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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Titans Episode 1: Raven - It’s okay. I know people have been pointlessly comparing it to comics and cartoons as a way of disparaging it for a while now. But it’s aight. Not great, some dumb moments - mostly plot beat related - but the writing, acting, and momentum so far seem entertaining enough.


I watched the first few episodes of The Haunting of Hill House. Slow, but still better than a lot of horror TV attempts. I like it enough that I’ll stick with it for 10 episodes.

I do find the mixed-up timeline fairly confusing, at least early on, and it’s weird that Henry Thomas is playing a young Timothy Hutton, when he’s only ten years younger. You’d think they would age Thomas up or Hutton down instead.


The show is what I want in a Haunted House story, but the Hutton/Thomas switch is weird. However with all the switching in timelines it ends up being useful later on.


Watched Black Panther again today with the kids.

What a film, Marvel’s greatest movie accomplishment in my eyes.

Only let down by a poor fight scene in the 3rd act.

Music, cast, costumes, sets, effects all amazing.
Feels otherworldly due to the lack of African culture we generally see in movies, which makes it all the more original and unique amoung the other superhero movies.
Really inventive, good plot with some decent twists, humour, action and emotion in the right places.
Good villains and an antagonist you can empathise with to a degree.

I loved it first time round, second watch just reconfirmed it.

Deserves the hype and the box office take.


Just finished watching krypton eps 8 & 9

This show has been the biggest tv surprise of the year for me.

I’ve mentioned the atmosphere, the designs, sets etc before - it’s an amazing looking show - but there’s some also pretty bold plot points and big twists, it’s pretty brave writing and I feel they have wrung quite a lot out of this first season, which sets it apart from most of the other superhero shows that tread water for so long

the voice of rao being a Brainiac drone, turning Ona into a suicide bomber was a very risky choice, bringing in Adam strange was a great idea, Zod being the child of not only Lyta but also Seg, and the whole idea using Doomsday against Braniac is genius (If it plays out, even more so)
Brainiac’s appearance at the end of episode 9 was a triumph - particularly this image of him surveying Krytpon

This show is of much higher quality than I expected, impressed at what they’ve done with it


Cannot wait for season 2.


I’m half way through The Hunting of Hill House and I’m really enjoying It so far. It’s got a nice spooky atmosphere to it, and all the performances are solid.

Episode 5 was great. The reveal that Nell was the bent-neck lady the whole time, was pretty cool.


I enjoyed Bad Times at the El Royale. It doesn’t entirely work for me, especially some of the ending bits, but most of the cast is great, especially Cynthia Erivo, who’s going to be a star. I’ve only seen her in some small UK TV shows before this, but she’s great here, and I can’t wait to see her in Widows.

It’s kind of funny that Goddard sort of beat Tarantino to the punch in doing a Tarantino-esque Manson-type movie.


Bad Times worked for me very well. The cast is great and so are the performances. I enjoyed all of the narrative switches and the jumbled chronology was fun.
Two old ladies left about ten minutes before the end, calling it a terrible movie. Shocking.


Rainy weekend so I saw Goosebumps 2 (with my kid) and First Man (without).

Goosebumps was just boring. The idea could have lent itself to something fun (the Gummy Bears scene was all right, and more of that would have gone a long way), but it never bothered.

First Man got a bit schmaltzy at times but was also truly great at times. It didn’t leave a huge impression on me but there were some really spectacular sequences. The actual moon landing itself was very well done.


That’s a shame.
I really enjoyed the first one.


3rd epsiode of AHS:Apocalypse

just as it was starting to bore me…that was a huge twist…kind of anyway…also, that last scene between Emma Roberts and Billy Lourde was a brilliant little Easter Egg for those who watched Scream Queens


Just watched The Neon Demon…And what an absolute pile of pish it was.

90 minutes of pretentious arty bullshit, and then another 30 minutes of pretentious bullshit, but they throw in some blood and necrophilia to make you think it’s edgy.

And now I’ve had to google how to spell necrophilia. So I’m probably on some bloody government watchlist now :pensive:.


How scary was goosebumps Robert. Thinking of taking Matias to see it but not sure


Not even remotely scary, even for kids.


The way to get around that is to already know how to spell it.


It was just that one wurd. I’m normaly a very good spellar.


I watched Slow West recently (because it’ll soon disappear off of German amazon prime), and I liked it a lot. It’s a western with an indie movie approach, and Michael Fassbender. Fun to watch. Bit Jim Jarmusch-y.

I also watched “Split”, which had a lot of things going for it. Just a very good thriller, and I’m glad I saw it before the new “Glass” trailer hit. Best thing about it was McAvoy enjoying acting the different personalities - that was just such a joy to watch. Oh, and I loved the relationship between him and the therapist. That was really well-written dialogue, I thought.


Been watching the Haunting of Hill House series on Netflix.
I have to give it props - it’s probably the first “scary show” that has been actually scary in ages.
The first half of the season really played up this genuine sense of dread - and it was really well honed.

That’s fallen by the wayside in the second half, so far, but by that point it’s gained the attribute of just being engaging. Hope it sticks the landing.

Finished the series. The second half definitely did not drop the ball - but it does go into a different direction than the first. The first excels in scares and sustained unease, but the second half focuses more on the inter-character drama. It’s effective, and the adult actors play it well.

A great little season.


Watching a Steven Pinker video. He seems to have @Christian’s old hair.