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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Some things can’t be fixed in post.


That really should have been the tagline for the entire movie.


Many movies.


Let’s not even!


Yes they did it was called “SQ: SQ relaunched, the super SQ files - SQ as nails”.

Nobody realised it came out as it makes no sense to call a film named Suicide Squad “SQ”. As a result a surefire massive hit of 20m DVD sales made only 6. The editor sadly hanged himself.


Sounds like it SQed.


Yeah I did watch the extended cut… but I don’t really remember the differences between both cuts… anyways, the extended doesn’t really do much for the movie, unlike the BvS one, for exemple.


I think maybe there were more people wearing garbage bags got shot, and whatever they could find of Margot Robbie. Needed more Batman.


Nah it needed more Joker… and btw, re-watching it… yup, I liked Leto’s Joker… I really wish he’ll do something else with it, because I think it was a very different, but interesting interpretation, specially paired up with Robbie’s Harley…


Caught The Nun after work.

It was a decent wee old fashioned horror movie, litttle bit cheesy at times and repeated the same tricks a few times as well.

Not a lot of scares and I found my mind wandering at times but it’s the best horror movie that I’ve seen this year, which to be fair, would not be hard.

Ultimately forgettable but I’ve had a worse 90 mins in the cinema.


That’s cool. Though it’s a little disappointing to hear that it’s not scary. I suppose that a lot of mainstream horror isn’t. I’m hoping to catch it in the cinema about some point, but with me still wanting to watch Yardie, Cold War and Searching, I’m not sure that I’ll manage it. Then there’s American Animals too, which has plenty of good reviews. I think that The Predator is out next week too (and I’m sure everybody here is waiting for my thoughts on that one). There’s just too much to see.


Hereditary was overhyped but surely it is better than the Nun? (Which, to be frank, I’m excited to see).

The Ritual on Netflix was also another good one this year.


Saw the premiere of Its Always Sunny season 13. Going to bed now to have nightmares of Dennis Reynolds Mid-Comversation Sex Dolls. Good grief that thing was terrifying.


Pretty sure that Chris thought Hereditary was gash. :sweat_smile:
The Ritual came out last October in the UK, so he’s probably not counting that either.


Not just one Chris felt that way…


I thought Heriditary was a bit of a mess, I was bored by the time the scares kicked in, which were pretty weak anyway.

I need to catch The Ritual, I read apartment 16 recently by Adam Neville who wrote the book and it was pretty good. Decent reviews as well.


Yeah it was a pile of overhyped shite hype manufactured by social media nonsense


The acting was good. The film wore its influences too clearly on its sleeve for me


B[quote=“saga, post:2411, topic:10852”]
Going to bed now to have nightmares of Dennis Reynolds Mid-Comversation Sex Dolls.

Nightmares or wet dreams?


Maybe it’s like the guy who did Ubergeist who never saw the Universal horror movies but made something from the impression they made on him. Like someone once said, it’s better to remake bad movies with good ideas than remake good movies with bad ideas.