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What are you watching? 2018 edition


My nephew loves watching it, he was about 8-9 when it came out, and when it was on Netflix it was one of those “kid replays”.

I was first started on the Child’s Plays and Hellraisers when I was a kid. It’s a surprise I even like horror after that haha.


I watched the Nun yesterday. I am a fan of the Conjuring series (I think the Conjuring films, plus Annabelle: Creation, are not classic but are quite good, kind of for horror what Fast & The Furious are for action).

This Nun, however, is pretty terrible. It’s one of those films that doesn’t realize that if you try to be scary for the entire running time, then it isn’t actually scary at all. You have to show a normal world at least 50% of the time for the scary stuff to hit home. If you have two people wandering a creepy empty monetary at night for the whole film, with a jump scare every 3-5 minutes, it just becomes boring.


I started reading Stephen King around age 9, so that is where I got a lot of it. Prior to that Poltergeist and Psycho 2 were the ones I saw that I distinctly remember scaring me.

I obviously have no memories of age 4 but I remember being freaked out by Disney’s Sleepy Hollow at a very young age.


Same here with Stephen King, Although I was never really scared by his books, felt they always worked like dramas. Such as “Will Stuttering Bill and Andrea work things out?”.

By 8 though I’d seen Carpenter’s “The Thing” and that is what made me a fan.


I saw Universal’s Dracula when I was 5 and was totally enthralled by Lugosi. I was a horror fan ever since. I wasn’t allowed to watch R rated films but my dad would describe them to me and draw elements from them (like the xenomoph or the T-800 endoskeleton) and my mom would read King to me.


When I was 5 my dad took me to see The Lost World. He was disappointed it was the Rennie version (it was 1960) instead of the 1925-or-so one he remembered. Still had dinosaurs!


I saw the 1925 version with new music performed live by Dengue Fever.


I’ve just started to watch Castlerock. So far beyond being glacially paced the biggest issue is that it doesn’t feel like a King story. It just feels like a generic JJ Abrams series with some of the names and places whited out and replaced with King references.


Bodyguard. Gripping plot so far.


Succession on HBO was a great surprise. This tweet sums it up.


My favourite thing about the show is that in 10 episodes, there were 41 instances of characters telling people to fuck off:


Cousin Greg and Tom’s dynamic was one of my favorite dynamics in a drama this year.


We’ve watched both series one and two in the space of a week now. What a lovely, funny, warm, well-acted, gentle and affecting show this is.

Sadly series three isn’t on Netflix (or iplayer), or we’d be straight on to that next.


“What’s your name again?”


“Can I call you Steve?”

Ahh, Get Shorty never fails to put a smile on my face. Heather Graeme’s introduction this episode was also particularly smile inducing.


Started Miss Sherlock, an adaptation of SH set in modern Japan with two female leads. The first episode was decent, and there is 7 more to watch.


I really enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians.

Some of it suffers from having to cut a lot out of the book for time, but I thought it did a decent job, and Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh are fantastic.


Watched Skyscrapper earlier. I could’ve looked past its unoriginality if it was a fun movie…But instead it’s just really stupid, and a bit of a dull watch.

And I think they need to start shoving some wigs on The Rock. Or at least attempt to cover up his chest tattoo. Seeing him looking the exact same in every movie is getting boring.



I wish he got to do more stuff like that. He was game to show his versatility back then. Now everyone just wants what they didn’t understand at the beginning…


I think part of the problem is that he’s not very versatile. He’s good at a specific thing and that’s basically it.