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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Yeah, I get the Ghostwatch element, but there’s a similarity to the Christmas one in the way they played with the meta-element of TV production and using layers of that to create a story. But for the Christmas one, it doesn’t quite hang together or make sense (the actors and crew seem to know it’s going to be a snuff production and are bothered by that, but why would they be involved if so? Nothing really holds up to the twist) whereas using a properly supernatural element here, with the cast playing themselves made it feel more plausible, upon accepting the ghost stuff.


I’m of this mindset also.

I think there’s a possibility that he surrounded himself with kids because he never got to live anything resembling a childhood and ended up trying to live it as an adult.

I think people should also be careful in labelling folk as paedophiles when they have not been found guilty of such a thing, it’s a pretty horrible sticker put on someone if they are innocent of it, the worst thing you could be labelled.


friday the 13th part IV: Jason Lives

I doubt anyone is going to watch this, but beware of some minor spoilers below

Released in ‘86, 1 year after the turd that was A New Beginning, this movie opens with an awesome pre title sequence, which sees Tommy - presumably escaped from an institution after turning out to be the man in the mask last time round - travel to Jason’s grave on a dark stormy night to make sure he’s dead once and for all.

Bit bizarre this, given he’s not actually bothered anyone since Tommy killed him at the end of part 4 :joy: but none the less this is quite brilliantly over the top.

Tommy digs up the grave, then runs through Jason’s corpse with metal fence railing.

As Tommy reaches for some petrol to burn the body, the railing is hit by lightening, and yes you guessed it, Jason is brought back to life.

As Jason climbs from the grave and slowly walks towards Tommy I have to say this is the first movie in which he has looked as menacing as I remembered him to be, rather than the elephant man lookalike he has been for the first 5 movies. I don’t understand why i have a completely different mental image and memory of these earlier movies, but this is the first time I have not been disappointed by the look of the character.

Unfortunately the look is not matched with the content of the rest of the movie.

They’ve tried to go further down the comedy route with this one and unfortunately it’s not funny. The dialogue is really poor and there’s not an ounce of charisma in any of the actors.

Some of the kill sequences are a bit more imaginative but they’ve removed the nudity in the movie and overall it was pretty hard to watch, even more so when one of the reasons for watching it is gone. Pity because it started out quite promising, although here’s a few decent scenes including one where Jason is standing over the bed of a young child, which at least suggests some tension.

Overall this is one of the poorer efforts, despite a good ending. And having watched the end of this one I now remember it and also how the next one starts.

Part IV > Part II > Part III > part VI > part V > part I


Just for the record I completely agree with this, I think I’ve already mentioned that I didn’t think he was capable. He did pay off people’s families though and there was reasonable impropriety. The thing that I was particularly trying to get it though, is that people would rather it was swept under the carpet. It’s difficult to do that.

Recently, over here, there were a bunch of men targeted on Facebook and outed as paedophiles for messaging with fake 14 year old girls or boys. They targeted lonely men, gay and straight and it was despicable. The biggest problem is that society doesn’t even want to discuss it in any way other than hate, when really it should be treated as a mental illness.


I don’t think MJ was a pedo (nor would I be shocked if he was), but I definitely think he had some pretty inappropriate relationships with other people’s kids which isn’t nothing.


Yeah, I was deliberately trying to generalise so as not to aim this at you.

It’s timely that this came up because I was having the same discussion with one of my mates after I’d watched the episode of Atlanta that seemed to be clearly influenced by parts of Michael Jackson’s story.


I agree, however those parents have a role to play in this as well and probably shouldn’t have left their kids staying over at a grown ass man’s house who is not a family member.


That’s kind of the crux of it for me too. I’m not comfortable with it at all. If a middle aged guy, say, has a bath with a neighbour’s kid or showed them naughty pictures that is definitely not to be taken lightly, even if nothing physical happened.


I don’t think he liked the company of adults as everyone would always be trying to get something from him. He befriended kids as they’re generally great company and didn’t have any of his own, but he didn’t quite grasp that at the end of the day you can’t be good friends with other people’s kids because of the implied impropriety. And I think he was humored as a young man to do what he wanted rather than feeling any pressure to conform. I get the feeling he didn’t know just how far off the rails he’d gone because there’s was no-one there to tell him. He was essentially like royalty unchecked. He didn’t understand or take the time to hear just how terrible the kid stuff looked. Nor the skin bleaching, the plastic surgery, Bubbles the chimp, surrogate kids and so on.

