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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Yeah I recently started watching Brooklin 99 too, and it’s okay… it makes me think of a “live-action” Archer, in terms of comedy and the characters.


I only started watching because of Braugher.
I’ve loved him in everything I’ve seen him in. Never seen Homicide though.


Apparently Fox just canceled it but NBC snatched it right up. Seems like it fits right in with NBC’s recent trend of niche-sized sitcoms. Still miss the days of massive hits.


Cobra Kai Episode 1 & 2 - Finally had a chance to watch the first two free episodes of the show. That’s some great stuff. I love how it’s flipped the narrative. I never imagined that I would side with Johnny but damn is this show good. It hits right in the zeitgeist for now too. I’m definitely going to have to do a subscription to Youtube Red to finish this out at some point.


I was going to let this slide, but it’s consuming large parts of my days.

Andre Braugher is Detective Frank Pembleton.
You must seek this out.

Homicide helped turn television around (after some bad '80’s crap we were brought up on) and was one of the driving forces to getting where we are today.
Story first, and I swear it was many an actor’s stepping stone to getting noticed.


Absolutely. And I think it was a brilliant decision for him to be gay. There’s still not enough gay characters on TV that aren’t comedy stereotypes, and it’s great to have this one at least.


Bugger, Pembleton, not Pemberton - but yeah, fantastic character. (Homicide also has Yaphet Kotto!)

I really liked how they did that revelation in the first ep: Holt’s gay? Then Peralta recalls Holt has used the term ‘man-scaping’, totally deadpan. After that, every now and again it comes up in smart ways.


Can you blame me?
I’m a hip young 23 year old.

I was raised on SVU.
But I’ll seek it out if you feel so energetic about it. Must be worth it.


Finished “Happy”. Damn good show. They nicely balanced humour, violence and drama in this one. Tough to get right when you’re working with a cartoon unicorn, but they did a really good job.


Good point.

Of note: since Homicide crossed over with Law & Order on a few occasions, when Homicide came to an end L&O:SVU was starting so the character John Munch (played by Richard Belzer) moved from Baltimore to New York and became the longest running character in tv history (drama’s?).


Never seen this before. :rofl:


Munich literally connects half a dozen shows in the same universe. Including the x-files.


It’s more than that. 10, I think (all in the wiki link).

And that X-Files appearance is one of my all time faves and contains one of my favorite quotes.
“Tin foil, gentlemen. Makes a great hat and blocks the government’s mind control rays.”


And the Wire, IIRC


And Arrested Development!

Of course, Homicide also crossed over with St. Elsewhere, a show which turned out to only exist inside the mind of the main character’s autistic son, meaning that all the shows that crossed over with it must also exist in that kid’s head.

Edit: I did not know that this was a Dwayne McDuffie theory!


I didn’t realise Dwayne McDuffie came up with the Westphall universe idea.


Didn’t expect this of The Bridge, but it threw in a slice of deliciously twisted humour in its second ep:

Saga Noren, you will… hot-desk.

Of all the things that someone like Saga would not get on with, this’d be top of the list easily - and so it proves.


“That Damned United” about Brian Clough’s relationship with Leeds United.

What a fantastic film.


I finally watched The Hateful Eight yesterday. Damn good movie.

I also decided to finally stop waiting for Agents of Shield to come to free streaming and dish out the bloody money and catch up (starting with season 4). The Ghost Rider thing works better than it should.


The second half of season 4 is even better.