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What are you watching? 2019 edition



I think most familes would probably be upset with a biopic that focused on their relative’s sex life so I think that’s probably why, though I hadn’t heard that.


I was going to say it’s not uncommon for descendants to cover up a bi-sexual or polyamorous past. It is thought to have happened with Alexander Hamilton and his open relationship with wife and both his friend, John Laurens, and his sister-in-law, Angelica Schuyler. However, it sounds like this granddaughter is not trying to cover anything up and would have liked for her grandmother to have that comfort once her grandfather passed. It sounds like it just wasn’t there.


Agree completely. I’m looking forward to the sequel series.


I had an accidental double-bill of movies from 1959: Anatomy of a Murder and Imitation of Life. Both great.

Anatomy of a Murder really lays out the template for courtroom dramas that’s still being followed 60 years later. Great score too.


Anatomy of a murder is great and it’s original poster is iconic.


Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

This was pretty good. Yes it maybe hews a tad too close to the plot of the original (with the missing player) but the video game take works well. The casting is spot on for actors that visually fit archetypes but are able to play against them (well, maybe being generous with Kevin Hart there). I did think when they met Seaplane that they’d missed a trick for another bit of big casting, but apparently they didn’t and I just don’t know who Nick Jonas is.


I enjoyed this chat between Ian Hislop and Armando Iannucci on politics, satire and dissent.


Ooo. Pumped for this. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 2 years since they’ve had a new video.


Thank God it’s back. I guess they resolved their issues with the new ownership, and figured out that neither Peter or Lloyd had much of a solo career in front of them.


They both have pretty solid solo careers so it probably had more to do with Peter having a daughter shortly after the last season ended.


What were the issues? I knew they did the video where they were fed up with each other but I figured that was mostly for show.


From what I understand they sold out to a big company and that vastly upped their funding for the videos, but it also made them realize they were just working to make someone else rich. Listing fulling Independent on that announcement video is pretty telling.


After the recent Defy Media debacle, I reckon a lot of channes are gonna start going independent again.


I saw Ralph Breaks The Internet today with the kids. I found it a real mixed bag - it’s part Emoji Movie with the journeying through an internet landscape of familiar apps and websites, uncritically celebrating the naked commercialism that underpins them all (I’m not being overly analytical here - the commerce aspect is a major plot point that underpins most of the story).

There are also some horrible moments of smug self-celebration by Disney, with a condensed parade of cameos at one point that got to be almost sickening by the end (especially given that one of them is Stan Lee, before he’s even cold in the ground).

All the internet stuff was a bit baffling for the kids, too - lots of gags and references that are pretty meaningless to anyone not familiar with internet culture, which they’re still too young for really.

But on the other hand, there’s some really good stuff too. The basic story works really well, and is a nice evolution from where things were left at the end of the first movie. There are some pretty funny gags and some occasionally inventive and well-choreographed action scenes (including one great X-Men like bit with a group of characters using their powers together to save someone). And all the videogame cameos are fun too.

And there’s a great extended riff on the Disney princesses that’s self-deprecating in a way that the rest of the film isn’t, culminating in a fantastic song (with the involvement of Alan Menken, no less) that acts as a sort of delirious send-up of the usual Disney numbers, set against a grubby GTA-style backdrop. It was worth seeing for that alone.

In the end, I think all the family found something to enjoy in it, but I think we all had problems with elements of it too.


Pretty much my thoughts exactly on The Nun


Didn’t that get compared to Wreck-It Ralph in the first place?


The similarity is much more pronounced here. The concepts weren’t that similar when comparing it to the first Ralph movie, but the second one has them journeying from app to app and navigating the internet in quite a similar way to the Emoji Movie.


Films, especially animated films, are (hopefully) made well in advance of release. So that moment, whatever it is, was decided months, maybe even a couple of years ago. Disney’s only real choice would’ve been whether to leave it in the film or not?

I can’t imagine a reason for removing it unless it’s disrespectful in tone or content?


It was just a case of particularly bad timing - it suits the context of the moment and isn’t disrespectful at all, in fact it’s quite understated. It’s just unfortunate that it comes off as yet another part of Disney’s “here’s what we own” montage at that point in the film rather than anything meaningful or sincere. It would have a similar effect whether or not Stan Lee was still alive, the bad timing just draws even more attention to it.