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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I did wonder if they edited out a speaking line for him though.


I finally, and rather tragically only just got round to watching blade runner 2049 tonight

Given how desperate I’ve been to see this ever since it was announced, but sadly couldn’t get to the cinema to see it and I’ve not had the time to sit uninterrupted for over 2.5 hours, until tonight

I’ve avoided reviews, comments and opinions on it for over a year now.

I’ve spent the last hour staring into space thinking about what I’ve just watched. Ever feel like something was made just for you? That’s how this felt tonight when I was watching it. I felt the same way about Lost Boys when I was a kid then Donnie Darko in my mid 20s; no coincidence then they are my number 1 and 2 movies of all time.

I could probably write about this for an hour, but it’s late so I’ll keep it high level.

If ive enjoyed a movie more than this in the last 10 years then I can’t think what that would be. Absolutely stunned by the movie.
So many memorable and original scenes and basically a visual orgasm for sci fi fans

More than that though, it was a worthy sequel to an all time classic. I had no idea where they were going with this.

I despise long movies, it’s killed many a blockbuster for me - but i revelled in the pace of this movie, bathed in it, I could have watched it for another hour still.

I only recently did another rewatch of Blade Runner and I wish I had the time to watch them back to back again tomorrow.

Plenty of hyperbole here, so I’m sorry about that, but I’m elated by what just watched. I rarely get his impact from movies these days.

I don’t know what the consensus is on here about it as I skipped by posts about it. I hope folk enjoyed it.


Are you taking the piss?


It’s pretty obvious I loved it


Alright, but you agree Theatrical Cut is the best version of the original?



And Deckard is not a replicant :wink:


And I just think that the meta-plot of this one has a lot more sting if you take how that one ended into account.
I’d go into it - but the reaction thread is probably still around and you can read it all there perhaps.


See this fucking comment by the way, and the timing of it, it’s really difficult not to react angrily to it

Ive edited my previous post because I responded pretty harshly, but this is an asshole response



I think it’s my answer as well.
I agree with everything in your post. Stunning from start to finish.


You could have laughed it off, too. I thought the timing was quite comedic. But I apologize completely for offending.

People have differing opinions. Completely in thus case, so it’s no big deal if you don’t share mine or I share yours, is it? Express yours as much as you like and I’ll express mine more shortly and less effusively.

I saw Blade Runner in the theater when I was 12. It was one of my favorite films and I watched every version probably yearly until Blade Runner 2049.

Now I’ve no interest in seeing the origin or the sequel ever again. 2049 was the perfect antidote to anything I liked about Blade Runner.


It looked very pretty… :smile:

I don’t know, I was never a fan of BR, so I don’t care all that much, but I did enjoy the new movie… didn’t love it though… I still think they should’ve explored Leto’s character more, I remember enjoying his character a lot more than the rest.


Narcos: Mexico was thrilling. This guy who played Rafa stole the show. Best Supporting Actor nod?


For me, BR 2049 was beautiful audio/video experience the story and pacing was a hollow and tedious ordeal. I barely remember anything about it anymore. It left no lasting impression other than beautiful boredom.

It has not lessened my love for the original. My favorite double feature is watching the restored Metropolis (1927) and Blade Runner: The Final Cut. If you haven’t watched those two back to back, give it a shot. It may restore your love for the original.


For me, the only thing that doesn’t work in 2049 is what honestly still feels like a hackneyed “revolution” plot.
The original, theatrical especially, cut is a noir. And the sequel feels like one too - but then it’s pulled and frayed about by that really embarrassing addition.


Now you want to ruin METROPOLIS for me, do ye?

What’s next? Rossum’s Universal Robots?

Have to read the edition of Metropolis with Mike Kaluta’s illustrations? I was lucky to find it at a used bookshop a few years ago.

[quote]For me, the only thing that doesn’t work in 2049 is what honestly still feels like a hackneyed “revolution” plot.
The original, theatrical especially, cut is a noir. And the sequel feels like one too - but then it’s pulled and frayed about by that really embarrassing addition[/quote]

It did feel like the most pitiful revolution in history. However, the childishness of the replicants was built into them. I didn’t think it was poorly done but it was about the ugliest story one could make out of that world. Maybe it was an accomplishment in that sense - this view of people who are constructed beautifully but with childishly simple and malicious personalities. Seriously, the replicants are psychopaths - all of them. That’s true if the novel, of Blade Runner and this movie.

In other news, the British “horror/thriller/comedy (?)” anthology series INSIDE NO. 9 is worth your time, I’d suggest. The first episode SARDINES is probably one of the weaker episodes so it might be better to start with the second which is pure silent comedy,


Are you taking the piss?


I am taking a piss, actually. Too much bourbon.

Are you psychic?


As someone who has suffered from Foot in Mouth on many occasions I am aware that comic timing goes both ways and a quip will sometimes fail to make it from one person to another when they’re in the same room, let alone when they’re on the internet.

The artful deployment of emojis can help, :wink: but not always. :frowning:

I like the first half of ‘2049’ more than the second half. For the first half I thought it was the best film of the year, then it drifted off and never quite got itself back together again.

It’s still a fine example of what scifi can be. Not what it always should be, the genre is wonderfully broad in style, tone and content, but nevertheless, an important film.

I recommend the thread about the movie, some good stuff in there.


I wasn’t sure what thread to put this in, as it’s live performance but also movies and a fan experience but very much something I shared with a few hundred people so, it goes here for now.

Last night I saw Kevin Smith at the Prince Charles Cinema in central London. He was very funny and often quite moving.

I was expecting more showbiz anecdotes, that’s what’s in the videos posted on YouTube of him at these events, but because he’s not a stand up comedian, he doesn’t do a “set” or a “routine”, he just talks about what’s going on and then answers questions from the audience.

But last night he started by carefully NOT talking too much about having visited the set of the latest Star Wars film that JJ Abrams is filming at Pinewood. Disney had him sign the NDA and he’s learned a level of discretion which is a bit disappointing of course, but something you have to respect… a bit…

His own life and career was fair game though, and a big section on his heart attack and experience at the hospital, but also the thinking behind some of the choices he’s made. Like… why ‘Tusk’? :thinking:

There was also a lot about weed, and those things may be connected :wink:

It was meant to be two hours; an hour of talk then an hour of Q&A. Well, answering the first question he got from the audience took him 20 minutes. Answering the second question took him 30 minutes! The venue added an extra half hour to the slot but the whole thing went over by a full hour. That’s not a complaint, we were all happy to stay longer.

I’m not even his biggest fan (never seen ‘Tusk’ and still unlikely to bother with it) but I will go to more of these when he’s back in the UK or if I happen to be in the same city when he’s got a show on.

A very enjoyable (late) night.


I could have laughed it off, and my response was over the top, so I apologise for that. I’m an emotional guy.

However I think it’s one thing having a difference of opinion and putting it across - and another totally ripping me for having enjoyed it so much :wink:

I’ve read the Blade Runner thread and it looks like I’m not alone in thinking it was great.