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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I would have liked it more if they had the balls to bring back Jigsaw through supernatural means rather than the stupid fake out flashbacks.


I agree, although it did have me wondering what the fuck was going on, so kudos to them for that


Yes! One of my faves, and one of my ultimate 70s films. Gothic horror musical romance with touches of dark humor, I am all in.

Try Suspiria, and tell me it’s not scary. Especially the first murder. What is disturbing about Argento, is that he makes art out of his elaborately staged killings. Also, there is some good music in them. I would also point out that narratively, this is one of his more coherent films.

I think it is rated PG, back then when PG rating standards were loosen.


Oh I’ve seen loads of Argento. I think they’re very cool, but not very scary. I agree on the first murder in Suspiria and I agree on the music. I actually had a chance to see Goblin in concert last year and I’m still pissed I didn’t go.


Started and finished American Vandal S2. Again, starting with a premise you would dismiss any other day, you ended up with something really enjoyable.


I’ve reached the middle of Castlerock and am considering dumping it. It’s not a Stephen King show, it’s certainly not scary or even horror. It’s doesn’t even deal in any of Kings themes or tropes. Its only King character behaves completely out of character and that’s because he’s just had a King name slapped on him rather than being the character. It’s just a purely generic Abrams show. This schism bullshit maybe the final straw for me.


Watched, and loved, S5 of Bojack Horseman. Possibly their best season yet, and definitely the tightest, story-wise, while still being incredibly funny. Stephanie Beatriz was a great addition to the cast, and Rami Malek was really good too.


Finished Cobra Kai just now…

It brought back memories from the 80’s and so much better than the Jaden Smith remake. It was nice seeing the former stars and the story’s succession. Some things were a stretch like Johnny being so out of touch with social media and the Internet, learning karate in a less than a year and being able to take on 4 guys twice your size in school, then taking out the reigning champ in the tournament. There was the Larusso/ Miyagi balance style vs. Johnny’s aggressive style which imho paralleled the light and aggressive dark style of the Force in Star Wars but I digress…

It was a good 10 episodes.


Watched The Shape Of Water tonight. A very beautiful, elegant film, with a great cast. It told a simple story but it told it well.


Do you think it’s Del Toro’s best? I like how it takes all of his childhood favourites and makes a more mature, grown-up movie. It seems fair that he won the awards for this one.


I’ll have to say no.
No romance - which seems an oversight for a romantic movie.


But it’s a cold war thriller. :wink:


So, The Predator.
I didn’t like this so much. It’s a film that doesn’t tell much of a story, with only a few bits of good action. I don’t think that any of it was poor from a technical perspective, just that those scenes never feel intense. Suspense may be cancelled out by the ever-present humour, but the worry that you want to feel as these characters are dropped into certain situations only occurs a couple of times throughout.

The dialogue was very hit and miss when it came to the jokes. This might be the saddest thing to report considering it’s a Shane Black movie. For what it’s worth, Sterling K. Brown did the best with it, giving the lines a great delivery and probably providing the most laughs of any character.

It seemed like there were some editing issues, too. Get me wrong, it’s nothing like Justice League, but there were a lot of reported reshoots when it came to the latter scenes in the film and I wonder how much the story changed. Concerning one character, I’m not sure if they lived or died. Nobody ever talks about them again.

Here’s the thing, Black has said in interviews that he was going for a revival of that 80s action movie, to bring back what was good about the original Predator. I suppose that he’s then fused that with more of his sensibilities. As has been documented on this forum pretty well, I’m not exactly a fan of the original Predator. It’s fine, just not really worth being revered. So I wonder if this film has managed to bring some of that flavour from the original back, which is what’s leaving me so cold? It’s hard for me to say, but out of the commitment to the boards to uphold my greatly exaggerated reputation as “The Predhater”, I went back and saw this for a second time. My opinion hasn’t really budged.

There are some very cool moments, just not enough of them to keep this film fully energised for me, stuff like the main guys scaling the Predator ship and having to avoid the forcefield as it activates, choosing to jump over or duck underneath it. If you’re inside, you can use it as a slide to make your way to the bottom of the ship, which was a cool idea that I haven’t seen in a sci-fi movie before. There was also the bit where two dying friends shot each other at the same time. True friendship, right there. It also reminds me of that bit towards the end of John Woo’s The Killer. I remember the commentary for that saying it was a moment that never happen in a Hollywood film, and I’m a little apprehensive of the impending US remake changing it. Nevertheless, it was nice to see a similar thing happen here.

I noticed that there’s barely any use of mobile phones in this movie. I think that you could have set this twenty or thirty years earlier and barely anything would have to change. Would that have been a better option? To go full eighties?

Anyway, that’s it.
TL;DR: Better than Predator 2, but Predators is still the best.


That character is dead. One of the reviews I read talked about just that issue and how it was emblematic of the issues the film had in the third act.


Yes, I liked it too (I put blinders on at the beginning and Low-expectations mode on which helped).
I actually caught up on this thread to find out where you were and what you thought.
I hope you don’t know anything. Soon though, but I forget exactly.



Thanks, I’m a bit behind because I’m watching it on E4 which has ep5 coming up this week.

Again, I’m actually very surprised by how much I’m enjoying it - it seemed like the sort of thing I’d find really bland and give up on, or the the episodes would stack up and I’d never get round to them - however I’m actually watching it almost as soon as the new eps are available.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress as I know there’s not an awful lot of chat about it on here, which is understandible given the number of superhero related shows available just now.


MANDY: I honestly didn’t like Beyond the Black Rainbow. I won’t disparage it’s craft or style - it had plenty of both. No doubt. I just couldn’t get into it and have never been able to finish it. MANDY however? It’s one of my favorite movies of the year.

While the two movies share a lot of tonal and structural similarities, most of which were my problems with Black Rainbow, here they work due to a heightened focus on delivering with the character work (Cage, Riseborough, Roache are fantastic) but also tying in odds and ends that fulfill the expectations of this plot. It’s a classic revenge story - and plays that to the hilt - but combined with Cosmatos’ own style it pulls away and away to create a mix that is actually quite gripping. I’ve heard it’s been becoming kind of divisive, and I can see why, but really…I thought it worked.

It’s also really a long movie, and there’s a joke in the movie about that which I won’t spoil, but it’s little nods to itself and a very aware-streak that keeps it afloat. Not a thrill-a-minute but it hits a good groove enough that makes the moments when it rams-up/exaggerates genre conventions all the sweeter.


That’s sounds really exciting, TP. I’m psyched to see Cage coming back (four films out in cinemas this year, not to mention his continuing straight to dvd output). It sucks that this was another film that the US got first.

I saw The House with a Clock in Its Walls this morning and thought it was pretty fun. The interplay between Black and Blanchett was good. In fact, Jack Black was consistently charming playing the weird but loveable uncle. I’d forgotten how watchable he can be.

Going in, I had no idea who directed this thing and to find out that it was Eli Roth was a great moment all by itself. He’s in his element making some moments creepy, and enough of the humour seems to be in his wheelhouse, but I think that the biggest thing that he brought to it is a love for the old. I’m not sure that it’s necessarily a lavish recreation of a specific period, but he has fun with the dusty books and old clothes. He even manages to slip in a moment or two of black and white footage, and a short flashback allows him to make the footage look a lot scratchier (though it is likely just a digital effect).

I guess I’m saying don’t overlook this one if your kids want to watch a fun family film. There are some moments played for scares, but y’know, it’s more silly/creepy than anything else.


Maybe they got some actual film and some sharp objects and scratched it, like grandpa would’ve done.


Thanks for this. We were thinking about seeing it - sounds like it’s worth it.