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What are you watching? 2019 edition



He’s a from a simpler, non-PC time.


How odd. Serial killers are usually known for their politeness and manners.


I mean…




Schindler’s List

Truly great movie, I almost forgot about him. That man, Schindler’s is true hero/anti-hero. You don’t know when he started to change his mind from greedy industrialist, who just used the situation (war) to employ Jews to becoming Jew savior. Also, I believe the nature of good and evil are put in contrast here. Ralph Fiennes is archetype of evil, in contrast to Schindler and the two are reflection of each other. Like the scene when the two are shaving. It’s shame that none of the two got Oscar. And I never knew Neeson could do so eerie, piercing stare xD

Don’t know how helpful would be is shot in color, but I know I disliked documentary/handheld camera approach. That and attempt to humanise Fiennes’ part are my only flaws I could think of.

I wonder what Kubrick’s Aryan Papers would be like. If he made them. But I am afraid the message wouldn’t be so optimistic as in SL. As Terry Gilliam says:


This was actually one of my favorite parts of the film because in humanizing him they showed he had a choice. There’s a point where he chooses to be the evil bastard which makes it that much worse.


It’s the whole point. Schindler has every reason to be a greedy bastard but he chooses to help people, and ruins his own life in the process. Goth makes the other choice.

And Goth is shown to be someone who does it because it wants to. He’s evil but he’s an evil human being, not a cartoon monster.

The film is totally about these choices, do you take the easy option or do you choose the harder path, that follows your conscience?


Just watched the video. I always forget how much of a pretentious prick Terry Gilliam is. He assumes everyone wants what he wants from a film and if they don’t, they’re idiots. It’s like he sees his taste as something to objectively measure a work of art by and those who don’t meet it are obviously shills.

If the Holocaust is about “failure in civilization” and not the success of “never again” moving forward, that is a bigger failure in civilization.


Halloween was fucking terrible. Jamie Lee Curtis was a high point, but good god was that a piece of shit movie. Poorly written, poorly directed. Minus a particularly well-executed boot to the face, no good kills. Horrible. Total waste of an interesting premise. And, to round it out, the goddamned dumbest characters in slasher history, and that’s saying something. Case in point: two intelligent, capable women are trapped in a basement while Meyers is about to come down and, presumably, kill them. The two women are freaking out… despite the fact that THERE’S A FUCKING ARSENAL OF WEAPONS RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, crossbows… there is probably no better position to be in in a slasher situation. One guy who moves at the speed of walk, armed with a knife, against two people, both of whom have immediate access to their choice of long range weaponry. Despite this, the two women spend several minutes being morons and crying and whatever, before one of them realizes, well shit, we could probably kill this guy twelve times before he gets two steps down the stairs with a minimum of effort on our part. So she picks a weapon off the wall…a bolt action rifle. Fuck you. She does not ask the other young woman to also grab a gun too, to help out, because god damn it. Fuck this movie.

First Man, on the other hand, was great. It easily could have been a rah rah, big-hero movie, but Gosling played the quiet and understated Armstrong very well. Him sitting his sons down and trying to explain that he might die to them was a standout moment.

Maniac was interesting and trippy. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone were great. The office-comedy aspects started off annoying, but really coalesced near the end. Not perfect, but certainly worth watching. It’s something I will revisit in a year or two, I think.

Hill House was far better than I expected it to be. The writing is very tight, the acting is well above par, and the mood is consistent and dark. There’s is one episode that consists of only three or four long takes which is just stunning. Recommended.


Well, Schindler’s List is smaller, intimate film about man who did something truly remarkable. He was misunderstood by his fellow Nazis, he risked his fortune, reputation, even life. He could even ended up dead as Nazi collaborator as Russians came thru. I think it as film showing you that something positive may happen amid all madness.
But if you wanna watch the movie about Holocaust in general, then Aryan Papers might’ve been a better choice. I think on Gilliam as very opinionated guy.


Well I’m glad that you liked First Man. After a rewatch I really love it. One of my favourites of the year for sure.


Rewatching The Twilight Zone TOS…

Not all 156 eps are classic, but a good 20 stand the test of time. Even the one that had the Devil in it had a good premise even though the special effects left a lot to be desired. It has to be seen relative to its time to appreciate them all.


Are your face the wrong way around?


Why I Laugh At Slasher Movies, Point #1!!! Geez, I dunno if I could take that level of stupid. How can one hate Myers when he’s working so desperately to thin the herd?



It wouldn’t have bothered me so much if the movie hadn’t sold itself as the one where slasher chicks–typically victims-- are well prepared, intelligent, capable, and ready to defend themselves. Instead, it just embraced the same old tropes, minus any self awareness or zing. No good kills, no interesting ideas, no effort to be anything but another generic slasher movie. It brought nothing to the table that hasn’t been there for decades. The film teased Laurie Strode as being almost Ripley-esque early in the movie (the hot grandma scene where she was blowing mannequins away) and then made her essentially incompetent later.

One thing I did like…when Meyers threw her off the roof, and was staring at her body, and then gets distracted, only to turn back to her and find her gone. Good role reversal, there.

All you need to do to survive Michael Meyers is be able to sustain a light jog for like, five minutes.


Just reminding everyone that this thread is general purpose, so can we hide the spoilers please?

I’ve seen ‘Halloween’ (2018) but others wont have yet.


‘slasher movie logic does not make real world sense shocker’

It’s like going to watch Bill and Ted and coming out fuming about the telephone box not being a realistic time travel device.