of pop culture references and a great score by Cliff Martinez. All in all, a fun night at the movies. I was the only person who stuck around for the post-credits gag though.