When you watch back on his old videos and antics you can see just how weird some of them were, and yet no-one said anything. I think he’s the closest we’ve had to Mozart, insanely talented man child that just didn’t ever feel the need to fit in. Used by everyone and ultimately dead before their time.

I find it a real shame as I think he was generational and should be celebrated as this amazing human, but then again his story also serves as a warning against going unchecked.


What did you think? I thought it was a genius piece of television.


This has been my stance as well, even before he died. Since nothing has come out since his death it still seems to be the case. Jim has basically said everything I think about the situation.


It’s a weird societal thing - you can leave you kids with your relatives, leave them at another house with kids for a sleepover, leave them in the care of teachers for school trips and no-on bats an eyelid. However, if you leave them with a male single friend then eyebrows go shooting up. Opinions aren’t great about single males I guess. We’re so sensitive about what might happen than you can’t leave a kid with a male adult alone for any length of time, never mind sleep with them for a night.


There’s been more than one rapper allude to how we did that to him, as a society. He was screaming for help through the 90s especially in his music. It’s a very sad and tragic life he lived, ultimately.


I thought it was fanastic. My wife struggled with at first because she felt it was ‘too weird’ so I told her to think of it as a mini horror film.
I thought it was completely gripping and by the end she did too, despite not liking horror movies.


It’s an outstanding show all round. They nail what they are aiming to do and always leave so much open to interpretation in each episode. It’s excellent.


Yeah. I have to admit I was one of the people who thought once he died we’d find out he was some sort of monster, like Jimmy Saville or that whole crowd. We’re so attuned now that performers, particularly those who interact with kids alot, turn out to have lots of monstrous deeds in their past. It’s prejudice, but prejudice is born from repetition and it’s certainly there. MJ appears to have been alot more Mr Rogers than Mr Saville. And what makes it tragic is that even in death, 10 years later, we’re on here still unsure if his character was pitch black or lilly white when it comes to these allegations (look at me Mom, I’m making terrible room clearing jokes on the internet).


I’m glad this MJ topic got brought up again and discussed properly. I was talking about it from a music and movie industry stand point the other day and after I felt like it probably looked like I was being outrage incarnate. The people who own his rights musically and to his story are not seemingly pushing him at all. That’s rare for an artist of that magnitude so I was putting across that no one will invest in an MJ movie right now. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong if we start getting a glut of music biopic that do well in the box office.


I’ll be honest, I can’t shake the feeling that there is more to it. It’s both for the reasons you say but also the fact they aren’t pushing him on a major level commercially for anniversaries and things. I always did and always have believed nothing physical ever happened, but behaviour like showing kids naked pictures and getting undressed together… I genuinely think he did stuff like that and didn’t think he was doing any harm. For all his genius he had a very sheltered life, but one where the answer to all his questions or demands was, “Yes.”


I enjoyed the first episode of The Little Drummer Girl, the new Le Carré adaptation directed by Park Chan-Wook. The start’s a bit slow, as is common with Le Carré, but the performances made it worth watching.

Florence Pugh is a great lead. She’s had a pretty fast career track, considering Lady Macbeth only came out about a year ago, and since then she’s done this, The Commuter, Outlaw King, King Lear, and now the new Little Women (as well a pretty bad Netflix horror movie she was still pretty good in).

Michael Shannon and Alexander Skarsgard are good too, though Skarsgard hasn’t gotten much to do yet aside from be mysterious/handsome.


I guess they’re not pushing him because anything they do will be mired in the accusations. There’s no escaping them really - you can deny forever, but that won’t stop them. I don’t think it’s an Elvis situation, where he sold more in death than ever alive and has become this entertainment icon now. HI last few years just screwed up his legacy. Even though if you went to some shitty restaurant in Tibet where the owner loved America they’d have Mickey Mouse, Elvis, John Wayne, Marylin Monroe and MJ painted badly on the wall - he’s as iconic a person as there’s ever been, I’m sure loved by billions, but by and large every opinion is mired by ‘I don’t know if he diddled kids’.