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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Watched the Red Sox win the World Series last night. Four in fifteen years doesn’t make it feel old.

Intercut that with Supergirl and Charmed. Because they focused heavily on an actor who can give a compelling performance, Supergirl was easier to watch this week. Watching another Charmed changed my opinion of the reboot. I got into the new sisters more easily, and they had plenty of nods to the original formula, which was also nice to see.

Caught Deadpool 2. Yeah, Domino absolutely stole that one.


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween: For the first half of the movie I was actually pretty surprised. After hearing the negative feedback I was expecting much worse - but the first act or so does have a good enough verve and structure to it. Sure, it’s pretty much a standard adaptation of the “Night of the Living Dummy” plot…but it’s a decent enough adaptation of that plot. There’s even a bit or two in there which can come off as unnerving. So I was pretty pleased.

But then half-way in it decides to awkwardly, and almost nonsensically, throw all that out in a bid to retread the original movie’s plot. Like, really, it just comes out of nowhere. They try to bridge it, but their explanation for it makes even less sense than if it just happened for the sake of it. After that it’s just really disappointing. I still enjoy the kid leads and some of the gags - but none of that helps hide the fact that the people making this took the easy way out. And that you could just be watching the original movie for something like this but with more consistency.


Yeah, and even though Deadpool was packed with spectacular action, neither movie was about saving the world. They were both about saving just one kid for the most part and trying to make sure that that kid didn’t become a heartless killer in the process.

The scale was small, but the stakes were still high.


Not neccessarily, although probably I am taking this out of context. People tend to give praise to DH, as hero stands from others, in terms of invulnerability; or better to say, lack of. Guys like Schwarzenegger, Eastwood and Bronson are still deans of the genre and their films are still classic.

However, I have fetish toward brutal treatment of the heroes. I love when hero goes thru massive punishment, only to grew stronger and prevail.


Anyway, Die Hard 3 is the best Die Hard for two reasons.

  1. New York.
  2. Samuel L. Jackson


I don’t agree, but that is a fantastic argument.


This was just great. One of those episodes where I don’t want to say anything at all about it so as to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


DIE HARD 3 was absurd in the amount of crazy punishment the protagonists just shook off. I mean, they broke a 70 foot fall with steel shipping containers and then got blown up. When they finally get out of the water, they’re like “ouch, I think I hurt my arm.”


The third is great because McTiernan did it. But so he did the first one. Although the two have radically different style. What I liked about the DH3 is it’s script. Plot turns almost at every ten minutes and it all figures into general storyline. And interactions between Jackson and Willis.
Maybe we should call the firetruck? - Fuck 'em. Let em cook.


I’m at the Comcast/Xfinity store returning a modern (they sent me a new one) and on a TV they’re playing Avatar. They’re showing is on what I’m guessing is a 4K TV.

Man, it really looks bad. It looks a video game. The CGI and live action bits look like cut scenes. The action scenes look like they were choreographed with a game controller.

This movie has not aged well.


In my experience, overly complicating the “video quality” of movies ruins them. You don’t need to see them that “clearly.” It robs movies of movie magic. Imagine if you tried to make the Mona Lisa three-dimensional.


They may just have all of the “bells and whistles” settings on that annoy @steveuk when films are shown that way, ruining the presentation.
I haven’t actually seen Avatar in years though, so I don’t doubt that it’s aged poorly.


My blu-ray copy of Mandy arrived today and that’s cool. But I’ve noticed that it’s playing in a nearby cinema on Wednesday night and getting to watch that again with a crowd seems like a great way to spend Halloween.


You could be right. Some of the scenes showing movement pixelated badly.


Avatar was meant to be viewed on the big screen in 3D. Of course it looks bad elsewhere. But it looked so great in its day it’s the biggest movie ever for a reason.

I can’t want to see the sequels.


I agree. You can never be sure but I lean towards him being innocent. An intensely tragic figure.


I can’t want to either.


I saw ‘The Dark Knight’ on TV’s in a bar once, it looked like it was shot on video, because of the way the TV’s were set up (I’m guessing they came straight out of their boxes and then up on the walls, with no-one changing anything from the factory settings).

Chris Nolan would’ve torched the place!


I watched the live episode of Inside No 9 this morning, on the iPlayer (which decided to throw up a suggested programme thing over half the picture right at the end, which rather killed the mood at the worst time :rage:). It’s a great bit of TV though and (I’ll spoiler tag this just in case) it feels like a better take on what they were trying to do with the Christmas special.


To me it felt more like Ghostwatch - part of the fun of that Christmas episode was that it was all historical - a riff on those old 1970s plays and with a ‘director’s commentary’ that turned out to be something quite different. But Sunday’s episode felt more like an attempt to play with something genuinely supernatural, to misdirect viewers, and to play with the format and conventions of live TV, just like Ghostwatch did. I was smiling as soon as the sound first cut out, and was genuinely spooked by the end.

I also liked that they poked fun at the show itself with their episode-within-an-episode, which felt like their take on how Inside No. 9 is seen from the outside.