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What are you watching? 2019 edition


This is the first time I watched it after reading into the background.
It really helped shed a new light on it. The while “epilogue” stuff actually helps accentuate the plot structure, and the way it veers easily could have set a great buttress for Part IV.


Did it finish? With his track record for many years I swore off buying any JMS comic while it was running and would look at it in trade if and when he properly completed it.


Yes :rofl:

All done. There was a vague hint of a “season 2” type deal, but the initial case was wrapped up.

That happened with all the Joe’s Comics line, actually. This was before he swore off more comic book writing.


Even being sick for two weeks, I didn’t watch a heck a lot other than the Winter Olympics, Super Bowl, some cartoons, Supergirl, Riverdale, the new Blade Runner and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. Gonzo concept, but well-executed overall.


Sounds like you might still have a fever, Ray.


LOL, perhaps. I will admit to not really caring what was on and had my low expectations exceeded. I don’t see a return visit on the horizon, at least.


I watched the first season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime. Overall I thought it was pretty great. Rachel Brosnahan is charming as hell as the lead. And I thought it was really funny too, which is rather important for a show about comedians. Looking forward to season two.


Dara O’Briain’s Go 8 Bit returned tonight and cleared up the lingering mystery of why Greg Wallace (off Masterchef) presented the revival of Time Commanders a year or so back. Turns out he’s a massive fan of Total War Rome and picked it as his guest’s choice game on Go 8 Bit. It’s always surprising the people they have on the show who turn out to be proper gamers (you’d think by now I’d have learned to stop pre-judging and thus not be surprised, but who could have guessed that Liza Tarbuck loved Bombjack?)


The Circle was a good premise that lost its way from script to screen. One of the worst endings/3rd acts of a movie I’ve ever seen.


I watched the first episode of Bliss, the new David Cross-written series about a bigamist, played by Stephen Mangan.

I think it could have worked if the show had started with the two families finding out about each other, but instead it looks like each week he’s going to almost get caught, and find some way to weasel out of it.

It’s a completely unlikable character, which would be fine if the show seemed to care about the other characters at all, but so far everyone else exists to be manipulated by him. It’s a pretty unpleasant viewing experience.

They have Heather Graham playing one of the wives, so hopefully she’ll get something to do in upcoming episodes, but I won’t be watching. I might check in at the end of the season, but that’s about it.


Yeah, just hearing about it makes it seem like it’s monotonous.


I just catched Exorcist III (1990) last night. Very good movie, imo. Not better than original (if you can scrap the sequel, which is better looking it as stand-alone), but this one has moments that chill to the bone. I dare to say, some stuff is even scarier than Friedkin’s film. Brad Douriff’s part when he screams about father Karras…that was hardcore. And nurse checking the rooms before being attacked by a killer (off screen). Think my heart stopped beating for a second.
Too bad that studio forced Blatty to reshoot some scenes, against his wishes. Some parts seem out of place giving the film unnecessary confused look. I know that Mark Kermode did a video about a DC version, but that is done by a third party and not Blatty himself. But, great film neverthless.


Stargate Origins is embarrassing. Like, more embarrassing then I figured it would be. I figured it would be low budget and shoddy, but the tone, acting, and writing is straight up terrible fan film level. It’s trying to be fun and adventurous, but everything feels corny and slapsticky.


Good Time is free on Amazon Prime in the US. I just watched it again. Still rocks. Trying to decide whether it or Phantom Thread is my favorite movie of 2017.


Well I just went through the full BvS-ED for a second time… it does get better each time. I still think there are a couple of mistakes in there, chief among them the infamous e-mail scene, which not only is stupid cause of the neat logos and the honestly subpar footage, but also cause it’s weirdly edited in… The second thing that still bothers the shit out of me is how Batman goes from wearing a heavily fucked up metal armor to his regular suit in seconds… it always takes me out of the movie =/

But other than that… honestly it’s rock solid. The Doomsady battle didn’t bother me at all this time… oh except Lois throwing the spear into the water and then going back for it… that whole thing also breaks the pace, but it’s not the worst part…

At any rate, the ED does a rather nice job of pieceing everything neatly together. I still love Luthor, it’s a great idea and bar a couple of small things, JE did a great job. And the score is fuckin awesome.

It really is a great movie… still haven’t seen JL but now I’m kinda dreading it… just knowing Snyder won’t complete his vision really rubs me in the wrongest possible way. Fuck warner and their shortsightness.


Everything Sucks! on Netflix has launched.

It’s basically just a bad version of Freaks and Geeks. Honestly, it’s like that was the pitch “Freaks and Geeks but for the 90’s” and no other real thought was put into it. They even have a character who is just a complete riff on Martin Starr…but worse. Some of the kid actors are okay, but the stories/characters so far are just uninteresting.

And the ones that are interesting are bogged down by the rest of the writing and the bluntly implemented plotlines.


I thought that was this forum. :wink:


I thought we were a bad version of Dazed and Confused.


Oh fuck no. I’d rather be labeled a freak or a geek than be associated with motherfuckers like those guys.