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What are you watching? 2018 edition


The Ritual book is just okay. The film improves on it significantly.

Hereditary worked better as an unstable portrayal of grief than it did a horror movie. I wish they hadn’t tried to shoehorn in the horror elements because without them I would have loved the film.


Totally. The first two acts are good, but the final act doesn’t fit at all. It’s really like watching two completely unrelated movies smooshed into one.


[quote=“Rory, post:2419, topic:10852”]
Hereditary worked better as an unstable portrayal of grief than it did a horror movie. I wish they hadn’t tried to shoehorn in the horror elements because without them I would have loved the film.

Agree with you both on this.


It can be two things!


Finished Jack Ryan and had binged it with my brother. We both enjoyed it but also agreed that it’s pretty much “Cuddly-24”. The general sense of tropes/cliche and atmosphere…but less volatility and angst. Entertaining enough though. Would watch a second season for sure.


It almost felt like a 90s movie to me, with some modern references thrown in. Albeit pretty cool ones. I hope there was a point to the Tombstone and Ratgirl sub plot and we see them again, it was great. All in all it’s slick and does everything it needs to, to be entertaining.

However, and I can’t stress this enough to everyone here… Condor does much the same thing as is done here only Jack Ryan compared to Condor is like Power compared to The Wire.

They are all good, it’s just that some are a lot more good than others.


Condor looks good, but Jack Ryan has a sort of comfiness to it that I think edges it into an orange to contrast to Condor’s apple.


I love comfiness with my CIA biological warfare thrillers. :grin:


Yeah, it’s a weird show in that sense. Hahah.


“Jack, quick, there’s a bomb in that building!”

Jack looks at camera; smirks


Who’s got Condor for UK viewing? If it’s those Now TV buggers I’m waiting for the DVD.


Nobody yet.


Thanks, it sounds like it should be one for the hit list.


I downloaded it. I like the original movie so when I heard about it I got on it. As soon as it gets here definitely watch it. It starts strong enough but the depth of character and pacing make it really enjoyable and it definitely plays the thriller element realistically. The last episode really sticks the landing and completes the arc and makes you want more much more than Jack Ryan. If you like CIA thrillers it’s really tight.

Edit: I would recommend it to lovers of thrillers and good TV in general.


We just watched Kubo And The Two Strings for the first time. What a beautiful film. It has become an instant favourite.

It’s so visually imaginative, with a rich story that deals with some quite mature ideas in an elegant and accessible way. Charming, funny and moving. I only wish it hadn’t taken me so long to get round to watching it.


I tried it with my eldest about a year or so ago when he was 3 or just under but he was too young for it.

Got it on the list to try again soon.

I also bought Isle of Dogs on DVD for his 4th birthday, he loves Fantastic Mr Fox, as do I, I suspect IOD is going to be too mature for him but I’m hoping there is enough there to keep him entertained and we can watch it together. I’ve been desperate to watch it so it’s really a present for me…

Have any of you lot watched Goosebumps?

I’m looking for a light Halloween film to watch with a 4 year old and 2.5 year old that’s not too scary for them but my eldest boy is at an age now where he’s starting to ask about Halloween and I do love that time of year even if I mostly just end up watching scary films on my own.

I think this all comes from always watching horror movies round Halloween when I was younger with my gran and aunties.


I watched it a while back. There are creepy parts, monsters and so on, but it’s all fairly cartoonish and light, even slapstick in places. I think it would really depend on the child, there’s nothing too disturbing but there’s the odd creature design that could be a bit unsettling.


I might have a flick thru it first just to check

Thanks Dave


I’ve spent the morning tidying while also re-watching Synth Britannia, a fantastic BBC documentary about the early days of the electronic music scene in the UK, detailing the late 70s through mid-80s, mixing stock footage and performances from the day alongside narration and contemporary interviews with members of OMD, Depeche Mode, Human League, Heaven 17, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Yazoo, Kraftwerk, the Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Gary Numan and Daniel Miller amongst others. It’s fascinating to watch, as the early experimental work slides up against the more pop-oriented second and third waves of acts, how some of them like Human League embraced that shift and others didn’t, but that the increasing ubiquity of the synthesiser and the popularity of acts like Soft Cell and New Order lead to the increasing commodification of the scene, and how that lead to a sort of death for the genre - at least in the eyes of the early pioneers.

Well worth checking out if you’ve an hour and a half to spare.


I think I showed my kid some of the Universal horror at about age 4, with a bit of Godzilla. Best to get them started on the classics.

For 2.5 years old, I would just go with the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.