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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Watched Venom earlier…it’s not a good movie. But it is an oddly fun one to watch.

It’s main strength for me was the back and forth between Venom and Eddie. It managed to be funny enough that it helped me buy into the characters and the world.


Last night the wife and I weren’t getting along. She went to bed early, so I finally got to watch Filmworker, a documentary on Leon Vitali, who was Kubirck’s “assistant”. I found it completely fascinating. Any fan of Kubrick should check it out.


I’ve had series 3 of Zapped sitting unwatched on my DVR for a while and decided to binge through it this evening. It’s one of those shows where I’m pretty tepid on it between episodes, but actually quite enjoy it when I bother to watch it.

This was a pretty enjoyable series, with some nice guest stars (Isy Suttie, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Sylvester McCoy again as the Protector) and good stories. I especially like Howell referencing his stay on Earth at odd moments. There’s a good hook for another series at the end too, so hopefully that’ll happen. I have my doubts though as there was a suspicous amount of big name comedians/comedy actors tweeting about liking the show just before the finale aired, which seemed very much like people doing their mates a favour plugging a struggling show.


I watched “Popstar: Never Stop Stopping” last night because it’s leaving amazon prime and I always kinda liked what Lonely Island did. Which doesn’t entirely work at movie length - it feels like a number of sketches tied together not very solidly. But on the other hand, I was more entertained and slightly amused than bored, so I guess it worked for me.


I thought it was okay but it’s main problem was that the songs weren’t very good.


I finally watched Super 8. It obviously came out years before, but it’s hard not to see it as a lesser version of Stranger Things.


It’s a conflicted film, part ‘ET’, part ‘The Explorers’ and part ‘Predator’.

The first two influences work quite well together, but the last one is in direct conflict with them.


Man, there’s a lot of wacky stuff on youtube. I just watched a “documentary” on the JFK assassination that seems to claim pretty much everyone that was in Dallas at the time was involved somehow.


That’s basically a ripoff of the explanation for the JFK assassination in the Illuminatus! Trilogy.


Isn’t that basically the plot of Oliver Stone’s JFK?


If it is, it’s also ripping off Illuminatus!


You’ve never seen JFK?

I didn’t realize that most of the previously withheld records were released last year and this year. I wonder if anything ever came of them.


I’ve never really cared for Oliver Stone’s movies.


Me either. JFK was just pretty ubiquitous at the time.

Supposedly, he cornered JFK Jr. at a party around that time and tried to talk to him about his dad’s murder. To which Jr just kind of blew him off.


I remember it coming out, and seeing clips of it on TV shows at the time (and either the Simpsons or the Critic doing a gag about an extended cut that added half an hour of Kevin Costner going “back and to the left”)

But in Illuminatus!, there’s a segment from Lee Harvey Oswald’s point of view, and as he’s about to shoot JFK someone on the grassy knoll takes the shot first. A couple hundred pages later, there’s a scene of the assassination from the point of view of the guy on the grassy knoll, a character in the book who’s a renowned assassin. And he’s also pipped to the post by someone else. This happens a few more times before it turns out that John Dillinger was there twice, he’s actually identical octuplets who are part of one of the conspiracies in the book, and one of them was there to stop the assassination, sees how many people are gunning for JFK, and takes the shot himself because it’ll mess with everyone’s head.


Forget that film; instead, read James Ellroy’s American Tabloid, the first installment of his Underworld USA Trilogy. Mixing real and fictional characters, it follows three characters from November 1958 to November 1963, weaving in and out of JFK’s campaign, patriarch Joseph Kennedy’s involvement with the Mob, the Bay of Pigs invasion, J. Edgard Hoover, the escalation of our involvement in Vietnam, the heroin trade, and so on. Ellroy posits his own theory of who gave the order for Kennedy’s death, how it came about, and how they covered it up afterwards.

The second book of the trilogy, The Cold Six Thousand, expands on that idea to explain the conspiracies behind the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and Bobby Kennedy, but isn’t nearly as engrossing and fascinating as the first book.


Exactly the same problem I had with it. I thought the first half was excellent but in the end I had no empathy at all for the ‘creature’ and that seems key to the story Abrams was trying to tell.


Then there’s the Red Dwarf explanation where JFK’s assassin is JFK himself.


Also because it’ll mess with conspiracy theorists’ heads


My personal favorite JFK assassination portrayal: