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What are you watching? 2019 edition


It seems odd complaining about Tarantino being self indulgent. It’s pretty much his MO. I can’t stand a lot of self indulgent directors. His version of it just seems to be one I like.


Nah, his earlier films before he was huge had a much stronger hand from the producers/company that kept the excesses retrained to a far greater extent.


So you like him better when his artistic vision was compromised? :wink:

I get it. I feel that way about Kubrick. His earlier films were great and then just slide into the self indulgent mess that is Eyes Wide Shut.






I see it as like a great, self-indulgent writer having a great editor. He’s like the Grant Morrison of film.


I could never get into Hateful Eight more than just appreciating Walton Goggins as a character and character-actor.
That it kept reusing Morricone’s score for The Thing and then everyone praising that the movie deserved an Oscar for it…was a major turn off.


Is that really true though? Reservoir Dogs seemed to offer carte blanche apart from budget restraints.

I think what happens more is that a budget where the sky is the limit and no real need to impress the audience to gain success in the industry are larger factors in people making poorer films, Tarantino and @RonnieM’s choice Kubrick.

I feel the same has happened in comics - with Todd McFarlane for instance.

Success means that hunger to impress and the innovative thinking when dealing with smaller budgets is no longer as prevalent and that affects the story writing process greatly. Essentally they are making films for just themselves, not themselves and an audience.


I like @Jim’s description of him as a improvisational jazz musician except I see him more like a DJ or Trent Reznor type. He’s sampling and remixing elements from other films he loves and remaking them into something else. I mean his training was working at Blockbuster not going to film school.

I think he would be a nightmare to deal with in person but I really enjoy his films.

I’m also mostly teasing Rory. I can see why some of his personal tics wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking.


I feel like if Tarantino made Reservoir Dogs today it would be twice as long. That’s probably his tightest, most well paced film and it breezes by with something like a 90 minutes run time.


Probably. He could afford it budget wise not have to adhere to tight editing. The torture scene would be half an hour long because he would want to really make the audience feel the experience. A lot of successful film makers forget how strong the audience imaginations are, and how short their attention spend.


Let me give you a hug, man!


I’d go as far and say right up there with his best.
He deliberately withholds his overly flashy style and nails Elmore Leonard’s style more than his.

It’s such an underrated movie.


But he puts Kurt Russell in them.


Not to dig up a dead horse, frankenstein it, and beat it again…but his Russell-usage peaked with Death Proof.


Not from a traditional hero’s perspective though… The first act isn’t really there, it’s in all the previous movies, and there’s no resolution for the heros’ journeys.


Those are problems with the movie, but they don’t make it not a full movie.


I don’t think they’re problems, it just has an unusual structure… it’s not a traditional narrative and it doesn’t follow a traditional “hero journey” (or however it’s called). I agree it is a somewhat complete story but from the villain’s perspective. Doesn’t mean it’s not a “full movie”, but let’s not be coy here, we all know it is for all intents and purposes a “part 1 of 2” movie… that implies it’s only half the story from the heros’ perspective.


Sure there is, he successfully wipes out half the galaxy and retires to a farm.


I like it more than most just because of the visual flair and music which is amazing but it’s fair to say EWS is self-indulgent.

Saying that though isn’t it more just the one film? Full Metal Jacket and The Shining are his previous ones and are pretty straightforward narratives. You could easily argue that a lot of apes mucking around for 20 minutes in 2001 is more self-indulgent than anything. I’m not seeing a clear curve there.