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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I rented mom and dad on Amazon, one from earlier this year I’d been meaning to catch.

I liked a lot about it;
The concept

The performances which were generally very amusing and Selma Blair showing that she is could probably do a good job of just about any genre of music. Great to see Cage again, he was great in some places, slightly less so in others but I’m going to blame the director for that

The initial tone and atmosphere that is similar to that of Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake

the grant Morrison and lance henrikson cameos

Nicholas Cage answering the door with Fruit Loops stuck to his face

The opening credits were awesome, lured me into thinking I was going to be watching something incredible

What I didn’t like;
It lost its intensity. The intensity was putting me on flight or flight mode, that and the amount of people coming in and out of my house when I was trying to watch it. But it dipped for the 3rd act due to the bad editing

Speaking of which, yeah the editing was atrocious. It meant the film was constant stop and start with most scenes finishing abruptly and the impact fizzling out. I wonder what goes on in Bryan Talyor’s Head when he watches his movies back and thinks that’s a good idea.

I’ve actually already forgot how it ended

It wasn’t quite as good as I’d expected but it was still good fun, the first hour is better than the mixed bag last 30 mins. Still better than most movies I’ve watched in the past 3 years.


Oh,I might take a look at it too then.




You sir, are a disgrace!




I just watched the Space: 1999 episode, Earthbound.

That episode had one of the most brutal endings of any TV show ever. Plus, you had Roy Dotrice AND Christopher Lee in the same episode!


That’s why I asked whether we’re talking about Earth years or Krypton years. If the point was that we knew that from thePoV of Earth history, Krytpon would explode in 200 years, it’d make perfect sense :slight_smile:
(Also, I hadn’t realised there were humans on Krypton.)


The Unlimited version of Watchmen is on Amazon Prime, and I’ve been slowly going through it the past few days. I like it a lot, it’s got a LOT of stuff from the book in there. But there’s just a spark of something missing to really push it into greatness.

I also dove into The Night Of. Really strong start. The tension when Nas is getting frisked in the station is some of the greatest I’ve seen on television. Things petered out and leaned towards the ridiculous towards the back half of the season. But, still, great performances and I’d love to see something else from this team.


Someone really needs to create an edit that includes the Under The Hood short mockumentary into it.
That’s what’s missing.


I really enjoyed the new A Star is Born. The first half is stronger than the second (it definitely peaks with their first performance on stage together), but I enjoyed it throughout.

Cooper gives himself a lot of the best material, but Gaga, Sam Elliott, and Andrew Dice Clay all get strong moments.

It was also nice to see Cooper give his former Alias castmates Greg Grunberg and Ron Rifkin small roles, despite him apparently being miserable on that show. The Dave Chapelle stuff didn’t really work for me though. He felt like a character who should have been in more of the movie or been cut completely.


So I watched the first couple episodes off Lethal Weapon’s 3rd season… and hey, here’s the thing, Sean William Scott is completely fine, and I actually like him quite a bit… but come on, how is this even Lethal Weapon without Riggs? =/

Feels like a generic Daimon Wayan’s buddy cop show, so yeah… Also, after watching Clayne Crawford’s interview, yeah… I’m gonna go on Clayne’s side here… plus the guy seems like a totally decent guy, unlike the way they smeared him on the press.

So… well I guess too bad, the show was actually pretty decent, but I mostly enjoyed Crawford’s Riggs, so buh-bye…

Edit: Oh… lo and behold as if on cue:

Well, good thing they fired Crawford… :smile:


A couple of theories for next week’s season finale of Better Call Saul, one of which I think it quite plausible and another a bit more far-fetched…

One, Jimmy McGill is going to be replaced by Saul Goodman and it will be Kim’s idea.

When Kim asked Jimmy at the end of this week’s episode, after their exhausting and honest argument, if he still wanted to be a lawyer, she could have added “even without me” to the end of the question. The real reason Jimmy became a lawyer, as the flashback a few episodes ago indicated, was so that he could feel worthy of being with Kim. Everyone, including his parole hearing, thinks it was because of Chuck. That’s what they wanted to hear him talk about and what cost him his reinstatement. That’s why he couldn’t answer the question “what does the law mean to you” without being flustered. It was all about Kim and now, maybe, finally, it is not. Now he is starting to understand that is not a great basis for a relationship and so is she. So, Kim will more or less set him free to be the type of lawyer that he wants to be, to prove to himself that he can accomplish something in his own right without trying to first and foremost impress Kim – and to do it without the burden of the McGill name that is so dominant in the region’s legal community. So, he finds the guy who can create new identities, gets through another set of correspondence courses as soon as possible to earn a law degree and pass the bar as Saul Goodman and sets up his practise. The downside is that, to maintain the pretence, he and Kim cannot be together anymore. Along the way, however, he makes a flippant remark that his real chosen identity should be running a Cinnabon in Omaha (so we can leave the door open for her to find him in the future, post-Breaking Bad scenes). The only other person who could realistically expose Saul is Howard but the last we saw him he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and likely wants nothing more to do with either of them.

The other, more outlandish theory, is that the bank Kim is working for is actually laundering the money of the drug cartel. It does seem rather unlikely that a regional bank would be able to expand so quickly and build so many new branches as they have been doing. This could be the link between the cartel and the Jimmy/Kim storylines, although I’m not sure where they could take it from there. Potentially, her little escapade to get them a bigger branch built than planned could implicate her in such a scheme and bring about her own downfall.


I’ve starting watching Sorry for Your Loss on Facebook, a half-hour drama starring Elisabeth Olsen and Kelly Marie Tran.

Olsen plays a woman whose husband has recently died; Tran plays her recovering addict sister, with Janet McTeer as their mother. It’s a much mother grounded, light role than any of the film roles she’s played in the last few years, and is a much better showcase for her as an actor than the Marvel films, or the likes of like Wind River or Godzilla where she’s supposed to be a main character but is still underused.

It’s a fairly easy watch, despite dealing with some heavy issues, and it’s two 30-minute episodes a week, so I’ll stick with it.


I like that idea - the bank is such a boring story you have to think there’s more to them for it to get so much screen time. Maybe the season ends with Kim meeting Gus.

I can’t see Jimmy creating a new identity and passing the bar without anyone noticing it’s still him. That seems a bit crazy, but nothing is in the show by accident so it’s entirely plausible that’s Saul’s secret origin.


What a fantastic end to Upstart Crow. It has become a brilliantly written and acted show.



Yeah, that would work for me as a way of tying things together.

Talking of which, there’s a lot to bring together in the final episode, isn’t there? I’m guessing we won’t actually get a huge amount of resolution next week, but the show will set things up for the transformation into Saul to take place in the fifth (and final?) season.


‘Ant-Man 2’, I finally found the time to check it out.

Definitely in the lower half of the Marvel output. People often say “undemanding” as a compliment but I would’ve liked it more if it had made a few more demands.

Some of the choreography was very cool though, they’re really creative in how they use the powers to make the fights and chases more fun.

But overall it felt a bit pointless.


I’ve enjoyed this series a lot, but the end of the latest episode didn’t work for me. As a moment of pathos it felt unearned and clunky. If I was feeling cynical I’d say it was Elton aiming for another Blackadder Goes Forth moment.


For me the fact it came out of left field made it. For a wee silly show about Shakespeare I really liked the sentiments showed. I can see the comparison, and of course it’s nowhere as good, but I have grown to love the characters and thought it worked well because of that.