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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Yeah Bradley Cooper far outshone her but I thought she did an excellent job.

I thought the only issue was that the end didn’t work this time because she’s portrayed as selling out.


I was in from the moment that they showed that Bradley Cooper can sing. Though Gaga was pretty good, Cooper is the real star here. After this I’m starting to see him in a whole new light.

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie really. The emotional logic all worked for me, and I came close to crying.

It’s funny to see that Matthew Libatique did the cinematography on this and on Venom. He can rest happy this weekend.


Flight of the Conchords Live in London. Very happy to have them back, and doing new material.


I know Better Call Saul fans are gearing up for the finale, I got to meet man himself this weekend. Bob Odenkirk was in town for a talk at the local college (he’s from the place I live). He was on the street talking on his phone when I did a double take at the somewhat familiar face. I didn’t bother him as he was busy (and I was with the kids) but still cool to see Saul in real life.


Evidently, he graduated from my alma mater too.


Re: the ending of the Better Call Saul season finale…


Yup. Perfect ending really. Truly great episode - one of the best of the series.


It really was (could have done with Lalo crawling into the ceiling though). Until last night I didn’t even pick up on the parallels between Kim and the German engineer. Both took a walk on the wild side, looking for a fresh challenge or a cheap thrill, neither one fully understanding how far gone their respective partners truly were. The German tried to pull back a little but had no escape. Fingers crossed that Kim still can.


I’m having to skip over this thread with my eyes half-closed because I haven’t had time to watch the BCS finale yet! Glad it’s a good one though.


So I was bored and had nothing else to watch the other day so I tried the Magnum PI remake aaaand… yeah, it’s crap. Really badly written, but like really bad… and the acting is not that great, so yeah that’s a skip, but it kinda made me appreciate how much better something like Lethal Weapon was (in terms of remakes, reboots, etc…).


What else do you have to do that’s as important? Brush your teeth? Spend time with your loved ones? Priorities, man!


Just had an email from Netflix telling me that Series 2 of Hip-Hop Evolution is on the way on 19th October. Great news as I didn’t even know they were making a follow-up. I enjoyed the first series a lot (I think @RonnieM and @garjones recommended it?).

If I remember right the first series ended around the birth of Gangster Rap so there’s still lots of territory to cover if they plan to move on from there.


Watched THE Predator last Monday. I thought that Predators was bad and was thrilled when I heard that Black is directing and co-writing with his buddy Fred Dekker (they really seem like perfect pair to handle alien hunter)
I even thought The Predator will eat Predators all the way. It didn’t. While it’s pleasant and welcome to have some throwbacks to the original and 1990 sequel; opening shot in space, Silvestri’s tune, jungle scenery, Keys’ son - I found nearly every other segment of the movie annoying or problematic. Either major or minor. But, to make it short as possible:
First, the cast is terrible, and characters are paper thin, lack of motive and genetically are stereotypical and unlikeable. Olivia Munn especially. She simply doesn’t fit it in. Her acting is wooden (but others do not shine as well) and they tried to make her female badass character, particularly with liner “grow deep”. And her delivery “you are one ugly mofo” is terrible. The main hero appears as self-satisfying, arrogant prick. And yet, I expected him to go one on one with Predator near the end, but no. Next, plot has some deep holes. People react to aliens like “meh, let’s go get them”. And plot is basically explained in just a few lines by the gum chewing black guy. Suddenly, Predators are not just trophy hunters, but they are in reality stealing human DNA to create hybrid. It took for while and after all carnage, to realize that the first Predator is actually good guy. But, he is already killed by bigger Predators. Next, Pred-dog becoming Olivia Munn’s pet after being shot in the head. WtF? The kid is autistic, so that explains his genius (here I believe it’d add more depth and drama if autistic kid was acting like the kid from Mercury Rising). And since when Predators grew so resilliant to bullets?
Three way conflict doesn’t work (army vs our heroes vs killer Predator). Action and violent sequences are done awkwardly. To think that it’d be better if violence is kept at pg-13 levels. All in all, definitely the lowest point in Black’s career. Either as writer or director or both.


Brilliant, that’s great to know as the first season was excellent. Also works as a good companion to Hip Hop Family tree.


I was at my sister-in-law’s house last night they were watching a sitcom called American Housewife. I watched the first 10 minutes of an episode.

It had an odd feel to it. Maybe it was just this episode but it had some slightly off camera angles that made the show feel weird. The show has no laugh track and it really heightened how unfunny it was. But the thing is, it felt like it should have had a laugh track. it felt missing. This isn’t so high-level comedy where a laugh track would be out of place. It’s a pretty standard sitcom. The performances also felt off. Maybe it was just this episode. It definitely did not make me want to watch more.

It must be successful enough that it’s in its third season.


It’s ABC, Todd. They have a very low threshold of “successful”.


“ABC: Aiming for Mediocrity!”


The Better Call Saul finale was indeed great. It’s testament to how good the show is that nothing about the end of the episode came as a surprise - you could immediately see from the start of the big closing Mike and Jimmy scenes how things were going to play out - but they still made you feel the emotion of the scenes every step of the way. Brilliantly directed.


Though, now that I think about it… it didn’t close with the usual present day scene right? hmmm…


Saw Mandy last night. It’s just okay. Very much style over substance. There’s barely any plot so it’s really mostly about the visuals. Cage never goes as full out crazy as you’d expect. Though he does have one great scene in a bathroom about halfway through the film.