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What are you watching? 2019 edition


One the one hand, I wouldn’t count The Beach as a science fiction movie.

On the other hand: HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE???!!!


What if they made it with really bad puppets?


I think that’s a feature not a bug. It grounds everything and makes that one element a bit more believable.


To be fair to the Netflix She-Ra everyone outside of Millarworld I know who has seen it loved it. From little girls right through to their grandads, not just nerds.

Edit: I haven’t watched it by the way, I’m just relaying the feedback I’ve heard.


From what I’ve seen, most nerds love it too, it’s just a specific subset complaining about it


I did think the trailer looked really fun for a cartoon, I’m really glad it’s having so much crossover appeal. On the subject of the animation, I think there must be some rose tinted glasses if anyone thinks the original cartoon was anything special in terms of animation. Design maybe… Though any design outside the toys was utter shite… Animation… Definitely not. Most of it is mouth movement and panning and during conversations characters constantly are turned away from the camera when it comes to their dialog. The only reason it holds up at all is Mattel’s design team.


I totally agree. The main thing Filmation had going for it was rotoscoping and even that looks stagey and naff a lot of the time. Their refusal to outsource meant everything was animated in-house in the US, which cost loads, so you had tonnes of stock footage that got reused constantly and then fairly limited animation beyond that. The trade-off against the out-sourced shows like Transformers was fewer mistakes due to the lack of language barrier, but a much more tepid directorial style. The Sunbow shows may have been riddled with errors, but they were at least ambitious in what they were trying to do.


The Transformers episode “Call of the Primitives” was pure anime and looked so different from everything else produced.


I think ‘Ex Machina’ is his best scifi so far. It has some deep ideas, a plot that is built around the characters, and an ending that makes sense in terms of their interpersonal dynamic.

‘Annihilation’ fails that last one, for me. Interesting journey, but not quite reaching a destination.

Which is why I was glad Netflix picked it up. Partly so I could see it without spending cinema money, and partly so that maybe (just maybe) Garland would make something more cinema-orientated next time?

I don’t want to see him get more obscure.


For what it’s worth, I never said the old She-Ra had better animation, 'cause it didn’t… none of those shows did… However, when you’re 8 it doesn’t really matter… And I’m sure I wouldn’t give a shit about the new show’s quality if I were 8… but I’m not, and that sort of cheap animation doesn’t cut it with my 38 years old self… (plus I don’t like the designs or the new direction either).

I’d much rather spend that time watching something like Castlevania, which is a more grown-up oriented show and has a faaaaaar superior quality all around.



So, there’s a lot of interesting fan theories around that. For a long time it was assumed that the character designs for the episode were provided by Studio OX, a design team who did a series of art and story pages for Japanese magazines that had stylised and more anime-esque versions of the Transformers, but that was eventually debunked. However, Eiji Suganuma, who directed the episode said that a member of Studio OX did animate the sequence of Predaking combining. This was the only episode of G1 that Suganuma directed, but he did two episodes of the Japanese Headmasters show as well. It’s also widely assumed that Tokyo Movie Shinsha animated the episode, though there’s no solid evidence to that - three episodes of series 3 are known to not have been animated by Toei or AKOM, and this is the only one assumed to be from TMS.


I think there is two reasons why you are getting flack though - you address one of them - it’s a kids animated TV show and clearly not going to be of a high standard but you are trashing it anyway.

I think the second reason you’re getting flack is tied to that somewhat - the lack of good animation is why you aren’t going to watch it so you are tearing into it when everyone who has watched it has had positive comments. It’s really not that you don’t like the animation is causing friction, rather that you’re trashing something without giving it a chance which sort of demeans the opinion of those who have.

And I’m not saying here that you opinion isn’t valid, but I would actually love it if you give an episode a go now just because I’d enjoy reading an honest take on the story and characters from some one going in poised to hate it. Chances are you will hate it but just hating on something without giving it a chance doesn’t make for good reading or arguments over whether something is good or bad in people’s opinion.


I didn’t really “trash” it… not at first… I just made fun of an objectively bad piece of animation, and I do mean “objectively” because it IS bad by any standards (low frame count, poor design, horrible drawings, static animations)… but butts got hurts and there we go… :smile:

As for the second reason… I mean, that’s kinda what trailers exist for right? I’m not really doing anything new or contreversial here… I saw the trailer and I hated it… because of the quality, the designs and content… I mean, at that point why would you bother giving it a chance if you found NOTHING appealing about it?

When I say I won’t watch it because of the animation, it doesn’t just mean that… bad animation means cheap, cheap means it’s probably a kid show, or just cheap… either way, I think that’s enough reason to stay away from something.

Other than that, I’ll tell you what… I’m really really not interested in She-Ra (in general, even old-school) and I know I’m not gonna like it (because I didn’t see anything in the trailer that appealed to me), but if I happen to run across it uh… somewhere (I no longer have access to Netflix), I’ll give the first 2-parter a watch, since you’re curious about my opinion of the show itself.

In the end, I guess my point is, you wanna blame someone? Blame whoever thought it was a good idea to release such a poor trailer (which seems to be an endemic problem these days)… :smile:


Well I think if there’s one thing we can all agree on here is that trailers are not always a good way to judge something.

I’m glad you’re going to give it a watch but just bear in mind that usually when something looks cheap, yes, you’re right, it’s usually bad - but in this case so many people have positive comments that dismissing them because you didn’t like the trailer is pretty annoying to someone if they are giving their opinion that it’s worth watching.

Like, I think the trailers for Castlevania are utter shite. However, both you and @Lorcan_Nagle have gave it good reviews so I’m going to take your word over a short edit of a bunch of clips by a freelance company who didn’t make the actual programme in the first place.


Yes they are, but the animation is top notch… which is the only reason I watched it (and liked it, if I’m being honest, since I wasn’t completely over the moon with the plot or the pace of the show)… but no lie, that’s probably the best hand-drawn animation I’ve seen in quite a while, including all those recent DC-direct animated movies… So even though the trailer was bad, it at least showed me something that I found appealing… in this case the animation (and the designs, I guess…).

Point being, it works both ways… =P

But yeah, I’ll try to find a couple of episodes of She-ra… don’t expect me to change my mind though, I probably won’t for the exact same reason you pointed out.


Hey I’m a fan of Zack Snyder’s movies… I know that pain… :smile:


I don’t care either way, I’m just a by-stander here. I will give She-Ra a go because of the positive things I’ve heard, but like you I’m in my late 30s and it’s not made for me, so I may not like it either.




Yeah, most of that is subjective.


No it’s not, as much as you just wanna win the argument and prove me wrong… Also, I’m done with you and this argument, so don’t bother.