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What are you watching? 2019 edition


You are nowhere near baseline.


Maybe Gar’s response immediately after he watched it is what resonated with me most because his reaction (and Ross’s) is closest to my own.

It was the first thing I thought of this morning, although I will be the first to admit that visuals, sound and atmosphere play a massive part in my enjoyment of movies.

I guess I’ve always been searching for more Blade Runner, it’s the stick I measure a lot of sci fi by, and that’s what I got.

(Brilliant reply by the way).


Take a look at the Mark Kermode review, you should enjoy it. From what I remember he felt very similarly.


For the most part I despise stand-up comedy, but I have watched the Adam Sandler special on Netflix 2.5 times in the past week. It just makes me laugh.

It’s fairly refreshing to see a comedian not try to be topical, not address current events, not make a grand manifesto about The State of Things, not try to be woke, not try to “offend” anyone by being rude or non-PC—instead basically just be funny and try to make us laugh. What a concept.


Sounds like the perfect antidote to Patton Oswalt’s stand-up.
You just made yourself a sale.


I’ve got a BR copy of BR2049 that I got cheap, haven’t yet watched it, also got Arrival, just not been in the right frame of mind to watch either yet.

I’m going to say it’s not hyperbole on your part Chris, not if it’s what you truly feel about it.

If you were playing devil’s advocate or some other online mucking around, or it seemed you were deliberating going too far then that’s where the charge of hyperbole can be applied.


Watched the new Halloween. And i have to say I didn’t love it.

I just didn’t think it was a particularly well put together film.
Scenes that end, but the camera stays on the actor for just a couple seconds to long. Odd musical stings. Michael conveniently popping up in locations, that just so happen to have characters connected to the granddaughter. Jamie Lee Curtis disappearing for a good chunk of the middle of the movie. And the terrible twist with the new Loomis randomly killing the cop out of the blue..

And if I’m being really super picky, I don’t like that we see so much of Michael’s actual face throughout the film. That was one of my many issues with that second Rob Zombie abomination. And I think they fall into a bit of the same trap here.

It did have one great scene towards the end though. The bit were Judy Greer acts all scared, but then flips and reveals that she was just drawing Michael in. That was a really cool moment.


Watching one of my favorite old Christmas specials, The Year Without Santa Claus on Freeform.


As someone that dislikes the original Blade Runner. I was surprised how much I loved 2049. It’s just a really solid film.


Forged With Steele
I’ve recently started watching a lot of Forged In Fire, a competitive blacksmithing show. If you ever saw Donut Showdown, it’s a lot like that, just with knives and swords.

Anyway, History channel has this on after Forged In Fire, so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s just a half hour show following a British-American blacksmith called Alec Steele as he makes weapons. And it is the most annoyingly shot show I have seen in a long time.

Remember in Green Wing, when the start of scenes would swap between slow-mo and being sped up? This entire show does that. Both of those make sense - slow-mo shots of near-molten steel being hit by a power hammer, throwing off shards of oxidising metal are cool and giving a time lapse of the long process of forging is sensible. But there is absolutely no rhythm to the show as it breathlessly veers between the two, overlaid with early 00s dance and drum and bass music. There’s also an abundance of handheld camera shots, like someone talking into a cameraphone, all of which creates a weirdly amateur, almost guerilla show. Bizarre.


I did web content for the first two seasons of Forged in Fire!


Cool! What sort of content did you forge?


I watched ‘Venom’.

I’m still processing, but I’ll post any spoiler-ish thoughts in the Venom thread.

It’s Tom Hardy’s movie, he really is perfect casting. He likes to go stylised and extreme and strange and that’s… well that’s Venom!

The fact that it takes close to 40 minutes to get to the point where he can cut loose is an issue, and the fact that it doesn’t make much sense after that either (it’s pretty contrived from the beginning too) is an issue, but it’s surprisingly fun.

On a film like this it’s tough to know who to credit/blame but Ruben Fleischer is the director and I think it’s well directed, despite all the problems that come out of it’s troubled production history.

I hope the inevitable sequel has a few more IQ points though. This one has a bad case of the dumb a bit too often.


I’ve just set a few epsidodes of this to record in my sky planner - I feel like I need to watch this just out of pure intrigue from your description


The post-credits scene does not give me much hope for this.


Oh never mind that stuff. It’s part of THIS film. They can ignore anything they don’t like for a sequel.

Sequels are never that tied to the film they follow. Which is counter-intuitive, but still true,


The post credit scene did seem to be doubling down on the ‘dumb fun’ element.

I’m ok with that though.


Hopefully I didn’t catch an unrepresentative episode.


Mainly, the winner’s interview videos.


I watched Wind River last week, and continued a two-part series of “depressing movies that take part in the cold” this week with Hold the Dark. I liked both - Wind River probably a bit more - but man, that was quite a dose of bleakness.