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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Yeah I’d find it hard to see his style translating as well. He does action like art but horror needs a deft touch if you want to carry suspense well.


Yeah i remember reading that. I couldn’t imagine it being any longer. Nothing that’s in there is bad. I just felt that two hours is a long time for such a dour story.


I think that’s what struck me so much about THE NIGHT COMES FOR US. Timo Tjahjanto blends horror effects and action in a way that I’ve never seen before. Evans doesn’t push the horror quite as much (though there are some effectively tense sequences in THE RAID) but I could see it not working quite as well without the action to back it up, which seems to be the case in THE APOSTLE, from what I’ve heard.


That sounds right up my street!! Watching Haunting on Hill House it has some great directing and great wee twists but as with most horror I find the reactions of everyone so suspect. I hate the victim mentality of horrors and any with pro-active action I can immediately get on board with. If you look at The Exorcist I think it works so much better because the of the reaction to exorcise the devil is realistic and to me the scares seem more real because of it.

Today’s reaction to any of the horrors I’ve watched recently would have the characters try to get the stuff on Snapchat or Instagram!


Really enjoyed The Favourite, probably the best of Yorgos’s movies for me. I think it’s the most I’ve laughed at a film all year. Definitely one I want to watch again, probably with subtitles, as there’s a bunch of jokes I couldn’t catch in the theatre.

Colman, Weisz, and Stone are all great, and after seeing Chris Addison show up in Patriot earlier today, I was pleasantly surprised to see James Smith in a decent-sized role as the PM here. Seeing Mark Gatiss show up wasn’t a surprise at all; I think he just shows up to these elaborate period pieces without being asked.


Yeah I just finished watching that…Such an odd film.

If you’d told me it was from a first time writer/director, I’d totally believe it. Everything about it feels very amateurish. And that last scene with the kid now working for the secret organisation. And that horrendous looking mecha Predator?!?…Totally bizarre.


Where did you get the pleasure of watching it?


Local film festival. It’s probably the biggest new movie they have, but there’s a bunch more later in the week I’m looking forward to, like the Murakami adaptation Burning, and the Japanese movie Shoplifters.


The last scene was planned to be Schwarznegger, but he turned them down.


It sounds like Cannes, except six months later. Enjoy.


Trying to get this watched as I enjoyed Starred Up and Hell or High Water.

I’m a bit disappointed that McKenzie used so many non-Scots in the cast though.

I understand the selling power of Pine et al, but still…


Which would’ve been a fun moment, but only a moment.


As per my comments when I came out of the showing, I thought it was fantastic fun.

However I was really disappointed with that final scene as I felt it was really building up to something huge being revealed and what we got was just a bit daft.


How do you know? Some inside info?

I gotta agree on your impression. I couldn’t believe how terrible the film is. Characters are wasted, really. Olivia Munn especially. Many scenes are illogical. Black’s trademark tongue-in-cheek humor often is bizzarre. And I hated that Predators are turned into bioengineers of human DNA, than simply trophy hunter.


One of the cast, Keegan-Michael Key, has spoken about it;

We just finished [reshoots] last week, and just about three-quarters of the third act was rewritten.


Seeing the film, makes me wish they used the third act originally as it was.


Unless it sucked.

They changed it because a preview audience didn’t like it. There’s no reason to suppose that the rest of us would’ve disagreed.


The leaked photos of the original ending make it look pretty silly.


But silly might have been better than boring.

You already have Keegan Michael Key mugging every which way.


I agree with Tom. Test audience isn’t always reliable. For e.x, remake of Rollerball sounded better if they made it as hard R, as it was originally. Though I don’t we’d get more than mediocre film.