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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Is this on Netflix now?


Yeah, just finished watching it


I’ll have to stick it on my list. I’ll wait and watch it with the girl I’m dating she’ll enjoy it too.


If anyone in the US is interested, Hulu is having a Black Friday sale, offering a one-year subscription for $1 per month. Act quickly, as the offer is ending today.


My wife picked that up.


‘First Man’.

Is very well made and sometimes the events are real edge of your seat stuff, even though we know how they turn out.

But where it falls short is in getting inside the story. Armstrong stayed out of the limelight, appearing for official duties to support the space program and scientific research, but not anything beyond that, and while I don’t think that was done to add to the mystique of being the first man on the moon, it had that effect.

So the film tries to tackle that by making Armstrong a man who rarely articulates what he’s feeling or thinking. It uses that to good effect in some ways, there are some powerful scenes of him, his friends and family that revolve around his reticence.

But we’re still watching this film for a reason, and that reason isn’t just spectacle. We can get that from archive footage.

It’s a classy film from beginning to end, smart and sincere, but I feel like we get to know everyone else better by the final credits, than we do the title character himself.


So, the new Robin Hood. I’m not really sure what to make into it.

It has a few interesting ideas and nice shots, but overall the editing seems to be too fast for you to enjoy anything, whether that be a quick montage to get into fighting shape or a heist sequence that on paper probably came across as a nice little set piece.

Like (presumably) most people here, I like Taron Egerton and he manages to do what the script asks of him, even if that is something silly or unsatisfying. Ben Mendelsohn is the best here though. The Sheriff of Nottingham is more fun to watch than Director Krennic (and his costume is almost as good) and far better than his Ready Player One villain.

So, the movie isn’t historically accurate, but I don’t think that it’s accurate in any field. It really leans into its own absurdity. The crusading section is like Black Hawk Down, and arrows land like bullets. Even when Robin gets into close combat I’m not sure that he ever uses his sword, bows are that much of an analogue for guns.
There are some interesting ideas including the cyclical nature of abuse and turning the hood into a symbol like the mask in V, or the bat in Dark Knight Rises , but these are often buried beneath the superhero movie “influences” (if we’re being charitable), most of which come from Nolan’s Batman.

Taken altogether, I don’t think that it really works as a movie. Some of the action scenes made me think that it would make a fun video game, while the end credits had me thinking that some of the dialogue sounds better read in your head, so maybe this could have been a better comic book? I mean if you’re going to imitate superhero movies that much, I think it’s the logical end point.


Continued my holiday season watching with Wreck-It Ralph 2 and Creed 2.

Not really much to complain about there. They both did exactly what I thought they would. Neither film was as good as its predecessor, but I enjoyed both.

The biggest surprise for me was maybe Dolph Lundgren’s acting job. He gives a pretty great, subtle, layered performance. I was shocked.


But, but, Slaughter Race. :slight_smile:


He’s led a very interesting life.

We started Better Call Saul on Friday; I even agreed to watch 3 episodes in a row so I’m clearly enjoying it very much (usually struggle with more than one episode of anything). Wife warned me that although she loves/ed it some people had accused it of being too slow.

I didn’t get that critique at all - it’s all incredibly captivating so far, and I’m sad we didn’t get a chance to watch any more of it over the weekend.



Wonder Woman
This has been sitting on my DVR for 8 months, partly because at 2 hours and 20 minutes or so, I could never seem to find a point when I had enough time and was in the mood to watch it.

Ultimately, I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s too long and too slow for a start. The WW1 setting felt a bit crass and the similarities to the first Captain America film persisted throughout, with WW never coming out on top for me. Plus, its two big revelations were pretty damn obvious over an hour (an hour and a half in one case) before they happen, which made the end of the film a bit flat as it descended into gloomy CGI battle scenes.

That this is considered the high water mark of the DC movie line, I feel validated in not bothering with all the others after Man Of Steel.


I have to say that Batman vs Superman is fascinating in how wrong it is, and how it’d be better if it had original superheroes rather than the big DC icons. It’s amazing just watching it and wondering what people were thinking.

I agree on Wonder Woman, I don’t get what people saw in it, but I think it came out in a time when criticism probably wasn’t that welcome.


I just love Chris Pine in it.
Steve Trevor is just an ace character concept that is almost never done right - and he is just preeminently adorable in the movie.


I like it.

It takes a while to get going, but I found that I was enjoying the stuff that would normally be dealt with in half the time, I didn’t realise how much time had passed before she steps out into no-man’s land as Wonder Woman, which is her first big moment as that persona.

I’m really looking forward to the sequel.


More Pine.


It’s not perfect, but it’s only behind Black Panther and maybe Thor: Ragnarok in terms of superhero movies from the last few years for me. Much better than most of the Marvel Phase 3 movies.


I think this is it and if everyone is honest it’s pretty obvious that a sweeping wave of goodwill, excitement and exaggerated positive reviews led to the movie punching well above it’s weight.

It’s not a bad movie by any means, but it’s completely average and predictable blockbuster Although I never finished it so I can’t comment if they ending made the by numbers journey worthwhile.

There will be lots of folk who enjoyed it, but it never gets close to matching some of the hype built up around and and some of the mental reviews and comments online.

I think it also helped the movie that the DC movies are so bad that this must almost appear like the Citizen Kane of superhero movies in comparison.


I don’t think Wonder Woman was amazing, but Gadot makes a solid Wonder Woman and Chris Pine was very charming too. Add to that that it wasn’t the dire slog that was BvS and that a female superhero, directed by a woman director, was finally getting the spotlight and I’d say it’s success was well deserved.

It gave people something they wanted in the same way Black Panther gave people something they wanted. I think both movies are kind of bloated, but they also succeed pretty well at the movie they set out to make.


I enjoyed the simplicity and sincerity of Wonder Woman. At a time when a lot of superhero movies are trying to be bigger than ever and are collapsing slightly under the weight of their own complexity, I enjoyed such a straightforward and traditional adventure. And it helps that Gadot was so charismatic and well-cast.

It made a particularly strong impression on many of my female family members too - my sister and nieces (her daughters) liked it so much that they inadvertently all ended up buying copies for each other last Christmas.