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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Are they teleporting? The film never says they are.


I tell you what, you give me your theory of what they do when they arrive and leave, and I’ll fill in the laws of physics they break.


I think they’ve got some great alien technology. Not language lessons.


Both are impossible in the real world though.

The difference is you’ve been programmed to accept one as more plausible than the other.


Yes, exactly.

I’m glad we’ve reached an agreement on the issue. :+1:


So what you’re saying is that it’s possible for language to alter your perception of the universe after all?


Perception defined as seeing into the future?



Perception defined as perception.


I really loved Arrival, smashing film. :slight_smile:


Never heard of it.


I’ll be honest, I’m only debating this because I’m having a slow day at work.

But since it’s clogging up the thread I’ll just return to this;

This is what I’m talking about. Scifi trades on the impossible a lot of the time, it’s more fiction than science but…

There are fictions we give latitude to. We’ve seen/read examples in the past, that draw from real scientific ideas and then go into impossible ideas, using them as support mechanism for the fantasy.

‘Arrival’ has a lot of familiar elements, aliens, first contact, spaceships, interstellar travel and even seeing time in a different way but the way it chooses to handle the last one is, to me, badly chosen.

Rather than go with something that the audience (again, me in this case) is used to seeing as an explanation for something impossible, they chose the learning of language.

And that’s it.

I can go along with a warp drive or a time travelling cyborg or a radioactive spider, but I know a lot of people who speak multiple languages and it’s just too mundane as a process to explain the acquiring of a superpower.

My disbelief refuses to be suspended from such a weak thread.

Mileage clearly varies, but that’s what happened when I saw the film. I was enjoying it a lot and then… a lot less.

We now return you to your regular program. :slight_smile:


How many do you know who can speak alien languages? :slight_smile:


Including my accountant?


If he can see the future then a career as an actuary beckons.


He can’t.

Which underlines the point really.


His life story probably won’t make for a good sci-fi film, that’s for sure.


Maybe an action movie then?


Is Arrival a rom-com movie that takes place at an airport?


Look what that elevator pitch did to Tom…!!!



The plot of the movie is about succession to an African throne.