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What are you watching? 2019 edition


The 80s was just a bad time for prog bands in general :frowning:


You really do not have any mercy at all, do you?


Mercy is for cattle and loveplay


How often do you mix cattle and loveplay?


How often do you not?


You really don’t want to know…


The way that Netflix release movies and shows doesn’t help either. They mostly seem to just drop with little fanfare, while one title gets a big advertising push. The new Paul Greengrass film is out now, as is the new one from Gareth Evans. I’m watching the second series of the animated Castlevania (because Warren Ellis) and I didn’t know it was out until it was out.
So as much as you might be falling a little out of touch, I don’t think that the streaming originals are as easy to keep up with as films and shows with more traditional releases.


Ringing in Halloween by watching Halloween III: Season of the Witch. First time watching this since I was a tween, and the first time since I learned that the original screenplay was written by Nigel Kneale.

Honestly, despite the whole dispute with Kneale taking his name off the film - it kinda does have his typical feel and atmosphere more often than not. I remembering hearing the final film was still 60% indebted to his work on it, and that does show. Although the random spats and spurts of gore really can be jarring. It’s not enough to deter from what it is a entrancingly eerie, cold, and classically off-putting horror fable.

However, yeah, my knowledge of horror actors and crew has grown in the years since I last saw this - so revisiting it knowing who and what were at play and their contributions just add new layers to my enjoyment with this. Seeing them do some great work in an underappreciated - if still somewhat janky - movie.


(Are these arrows the wrong way around?)


It’s Halloween and I would normally go see a movie tonight, more than once it’s been the original ‘Halloween’ itself.

But I have to work from home tonight so it’ll be a case of finding a documentary or movie commentary I can listen to.


Last night, a friend (an assessment I will be reviewing soon) inflicted on me Paradise PD. This is a Netflix Original animation, although it’s a very generous use of the word “original” as it’s just a reskinning of Brickleberry and in the seven minutes I endured of its opening episode, two of its biggest jokes are just nicked from other shows - a drug addicted police sniffer dog (which Family Guy did with Brian) and an emblem that unintentionally looks like an anus (which Community notably did).
That would be more forgivable if the show was any good, but it’s really not. Just awful people shouting at each other.


Yeah it’s really awful.


I thought Brickleberry was crap and the previews to Paradise PD looked just as bad.


Unfortunately, The Haunting Of Hill House just proved to me that I’m not a horror fan anymore. It employs loads of tricks and it makes them work well, but people’s placid, victim-like reponse to ghosts just annoys me more and more as i get older.

That being said, it’s good at what it does and, for the most part, tells a solid horror tale. Are two actors playing the dad? That was a little confusing with the flashbacks.


Yeah, I mentioned that upthread. Henry Thomas (age 47) ages into Timothy Hutton (age 58). It’s really only there so you know which scenes are flashbacks.


Had a look at your post there, I completely agree aging one actor up or down would have worked better.


Watched Tag last night. Good stuff.


Have you listened to the Halloween Unmasked podcast? Only 8 episodes long, finished it this morning. Very entertaining.


I’ll check it out, cheers.


Freddy vs Jason: The first Freddy Krueger movie I’ve seen. He sure does like calling women “bitch.”