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What are you watching? 2019 edition


It’s at least From Dusk Till Dawn level I think.
Both are two mediocre movies that are mashed up together and the real fire happens when they have to react to each other.


I saw someone mention Joe Rogan is “Oprah for men”. I think that is pretty accurate.

I think the podcast is entirely dependent on how good the guest is. I watched one with Graham Hancock, an ancient Egypt woo peddler, and it was terrible. Rogan was really fascinated by this crap.


My 5 year old niece thinks the new She-Ra is “amazingly awesomely fabulous”.

She has impeccable taste.


I think ‘Dusk till Dawn’ is better.

‘Overlord’ is a fairly average war film spliced together with a fairly average Nazi zombie film, plus $$$$$.

Tarantino’s movie starts as a pretty damn good Tarantino movie. If they’d never introduced the vampires I’d have been happy with the Gecko brothers and the hostage family plot.


I saw the first episode.
It reminds me very much of the Stretch Armstrong cartoon in tone.

That’s a compliment.


I rewatched it the other day and I felt like it was very basic stuff.
Not to denigrate it, but I never thought it could work as its own movie.

Or if it were, it’d be something more made-for-hbo.


I saw it with friends who knew nothing about it, and were really surprised when the vampires appeared. They were into the real(ish) world of the crime movie first act.

Mileage varies though. I bought a ticket to see the vampires, but I was genuinely enjoying the film before the gears switched.

‘Overlord’ does try to make it’s war film section interesting and it’s well played, but it cribs a bit too much from ‘Band of Brothers’, ‘The Longest Day’ and ‘A Bridge Too Far’. All good sources though. It’s still interesting. I wasn’t looking at my watch all that much.


Yeah, point taken.
For me, re: From Dusk, I thought that it was all well done.
And for both - while both halves of each didn’t strike me as very engaging, the way both deal with this collision of tones is what makes them work so much.

Seth’s whole “I don’t believe in vampires” speech and the Soldiers general reluctance to deal with this new addition to their mission. Loved it.


I enjoyed Cam on Netflix much more than I expected to. It felt like a better Black Mirror episode, with a great premise, a good lead actress, and a surprisingly decent ending.


I had a look at this the other day as I saw it was from Blumhouse, but I felt from the trailer it looked as if the acting might be really dodgy, like ultra low budget stuff

Was that the case or was it ok?


No, I thought the acting was decent, at least from the lead, who has most of the work to do.

I missed that Madeline Brewer, the lead, has actually done a Black Mirror, but that’s probably was one of the more forgettable ones (the augmented reality one with the soldiers hunting roaches). I remember liking her on Orange is the New Black too.


Game Night
To be honest, I’m generally fairly easy to please with big budget comedies like this and so found this entirely enjoyable, even despite usually finding Jason Bateman incredibly annoying (there’s just something about him that oozes whatever the opposite of easy charm is, like he’s constantly reining in something incredibly dark). Whatever it is that’s wrong with him as a human being works here as he plays a borderline unlikeable uber-competitive board game obsessive, who along with his similar competitive wife and less competitive friends, play a murder mystery style kidnapping game that gets real.
I’m not sure the plot actually carries all the twists, but they’re fun to watch and the cast is good, especially Sharon Horgan and Rachel McAdams.

Happy Death Day
Easily the best thing Scott Lobdell’s written. It’s essentially Groundhog Day but as a dark comedy horror movie. It has some interesting things to add to that though, such as the idea that the trauma of repeated deaths are carrying over into the resets and physically affecting Theresa, which definitely adds some urgency and drama to what is usually pitched as a very whimsical plot device.
I was worried that it wasn’t going to stick the landing, but it managed to pull that off and at only 90 minutes, it’s an enjoyable little film.


I thought I was the only one thought this! Though it does make him absolutely perfect for his character in Ozark. It sells the darker actions of someone someone who is a white collar family man very well.


I love episodes with weirdos like that.


I read one of Hancock’s books when I was 19 or so, it claimed to have evidence of alien interaction with humans in ancient times. And at various points referred to the point later in the book where this evidence lay, but when I reached that chapter - guess what?


Yeah, he’s just like a sinister version of Jason Sudekis.


And Jason Sudeikis is already pretty darn sinister.


This convo is making me dislike Horrible Bosses even more then I already did for wasting casting them both.


Yeah, Colossal uses this well.


Hancock is out there but thats what I love those out there guys he has on and what makes the show so entertaining.
Rogan can have conspiracy theorists and astrophysicists on and make them both interesting.