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What are you watching? 2019 edition


The power of association still makes my teeth shiver and my hairs stand on end.
I can still picture those punks riding in their car with the song blasting loud and clear.


Made in Heaven is brilliant, especially given its nature as a bit of a hodgepodge. Three tracks were previously released as solo songs - Too Much Love Will Kill You was on Brian May’s first album (and he performed it at the tribute concert), and both the title track and I was Born to Love You were originally on Freddie Mercury’s solo album Mister Bad Guy.

A lot of the tracks are discards from the recording sessions for The Miracle and older albums, but there is some original material in there as well. Mother Love was the last song Mercury and May wrote together, and Freddie died before he could record the last verse. May stepped in to sing it, it’s of the most poignant moments in modern music.


I get why the sports stadium version is so popular but their sped up version is so much better.


I watched Jeremy Saulnier’s Hold the Dark on Netflix. I liked Blue Ruin and loved Green Room, but this didn’t work for me. It was just too grim, without any of the fun went alongside the darkness in his other movies. The pacing is off too, and it felt like a chore to watch at times.

It wasn’t awful, just disappointing considering his pedigree.


(for anyone who doesn’t know it)

Ironically, this version is 9 BPM slower than the album version


Huh. I’ve actually never heard that version. I admit I enjoy the version of We Will Rock You that continues into We Are the Champions.


It was a live staple of theirs in the 70s, there’s a concert video, appropriately title We Will Rock You, which opens with that version of the song.


This is still the definitive version I think.


She really caught my attention in Outlaw King, having not seen her in anything else.
I’m looking forward to watching this show.


Never forget the mistakes that have been made…


I knew nothing about this.
I’ve stopped buying Empire because it stressses me out about the amount of movies I’m missing since we had the kids, I’m no longer able to go 1-2 times a week and I felt reading about all new releases was just a futile exercise.

On the other hand I’ve lost touch a bit.

Millerworld is great for this.
Even though you didn’t enjoy it, I’d still like to see it based on his first 2 movies. Thanks for the heads up.


Second and third, though I think even he doesn’t care for his first movie, Murder Party. @Rory likes it, IIRC.


How long should I ban Parker for posting that video folks? Is 3 months not long enough?


Surely the constant pain of remembering its existence is punishment enough!


He could have posted the Suicide Squad trailer that featured Bohemian Rhapsody.


Clearly this calls for cruel and unusual punishment. Make him a mod.


I have the perfect accessory for that!




Knew nothing about that, I’d always figured Blue Ruin was his debut. I’ll google it.


Yeah I enjoyed Murder Party a lot. It’s very different than his current style though, more of an absurd horror comedy, so I can see why he wouldn’t care for it any more.