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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I mean, they are all genetically modified aliens - they might have lived long lives as part of their whole eugenics deal.


Regardless of how long they live, are they going to wait 100 years each generation before having kids?


I can overlook it, it’s just fucking mental


However not to detract - there was a couple of excellent reveals in episode 6, one of which I thought might happen and was very happy with when it did.


Why not?
They make 'em in an oven, ready to order.
No rush.


Mine keep coming out burned. :cry:


Here’s the thing about American Horror Story… You can’t really watch it as a single standalone narrative, particularly the first five seasons.

Think of each season as a sort of mash-up of several smaller themed stories, kind of like those themed anthology paperbacks of horror stories that were popular in the 90s, except it shares characters and settings. That, or a Robert Altman/Paul Thomas Anderson kind of thing.

If you go into it expecting a single, focused narrative you’ll be confused and disappointed.

That said, “Roanoke” and “Cult” have a more focused and streamlined structure, though I think “Roanoke” was a misfire with the reality show mixed in with the reality. It was an interesting idea that didn’t really work spread out over ten hours. I would have preferred a straight-up story without the reality show aspect.


It does feel a little like each season really has only enough substance for one strong episode with everything else being filler.


Again, 1 strong epsiode is a bit harsh.

They could probably do a comfortable 6 really great episodes.

6 works quite well for channel zero.


Roanoke was the best one because it had concise and practical chunks of narrative with a good sense of momentum. Which almost every other season doesn’t have.
But even then - a few of the jumbled seasons (like Asylum) are able to lean into the chaotic mess of the narrative a lot better than others (Hotel).

It’s definitely way too stylish for its own good. The show attempts for atmospheric, but more often than not comes off as airy and melodic. It makes it hard to engage with any of the “horror” concepts. Roanoke coming close because the second half did this juxtaposition thing that was able to set that contrast.

Really, I agree with @ChrisS one strong episode is too harsh. Roanoke was 10 and felt very evenly handled out. It’s really about having that thorough-line, whether or not it’s a narrative or knowingly being insane. The make or break is when it decides to just lay back and do nothing (Murder House, Coven, etc).


Wait, are those Krypton years or Earth years we’re talking about? Because if Krypton is, like super-dense and has incredible gravity (which used to be the reason that Superman was able to jump/fly in the old comics at least, right?), that’d mean that time would pass differently, due to gravitational time dilation. (Also see: Interstellar.)


Discussing the rotation and mass of a Fictional planet in relation to how it affects the days and years of said planet seems to me to be a pinnacle of Geekiness.

Bravo Christian!


I needed something to take my mind off the news about Carlos Ezquerra tonight, which I’m really struggling to process and stop thinking about.
I needed a night in front of the TV so once the kids were down I put on Krypton episodes 7 and 8 which aired in the UK last night.

It’s been an effective tonic and the show continues to surprise me in that I can’t believe how much I’m loving it, given how shit I thought it looked.

It’s a really great mix of comic book alien world mythology, game of thrones intrigue, drama, and politics with the feel of something like Chronicles of Riddick, I don’t know why that comes to mind, it just does.

It’s paced really well, constantly moving things along and the character development is spot on. I’m now invested in a whole bunch of characters. One thing I’ve noticed is the scenes don’t outstay their welcome, and each scene is designed to either develop the character, the relationships or plot. It’s quietly a richly built show for one of this ilk.
The group has come together in a way I didn’t expect and the plot with Brainiac has surprised me in it’s development.

the unmasking of Rao and the unveiling of Doomsday in the previous epsiode were really well handled as well. This is not as cliched as the other superhero shows on the tv

Lots to like, and again more than all of that I enjoy spending time in the world, it’s so well designed.


Tis version of Krypton clearly can’t have incredible gravity, otherwise Adam Strange would have become a pancake the instant he stepped out of the Zeta Beam.


My assumption is that Kryptonians just live longer, so while a human’s life expectancy might be 80 years, a Kryptonian might be 150 or 200 years. They are a much more advanced people, after all.

Plus they make babies via crazy science so it’s not like you have to be a young person to have a baby baked in that society. But yeah, Krypton years might be way different than Earth years. Who knows.


Bear in mind a year is a term to represent one rotation of a planet around its sun, so a Kryptonian year could be 150 Earth days for all we know - if there needs to be any kind of method of tieing apparent age by human standards to their stated lifespans. The level of gravity needed to cause time dilation is so high that as @davidm noted, humans wouldn’t be able to survive there.

Plus, time dilation means that time slows down relative to external observational frames. If Krypton was under time dilation, time would pass normally for anyone on the planet, but if you were able to observe them from outside the dilation, they would be moving slowly.


Completely agree, Chris. From something I was set to hate, it’s won me over by consistently surprising me, and not being the story I thought it was going to be. We’re at a point where nobody’s alleigances/motivations are what I thought they were going to to be, but the switches have all been completely logical and consistent. With the biggest switch of all being the shocker of Adam thinking he had to save Krypton, then realising that if Krypton didn’t die there wouldn’t be a Superman. That should have been obvious right from the start but completely blew my mind when they revealed it.


Yeah it’s keeping me guessing the whole way and the story/character decisions are all consistent with the show’s internal logic

I guess it is really good writing - I’m not really used to it on tv


Finally caught Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! and I have to say - kind of a mixed bag.

Feels jumbled, story-wise, especially as the third act comes into play. Not quite making use of the various character threads that it sets up with as much energy or time as they’d need. This pertains to both threads of the film - the past and the present.

But, as another jukebox musical (and one that redoes songs from the first movie), it’s still really fun.
The constant charm and mugging of the actors help keep it afloat more often than not.
Have to say though - Hugh Skinner as Young Colin Firth was criminally underused. Absolute delight.


I finally got around to watching Suicide Squad over the last couple of nights, as it came up for free on Amazon Prime. It’s only the second superhero movie that I’ve fallen asleep halfway through (the recent Fant4stic was the first), so having started it on Sunday I finished it up the following night.

Despite that, I didn’t actually think it was that bad - although it felt like there was a better film in there trying to get out. I don’t recall all the history now, but it feels like it was edited to death. All the flashback stuff at the start is heavy going and really bogs it down, and it feels like you have to get through half an hour of potted origins (each accompanied by a distractingly loud pop song) before the movie can even get started. It might have been more fun to explore these characters more naturally on the fly.

But once it gets moving, it’s alright. Will Smith and Margot Robbie are both really good in it, and by far the most charismatic characters in the movie (some of the early Enchantress stuff is great, but her character fizzles out by the end and Cara Delevingne spends most of the climax pointlessly gyrating in a cloud of CGI guff). And Viola Davis is just great as Waller - I ended up wishing she had more screentime.

The big misfire is Jared Leto as the Joker, in that there’s nothing really Joker-y about him - he’s like a stock gangster-boss character, with very little charm or theatricality (and there are times when it feels like he’s really trying to mimic Ledger’s voice, which is distracting). A shame, as with a better Joker, the Harley relationship could have been really great.

Anyway, I can see why SQ did alright - it’s like a guilty-pleasure 80s B-movie in some ways, and with a couple of beers it could be fun - but at the same time I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it at the cinema.