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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I enjoyed it as well, being left with a lot to mull over once it was done. I wish there were more scenes in cars. Those were shot really nicely.


I thought that, too. I hadn’t seen car scenes shot quite that way before.


I’ve been watching subbed episodes of Japanese show called Game Center CX. It’s a video game show mainly focused on comedian Shinya Arino having to complete challenges on old games. It’s been going in Japan since about 2001 and in a world of Let’s Play video and Twitch streams, it’s perhaps lost its USP a bit. But it really works quite well, largely due to Arino’s affable nature. There are some weird elements, I think just cultural things. There’s an odd attitude of deference to him by the show assistants that sometimes come on screen to give him advice, like schoolkids having to see the headmaster. Pretty much anything he says gets a laugh from his production team as well, which feels a little weird. Still, it’s quite fun seeing him try and slog through games like Transformers: Mystery of Convoy and Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.


I saw a few eps of Power and feel it is so -so…

Imho, it is just an average cable tv show with standard fare of nudity, gun violence, language, and drugs. I don’t expect dragons or vampires to come out but they should play up the intrigue more.

I see it because there is nothing to catch these days after the Super Bowl and one of the actresses was a classmate of mine in school. (She was in Logan too btw.) She sat next to me in science class. In fact, about four who I knew in my school went on to be on TV and radio…

Also, the remake of Dynasty is standard fare too…


Only one Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this season, but it’s been great.


IDIOCRACY is… funny enough. It’s more like the clever comedy from DEMOLITION MAN spread through an entire feature, but I kinda love the sketchy nature of the film.

Reminds me…

Why was this movie really just dumped in theaters.


I didn’t get the hate - the performances were good, the setting was well shot, and it chugged along nicely. The first came out of nowhere and we all loved the ride but once it was all said and done it’s not one of the greats; I’ve no desire to rewatch it (ever though I loved it at the time). If S1 was a 8/10, S2 was a 7 or 6 - it’s still fine.

Admittedly I’m a sucker for that kind of crime show and they’re so rare.


Trent’s rendition of the series 2 theme song cracked me up


Every 2-3 years or so I get really into The Godfather again. Been that way since I was 12, when I first read the novel. Now the novel is probably my favorite piece of the franchise, with the first movie being a close second.

There’s a pseudo-nostalgic element to re-binging this series. Just one of those things you hardly think about until something trips it off in your mind again and you just need to re-experience it once more. And it’s always a fun ride. The book has some oddities, and a needless subplot or two, but even the stuff about Johnny Fontane’s comeback I still find compelling. The second movie I really only feel the need to watch for the Young Vito scenes - mainly because I had enjoyed those in the book.

While it’s a well made movie, I never really enjoyed it as much as the first. I think this time I finally understand why, I think it’s a needless sequel. Not to denigrate it - it’s a great movie. I just don’t see what it brings to the table that the first didn’t already cement. On the other hand, this time Part 3 actually rather worked for me. Mary’s acting will never be good, but the performances around her have aged well and her role in the story is well-thought out (for the most part). I’d have liked to have seen the idea for Part IV pan out though.

If only because the retroactive idea that the series is a legacy (like Part 2, the miniseries edit, the Saga edit, and the HBO edit try to contend) doesn’t really hold water. But a movie about Vincent in the late 90’s might have actually made that a tangible conceit. It’d have been cool.


Star Trek Discovery - is beyond tedious. Not a single likeable character. And, what the hell has happened to the Klingons? I don’t think I’ve ever been this disappointed in a Trek show. Yes, even Voyager was more entertaining.

Sense8 - just started watching Season 2. This is brilliant. A little more explicit than it maybe needs to be, but so engaging. The characters are wonderful. The show looks amazing. And it’s genuinely binge worthy. Loving it.


How far into it did you get?


This is the criticism of Discovery I just don’t get. Looks aside, there’s literally nothing the Klingons do and say in DISCO that they haven’t said or done before. And the prosthetics aren’t really that far off the TOS movie era anyway.


Fell asleep half way through episode 3. Couldn’t face coming back to it. Does it get better?


I started rewatching Legion S1 yesterday. I’m halfway through.

This is simply the best comic book adaptation ever. I truly wish more series would be bold like this. It takes risks. It shows no fear and is not ashamed of what it is. The tiny details you see on repeated viewings.

It is the best.


Again, based on only the first two episodes … there’s a whole lot of standing around and talking, or ponderous waxing lyrical. i really don’t like the way they look, or their dress sense - going from this aesthetic to the way they look in TOS, in a decade, is a bit of a leap. And, whilst I get the alien quality they are going for, they are less menacing than my daughter and her friends on a day out. It’s disconcerting, and not in a good way.


Well, it is Star Trek


Three was a really crap ep, total set-up with no one really having worked out their character - it gets better, but then I would say that as I’m an Isaacs fan.


I think one thing to note is it’s quite different in structure to other Star Trek shows. It doesn’t set the cast up straight away, they come in gradually, only 2 of the cast of the first two episodes appear again regularly. There are some very likeable characters and a lot of twists and turns.

I enjoy it but mainly because of that. I know many adore it but I always found ST:TNG way to formulaic and the characters too goody-goody for my liking.


Well now Lieutenant Detmer is sad


I watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. I didn’t think it was very good - weird plot, convoluted action, some silly pratfall type stuff and a weak cast topped by Eddie Redmayne acting like the creepiest guy in the world. Did people like it?