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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I agree with that. I know he is still played a fair deal, he does have the biggest selling album ever with like 7 hit singles each off both Thriller and Bad though. In the 80s and early 90s the narrative was there was Elvis, The Beatles and Jacko and everyone else was in a lower tier.

In that context his profile does seem subdued posthumously. In a way not like Freddie Mercury or Bowie or Prince who seem to be more ubiquitous and celebrated after their deaths.

Some may not have been around at the time but in 1990/91 when Freddie was dying Queen were not well regarded or constantly lauded for the Live Aid set. They were probably the least trendy band you could imagine and people pretended they didn’t like them when they really did to save face.


The people around him let him go off the rails and destroy his life. Not a shock that those same people are screwing up what to do with his posthumous career.




And all of this is why Phantom of the Paradise is one of the best movies of all time.


It’s all the same; tolerate, excuse and enable for greed and/or out of fear.

And then the general public romanticise it. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, live fast and die young, better to burn out than fade away etc.

But it’s actually pretty sad.




The music business sounds like most other businesses.



“They should have thought about feeding their ‘families’ before they became comic book collectors!”


I mean…they should have in that instance.
Except for the folks who bought Batman: Damned #1.
Heroes, all of them.


I can remember Innuendo was not at all what people wanted from them and arguments between my older brother and friends about whether it was any good. I didn’t like it at the time, it felt very much like a dirge and they’d all become so middle aged. The e generation was kicking in and the youth were well moved on to newer sounds and styles. I can appreciate it now but have no retrospective love for it. I’ve never listened to their last album either. Live from Heaven or something silly like that :joy:


Their final album was in many ways a return to form. ‘The Miracle’ was the one ripped to bits and it’s not unjustified. The Invisible Man is a truly dreadful record.


Ahhh, that was before I was woke to reviews and whatnot. I would have been 8 or 9 I think and still being blown away by 15 years of material at that point, The Miracle melded into their discography for me.


Their final one with Fred alive or the other one? Is the other one worth listening to?

Made in Heaven it’s called, I looked it up there…


Fred alive, with Innuendo on it. It may be different circles but Innuendo was rather well received in my memory as it was a return to rather grandiose ideas and presentation. Highlander fans apart most of their 80s stuff wasn’t well regarded at all by the music press and I think in most cases they weren’t wrong.


That could be the case, and im probably tainted a bit from the memory of not liking it at the time myself.


I remember Queen being not very trendy around the time Gar is talking about. I think the ubiquitousness of their two or three dumbest songs at sporting events really got grating.

Waynes World weirdly did a lot for their rep. And the Mercury tribute concert.

The Music Thread

Still are.
Also really bad movies about nerds getting their revenge.


OK, I know “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” are played at sporting events. What’s the third?


Another One Bites the Dust, surely.


Yes, Another One Bites the Dust, though not as often.

I will concede Champions is a great song when Mercury sings it. Anyone else, including drunken fans, not so much.