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What are you watching? 2019 edition


The logic wasn’t even that bad - I think Patrick is really overblowing it by a large margin.


When the telephone box is one of the best-documented time travel devices




I love Time Cop too


Lorcan is talking about The Matrix.


Wait, we’re not talking about Local Hero?


Best-documented refers to volume of citations, not quality.


If you have to explain it’s not funny.


Watching Destroy All Monsters on DVR.


Since last night was Halloween I ran John Carpenter’s The Thing, Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, the Bab 5 episode, and for the cherry on top the last half of Nosferatu (1922). That’s one spry little Orloff there.


Except other than the scale of it, we have allowed genocide to happen again and again. The perfect Holocaust movie would be a huge indictment not just of the Nazis, but everything that helped make it happen. The disappearance of all those Jews (and gypsies and other victims) was itself damning enough. We didn’t need to see the death camps at the end of the war to know that something horrifying was happening. Jews in Israel were begging for something to be done. But I know Americans trotted out the same bullshit nonsense they always do when there’s atrocities going on in the world (“not our responsibility!” “the president’s a warmonger!”), and kept out of the war as long as possible. And we talk about the “greatest generation,” which is not to make light of the fact that we did have soldiers, eventually, over there, making huge sacrifices. But before we whitewash history and say “never again,” we have to own up to the fact that we let it happen in the first place. And that’s an entirely different movie than Spielberg’s art film. The biggest sensation Schindler’s List made was in showing the depravities (and nudity) of the camps. And that’s ultimately sensationalism. And you have Neeson at the end of the movie crying, “I could have done more!” and then the cut to the modern day with real-life survivors treating his grave like a pilgrimage.

…Anyway, it’s absolutely great that he did what he did, and there were others that did things like that, too, but there were many, many more people who didn’t do anything. Forget about Holocaust denial today. We did that when it was actually happening. And nothing erases that.

So I think Gilliam is absolutely right to offer his criticism. And that’s why I love Munich so much, because it is Spielberg wondering what’s really happened in his own movie.


There were no Jews in Israel during WW2. Israel didn’t exist until 1948.


The Zionists were in Israel (and/or Palestine) before the state was formally recognized. I read Golda Meir’s autobiography last year. She was pretty clear about the response to the Holocaust.


The Holocaust was an escalating horror that lasted for over a decade, from the first anti-Jewish laws under the Nazis in the 30’s to the end of the war in 1945.

Pointing at any film and saying it’s not enough is completely accurate. ‘Schindler’s List’ isn’t enough. Neither is ‘Shoah’ and that’s almost ten hours long.

You can’t fit it into a movie. You can do pieces. You can point a spotlight at a section, a person, a place, a choice.

Gilliam wanted to see a different story, a different piece of the picture. Ok. But Spielberg wanted to make this film. The producer Branko Lustig (who was a Holocaust surviver) wanted to make this film. A whole bunch of people wanted this film. A whole bunch of other people, like Gilliam, wanted something else.

And that’s fine, but whichever film was made would not be everything either. Life is everything, films are just bits of life.


Hopefully making it Bohemian Rhapsody today. Good thing it’s being released so close to Halloween, so I can wear this to the screening:

(To go as Will, I mean)


Or Will’s son:


Been thinking about bringing the mustache back. I think now’s as good a time as any.


Movember is handy cover for anyone wanting to trial a moustache.


My mustache needs no trial run.


That’s for sure. I am, however, quite ahead of you with the Reed Richards’ look. Everything has gone white but a patch of brown on top to fool the eye! Eye am not fooled! Go for it - it is, after all, Movember.