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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Sitting through some Adam Sandler movies has made for some of the most horrifying experiences in my life. This is Geneva convention shit.


Yeah as Lorcan and Paul said Sandler is really well known through his films. I’d say most people could easily name 5 off the top of their head his movies did really well here and were watched for years after they came out. You’ll still hear a random person say “You can do it Little Nicky,” or a variation on that every so often at a party and the films mentioned get quoted randomly too depending on context. “Are you too good for your home?” Can be applied to many situations.


Just introduced the wife The Shining.
Luckily she loved it so I don’t have to start divorce proceedings.
Also, I’d forgotten just how good it is and it was always one of my favourite films.
It’s that good.


Did Tommy Boy and Black Sheep not cross over as well?


Only in cult terms, they weren’t big hits.


Literally never heard of them.


Shut the front door!


I saw Mortal Engines and really enjoyed it. I thought that it worked well as a big adventure movie, and I ended up caring about the characters. There’s plenty of spectacle and cool visual moments (whether that’s a beat in the action scenes, or a little character moment), but I suppose this won’t work for everybody.

Stephen Lang voices a character in this and he is quite the highlight, but I liked all of the leads. If you don’t smirk a couple of times while watching Hugo Weaving, then I don’t think that the movie is working for you.

I spent a lot of time thinking about Miyazaki movies as I was watching this, but despite any aesthetic similarities, it’s not a Miyazaki story that is being told here. The Star Wars comparisons make more sense the longer the film goes on, but happily this is a blockbuster that’s not in the Disney mould. The Whedonesque quips that are everywhere these days are thankfully not present here. Maybe that’s because the source material predates the trend, or because Jackson and co spent so long developing this thing? Whatever the reason, it makes this feel more classical by playing the story straight. Not that it’s humourless, mind. I think that as the stakes go up, the number of gags go down, as it probably should be.

If this movie appeals to you at all, then give it a chance. See what you think.


I saw an early showing of Bumblebee at the Alamo tonight and… well… I am not going to lie and call this something “wondrous and new”. It uses a lot of familiar movie tropes, and it’s on purpose. The movie is set in 1987 and is a love letter to the time and to the movies and pop culture of the time. It is also the Transformers movie I’ve been waiting for. Generation 1 Transformers everywhere, a lot of action, a surprising amount of violence, and complete commitment their parts by Hailee Stansfield and John Cena. I don’t want to spoil anything, the movie just has… so much heart.

I think I will be completely cliche and describe this as Herbie meets ET meets Rambo: First Blood Part 1: meets Short Circuit; with a hint of Flash Gordon and Night Rider thrown in.

It has cheese, its a movie with an 18 year-old protagonist with a total 80’s vibe, but it’s good cheese. The robot fights are tremendous and brutal. No hand holding there. There are also a few human deaths and they are well handled, demonstrating the power of Cybertronian weapons versus mere meat without being gratuitously bloody or destructive. Yes, I just wrote that. It works. Believe me.

I’m going to see this again. I haven’t left a theater feeling this ebullient about a film in a while. I didn’t just enjoy my time at the theater. I want to watch it again to see what I missed.

Oh, and if there was ever going to be a Hasbro shared universe, this would be the movie to kick it off, at least in terms of how certain things were established in the IDW series.


I’m intrigued, though I’ve not seen any of Sandler’s stand-up before.


Brilliant review!


Finished season one of Better call Saul last night - an amazing show, far less of a slog than Breaking Bad was at most points through its run. I can’t help but try to imagine watching it without having seen BB - I think it would legitimately hold up as a stand-alone (so far).

Really, really loving it - great characters, brilliant performances, and a nicer setting than BB.


You’ve pushed this up my cinema viewing list significantly.


I can’t recall a stand up show of his I’ve watched before if I’m honest.


On the crossover thing with US comedians I think it’s a large part because Saturday Night Live hasn’t been aired in any high profile way in the UK (I saw some in the 90s but they went back to the start with the 1970s crew).

So in the US when those early films from cast members come out the audience knows who they are and know them for sketch comedy rather than just films. Although it hardly comes as a surprise as they work in comedy I don’t always know they ever did standup. I’m probably vaguely aware Sandler has but wouldn’t be what I’d associate him with too much. Looking at Chris Farley’s wiki page I’d have seen him in a small role in Wayne’s World and that’s about it. Conehads was released but wasn’t much of a hit, maybe partly because nobody had seen the sketches it was based on.

That may change now because of two things, the SNL skits being shared virally on social media and Netflix doing lots of standup specials like this one. I think that counts in all directions because without those Netflix specials I doubt anyone outside of Australia would know who Hannah Gadsby is now.


Massive Chris Farley fan here. In the 90s when I was about to go off to college, or already there he was one thing my brother (7 years younger) and I bonded on, we loved his comedy so much.

He is one of the top celebrity deaths where I would have loved to have seen where his career would have gone. I’ve read his biography and the SNL oral history book and he seems like a pretty singular guy.

The Sandler tribute was very moving I thought. There are one or two details that will just kill you. And an underrated thing about Sandler is how he is actually a weirdly really good songwriter, always has been.


This is exactly what I was hoping for. My son is only five and is really keen to see this over the Christmas break, but I was concerned it might skew a bit old for him. But it sounds perfect.


He’s a big fan of Rambo then?


Oh I misread that, he’s actually more into Rimbaud.


So why did people hate Predator? Just watched it, thought it was a perfectly fine action movie… I remember hearing and reading a lot of hate for it… =/