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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Yeah I enjoyed this as well, it was a really fun way to spend 90 or so minutes.


Those Jennifer Anniston scenes in Horrible Bosses means I can never dislike that movie:

Don’t remember much else about it right enough


Have you seen We’re The Millers, Chris?


To be fair, @Tom_Punk not liking Horrible Bosses is one of the best endorsements for that movie.


It just feels like a less funny version of those needlessly mean-spirited 90’s comedies.


I thought Horrible Bosses was alright, Charlie Day aside. I didn’t make it more than ten minutes into the sequel though.


Watched most of Maggie last night. I supposed I’ll finish it tonight, though I don’t have a burning desire to do so. There’s a pretty good sense of visual storytelling at work there, but the moment there’s a dialogue, it all goes to hell - the direction doesn’t properly know what to do with peple, and there’s a lot of dodgy acting. Schwarzenegger doesn’t even stand out; the actors playing the wife and the girl aren’t any better. The script isn’t exactly helping them, either. It’s a bit of a shame, because there are some interesting ideas in there, and the movie at times manages to evoke a mood that works well.

Oh, and I’ve finished Westworld season 1. Great stuff. Loved how William’s story turned out (that twist got me, although there had been a few hints that stood out), and the ending was great. I’ll wait and let this settle a bit before continuing with season 2 and making up my own mind about whether it really is such much worse. One thing is for sure, a second season isn’t exactly needed - I think it’s nice that for once, we have a season of a TV show that works very much as a self-contained story.


I liked that about Westworld too. It was a victim of its own success in a way - that first season tells a nice complete story, although obviously with threads that can (and do) continue.


The end of the first season was brilliant.
And a perfect use of the potential of this series, this premise, and its themes.

So, yeah, steel yourself for Season 2’s trashing of that if you get to it.


Tom means “prepare yourself for season two to expand on it in unexpected and interesting ways”.


I like stuff like Ancient Aliens and Finding Bigfoot.

I know it’s a bullshit, but I view it like a sci-fi Blair Witch Project.


Watched this on a whim last night, and it really is a fun little movie. I do kind of think the device of the physical impact of her deaths carrying over was maybe a tad under utilized, but it was a solid idea.


Have you ever seen Europa Report? It’s a SF horror shot entirely with fixed cameras inside a spacecraft, mostly in the form of the cast recording logs straight to camera.


I watched that movie five years ago, and apparently really liked it as I gave it 4 stars on Letterboxd, but I remember nothing about it.


It was on Netflix, but they appear to not have it any more.


That’s a polite way as saying Season 2 is absolute shitty garbage.



I have indeed… :grinning:


Finished Season 1 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power due to the increased hubbub around here about it.

And, well, it was a really nice cartoon. Are there some naggling things about it that come to mind? Sure. But it’s more along the lines of “that would have been interesting to explore” rather than any actual flaw. As its own work - it’s really competently funny, heroic toned, and light. All of which I think I also used to describe the Stretch Armstrong cartoon.

What I mean to say is - watch both. They’re very fun action cartoons.


I might watch for something light in the background, I am impressed that everybody who has watched it has positive feedback and He-Man and She-Ra were a decent chunk of my childhood.