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What are you watching? 2019 edition


The old thread broke, so here’s a new one.


I watched last week’s episode of X-Files a few days ago. It was pretty meh. Back in the day, the conspiracy stuff was fun. Now, it’s just tired.


Finished the first season of Runaways, and I gotta say, that was probably one of the weakest season finales I’ve ever seen. I like the show because it feels fresh compared to a lot of the other comic TV out there, but I never really prioritized watching the weekly episodes. It’s a fun show, with some great characters and over dramatic at times. I’ll definitely tune in next season, but I’m certainly not finding out for more right now.


Jim discovering Banshee makes me want to rewatch a few episodes and all the intense fight scenes…
If Top Gun had “airplane porn” then Banshee has “fight porn”…

The best part is it is all finished so there is no waiting for the next installment. Check it out sometime


I did get a similar urge the other day when he posted about it :smile:

I think he’s gonna enjoy it… and I’ll probably revisit it soon.


Rewatching HOUSE OF CARDS and it is still pretty impressive.

The funny thing is that as dark as the comedy is in the series, like the play that inspired the novel (RICHARD III), its drama is almost reactionary in its morality. Everyone who suffers incurs the wrath of the gods through their own iniquity. Sex, lying, drinking, violence, even being gay - that’s what causes the downfall of the characters who fall. Only Frank survives because he takes no pleasure in the sins he commits. They are means for higher ends.


And porn porn


I still haven’t seen The Lobster, but I have now seen Lanthimos’ newest one, The Killing of a Sacred Deer. We had the trailer in the trailer thread, but I’ll repost to jog your memories and for people who haven’t noticed it - it’s an incredibly strong trailer:

And so’s the movie. It is very, very good at what it does. What exactly that is is anyone’s guess, of course, beyond disturbing the fuck out of the audience. It is a very unfomfortable, disturbing movie, and it’s really hard to pinpoint what makes it so - even before anything in some way shocking happens, even while it’s all an everyday scenario, it’s already an unsettling experience, and it isn’t easy to tell what makes it so (I have my theories, of course).

Very simply, though, where plot and theme are concerned, this is a Greek tragedy set in modern-day America: a story of a king (heart surgeon) who has caused a death and will have to sacrifice for it. These are the bare bones of the plot, but I don’t want to spoil even those, because it was a big part of the experience for me not to know what the hell was going on at all for the first thirty minutes or so.

Anyway, absolutely fantastic movie, provided you’re not looking for something light and like being disturbed.


I’d regard even that trailer as a bit of a spoiler but it’s hard to say once you’ve seen the movie. The second trailer that they did definitely is one, so nobody should watch that.
I’d argue that the bravura opening shot takes you way past unsettled all by itself. :wink:


Yeah, I considered posting the second trailer, too, and didn’t, for that reason. With the first one, I found it somewhat spoilery now, but I had seen it a while back and I didn’t remember enough to have the slightest cue about what was going on, so I think it should be fine…

Yeah, that was quite something.


I saw it a secret screening, and a third of the audience walked out, while another third looked like they wanted to. I liked it a lot, though I’d probably put The Beguiled a notch above it for 2017 Farrell/Kidman movies.


Oh, I also wanted to mention, I finished Dirk Gently season 2 and it was awesome fun. This show was made for me. I mean, this was a lot like 90 comics (the Milligan or Morrison Vertigo stuff) come alive again, and it worked very well. It’s a shame there won’t be a third season, because I liked the places where everyone’s at at the end of this one, but then again it was also pretty satisfying as a conclusion.


I need to get around to watching that. I thought that the first was great. I still need to catch up with Sense8 on Netflix though.
Does anyone else do this? To love a first season and then just never get back to the show once more comes out? I do it quite a lot with comics too (reading the first volume).


The Magicians. S2 was a big improvement over S1, and S3’s off to a great start. Loved the scene of Margo and Eliot using pop culture references as code so they can’t be spied on:


Don’t Think Twice
This indie movie is about a New York improv group that fractures after two of the group get auditions for pseudo-SNL. Despite being about comedy, it’s not desperately funny itself, but it has endearing characters and an interesting plot. Where I think it falls down is that it doesn’t really offer any kind of closure for most of its characters and so doesn’t feel like it has anything meaningful to say about most of them.


A screening of ‘The Elephant Man’ at the BFI, including a Q&A with the producer, Jonathan Sanger. It’s still a very emotional film, and not cynical or forced. People really care.

The lady behind me was gasping, tutting and laughing the whole time, I got the impression that it was her first viewing.

Normally people making noise would annoy me, but how can I be upset that someone was so engaged and moved by the film? I’m glad she had such a strong motional reaction!

My only criticism is that the Q&A was so short. Sanger is a very articulate and interesting speaker (probably a big part of what made him an effective producer) and I would happily have listened to him talk for an hour.


Ricky Martin is going for the EGOT in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Very good season opener. There’s some nagging historical inaccuracies, but still well put together television.


Watching George Carlin on youtube. I think Louis CK just dropped from my standup trinity, it’s Carlin, Burr and Stanhope now. Although Louie the tv show was magic.


How so?


Just a joke cause he’s a singer and now he’s acting in a drama.

I actually have no idea whether he’s even close to an EGOT.