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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Yeah, it even ends on snow terrain.

Reminds me on spaghetti westerns by Sergio Corbucci (Django and Il Grande Silenzio).


I’ve decided to watch all the Mission Impossible films. It’s a bit of blind spot for me, as people keep talking about them and I’ve only seen the first one.

Started by rewatching that tonight and it holds up pretty well. I remember the twists, but they’re well set-up. Offing an initial team to bring in another is a potentially cheap move, but I think the film makes it pay off, especially by having some decent names in the fatalities (but none so big that they’d feel like obvious cameo-only stars). I love all the dated 90s tech in this, the misunderstanding of how email addresses work and the relative novelty of the channel tunnel at time of filming. And of course that wonderfully over the top hacking scene.

It’s weird that Emilio Estevez isn’t credited though. And quite funny to note how much stringier Cruise’s arms look in the scenes of him emailing Max in Prague compared to when he’s in the vents.

No idea what to expect from the next films, but I hope they’re as enjoyable.


Aaw man. I still need to watch that movie.


That’s cool, I’ve started watching them all again in preparation of the new one. I watched the first one the other day and was shocked at how small in scale it is. I hadn’t even remembered that Ethan’s parents get mentioned. With each film being pretty standalone, Hunt is developed as a character quite strangely, with seemingly strange details dropped in each film.

Until now, 2 is the one that I’ve seen the most and is usually considered the worst. I saw it this morning and didn’t have as much fun with it as I have in the past (maybe that’s because I’ve seen more John Woo films at this point, his better work highlights the flaws in this). I followed it up with M:I III though, which I have a real soft spot for, as a general Abrams fan. I’d still rank it higher in his filmography than The Force Awakens. Cruise is a movie star, and Philip Seymour Hoffman really brings it.


Both you and Ronnie and everyone else should also check out the HK original Infernal Affairs.


The second one is definitely the weakest. But it’s a surprisingly solid series of films.


I also have that among my pile of unwatched DVD’s. It’s the two sequels that movie got which leave me unsure. Are they worth a go?


Wife watched it when it was new, and kept prodding me into a rewatch with her; we made it a few seasons in and it just fell away for me. I don’t mind that the characters aren’t saints; I just found it quite boring - too slow.

We’ve discussed this before, like when @Jim confessed that he’s no fan of mob movies - part of the appeal of these things is the self-justification that the characters use for their actions. Everyone has different lines, even in real life.


Mob movies rarely have the sophistication that Breaking Bad did. Throughout the series everyone had a good reason for doing what they were doing. I don’t agree at all that they were all bad, I think they were all good but more than that they were all trying to survive. And as their survival got more desperate they behaved more and more extreme. Breaking Bad is a classic tale about what can happen when you set on a certain path. Walter was rarely in control of his life, and when he finally was everyone else was in his control. Ultimately everyone he touched got destroyed.

I think Breaking Bad is brilliant, magnificent and one of the top 10 TV shows ever.


They certainly liked Jesse and Mike. Walter himself, not so much. But I think they were as fascinated with him as anyone.

I think the show actually has a lot to say, but more importantly, it was spectacularly well-executed. The dialogues, the acting and the direction were always great and there were some brilliant moments where they really took some creative risks.

The season 2 opening, for example, was absolutely amazing:

Note: This will make absolutely no sense if you haven’t seen the show. The opening is continued as openings of a few more episodes until in the final episode of the season, we understand what is going on.


When I saw this in the movie theatre back in the nineties, I didn’t know a thing about the plot or what was going to happen in the movie. That made the opening sequence amazingly successful. I knew all of these actors - Kristin Scott Thomas, Estevez, Emmanuelle Beart… I actually thought this was going to be the team in the movie, and that this was a normal action opening sequence. It was an amazing moment.


It also did a great job of cutting bits from their scenes in the movie into a different context so you wouldn’t twig what was happening. There’s a shot of Emilio Estefez in the fake OP taken from seconds before he’s killed, for example.


Was that the American product where the two main characters were from Sheffield and Hackney? :wink:


This is exactly why I think the Joker movie won’t work.


Yes, they clearly liked Mike and the middle seasons with Gus, Mike, and Saul were the best ones. They obviously had to show some kind of unpleasant downfall in the last two seasons, but it lacked the same zip. It was really never quite the same after Gus died, and while I get the need to then bring in someone “worse” than Gus, the next villains were corny and bad (and poorly cast). It probably should have been Walt stepping in that role; the need to always have someone “worse” than him around blunted their message.

As for Jesse, I could never tell either way—I thought the actor was really bad (his post-BB career speaks for itself) and the show was often better when he was not on the screen.


I think this is all quite fair. The Gus seasons were the high point and they probably should have timed his exit with the end of the show. The final season villains weren’t so good.


Finished watching the first season of KILLING EVE last night. Refreshingly different from most of the stuff I’ve seen lately, a good balance of humor and suspense, with great performances from the two leads. I’ve been a fan of Sandra Oh since her role in the HBO series ARLISS (1996? Can that be right?!); her Emmy nomination is well deserved.


Yeah, like Dave, I can agree with that. I also think you’re right that they should’ve let Walt be the villain on top in the last season. Although I thought Todd was an interesting character.

I did like Jesse though - can’t speak to the actor’s versatility (I’ve yet to see him in anything else), but I thought he was good as Jesse.


Aaron Paul does the voice of Todd on Bojack Horseman.


More importantly he was The Rocks dead partner in Central Intelligence