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What are you watching? 2019 edition


What did the Romans ever do for us?

Probably not a lot if they were following Bacchus, they would’ve been too drunk;


Widows: Loved it. Great performances, excellent direction, and incredibly tense when it needs to be. The ending felt a bit rushed, but I didn’t mind that too much.

Minding the Gap: Very good documentary following a group of skateboarders in Rockford, IL, which becomes about more than that. Definitely one I want to watch again.

Overlord: I only saw this because I needed to be out for a few hours. It was okay, but for a movie about Nazi mad scientists, it felt very generic and predictable. My favourite part was the opening half-hour or so, when it’s just a WW2 movie, and I’m not even a big war movie fan. Wyatt Russell continues to impress me.


The guy who did Overlord has been tapped to direct Flash Gordon.

You think/see anything that shows he has some chops?


That’s not good. The best bits should be the mad science zombie bits.


I’ve never seen any Flash Gordon, so I wouldn’t really know. It plays the zombie/science experiment stuff fairly straight; there’s not much of the fun campy stuff I’d associate with Flash Gordon.



Honestly, I’ve always been against Flash Gordon being camp.
The movie is fine, but it’s not something that should define the franchise.

Overlord sounds dull in general, which is a shame either way.


No. I kinda feel sorry for the people going to the IMAX showings. The movie has enough jump scares with obvious framing to keep anyone from falling asleep, at least.
The best things in the movie were probably the performances from the lead guy (who was in Femces) and the French girl. I hadn’t seen either in anything before and ended up pleasantly surprised.
I was pretty bothered by the guy who was putting on his best Kurt Russell impression, until I realised that it’s his son.
I was a bit tired when I saw this, which may have squandered my enjoyment, but my mind was constantly straying to things like Inglourious Basterds and Escape From New York. But considering the trailers were teasing pulpy fun and mystery, the film lacked both and actually seemed to work best in a couple of small, sweet scenes that didn’t have much of an impact on the rest of the movie.
I smiled at the title card, which is something.


So I’m not someone who is ever overly critical or negative about films and usually like to talk about the good rather than the bad. But I recently watched the new Halloween and thought it was awful. Did anyone else feel that it was just really bad? Or did I miss something?
Firstly, I wasn’t scared once, there was no moment when I felt any suspense or horror. For me it came down to the filmmakers being too heavy handed in making Michael Myers this iconic figure. We saw too much of him and they made big moments of him putting on his mask and picking up a butchers knife which made me feel they wanted to make this some sort of ‘cool evil’, it felt like some iconic comic book villain like the Joker. Which then made the film turn into some action b-movie.
Secondly, every line that came out of a character’s mouth made me cringe. I don’t know if this was part of it to make it cheesier in any way but it was all tell not show and made me hate all the characters. Some actual laugh out loud bad lines; ‘I’m a doctor, lock your doors.’ ‘It’s not a cage, it’s a trap.’
And thirdly, all the reviews saying it had a message, I felt that this was complete nonsense as it never knew which character to focus on. This three generations of trauma was never developed, with Laurie actually having little to do, her daughter being annoying and having an extremely heavy-handed speech about her childhood that seemed completely forced and circled round at the end in a completely dull way. And the granddaughter also just seemed boring and wasted.
I love horror, and old horror has wooden acting and dodgy lines at times, but in the end I care for characters and sometimes if not it still creates atmosphere. Here there seemed like none.
Is this just me and did I miss the point? Or did anyone else feel this way?


Pretty much, although I did enjoy the end. I think it’s actually quite a clumsy film, but well intentioned.


The Outlaw King: it’s a decent enough period drama. I like Chris Pine and Florence Pugh and they both do a solid job here. Even if Pines Scottish accent is a bit broad most of the time.

The battle scenes look great, and it’s got some particularly brutal moments… But it is two hours of bleakness. I think you could probably take about 15-20 minutes out, and I might make the story move along a bit better.


I agree with you and thought that they could have cut an extra fifteen minutes out, but the director already cut twenty minutes out after its premiere.


I watched the first 20 mins. Love the long takes but damn there’s no sun in Scotland.


I’m enjoying the new season of Patriot on Amazon. As odd as ever.

It’s a small role, but it’s nice to see Chris Addison acting again, for the first time since his Doctor Who role. I guess he’s mostly a director these days.


Thanks to THE NIGHT COMES FOR US and following that with THE RAID: REDEMPTION, I’ve discovered Indonesian action movies, and I feel like my life has been changed. The plots in both aren’t great (and virtually non-existent in the latter) but holy crap are they full of mind-blowing action.


‘The Predator’

Is a mess. We know it was heavily reshot and recut but the final story is pretty simple. The problem isn’t really the story, it’s the execution.

I think that Black needs a refresher course in action directing and in building suspense, because at no point was I feeling like the edge of my seat was where I should be sitting.

The cast are fine, but not given a lot to work with, the VFX are fine, but often overplayed and the production design is big, but oddly lacking in character. Everything feels generic, like it came out of a scifi thriller kit of familiar elements.

For me it’s another big glossy movie where the production value can’t compensate for the lack of tension, excitement or that fact that most of the jokes just lie there like a dead fish and in a Shane Black film, the jokes should both work and illuminate the characters. I don’t think they did either of those things.


Be sure to follow them up with Raid 2 and Headshot then.


Those are definitely on the list (though I’m not sure offhand if The Raid 2 is available on Netflix).


The Raid films are fantastic, I was tempted to put the director Gareth Evans in the director thread simply based on them, I think they are stunning action movies.

Has anyone watched the Netflix horror he directed? I’m wondering if it’s any good, horror bores me a fair bit these days.


It’s very long-winded and dull for the most part.
Some parts are rather visceral and tense.
But those are sparse.