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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Ponyo is another recommendation for a younger viewer, I really liked that one.


She’s seen it.


The problem with watching cooking competitions is that one cannot smell nor taste the food. This is an advantage in some situations. Last night MasterChef were cooking hearts - an aroma I do not appreciate, as i associate it with cat food. It was very fine to have missed that. Then they did chocolate desserts. Bring the Scent-O-Vision!


I love fried chicken hearts, gizzards and livers.


They did beef, lamb, duck and tuna. Tuna heart is really weird, ended up in a kebab. Me, I don’t like organs, mostly the musculature.


I can’t remember. Maybe it was the body of a caveman that they found frozen in ice and not a gorilla.


Encino Man was my favourite Hammer Horror.


I could be mixing up a bunch of films from that era (maybe a Corman movie?), but I swear remembering a Frankenstein movie with Peter Cushing where there were cavemen, apes and some serial killing slasher’s brain being switched between them. Also, possibly Frankenstein’s daughter and/or wife’s brains were being tossed around between bodies as well. Possibly several different films though. I probably haven’t watched them since I was a teenager.


It’s called Horror Express. Though I don’t think it was a Hammer film and it doesn’t involve Jack the Ripper at all.

EDIT: Wikipedia doesn’t mention Hammer at all but with Cushing and Lee both in it I can see how it would be easy to make that assumption.

EDIT 2: The whole film is available on youtube. I guess watching it would be the easiest way to determine if it’s the film you’re thinking of.


Hammer Films are even more fun when they get all mashed up in the head. Kinda like Corman Vincent Price movies.


Horror Express was a classic europroduction (also known as a europudding) with money from all over the continent, a range of actors who spoke different languages and filming in whichever country would offer the best deal for the producer and his financial “creativity”.

With Lee, Cushing and Telly Savalas (as a cossack!) it’s kind of fun, but not really consistent or even all that coherent.

I’ve seen it, but feel no great need to see it again (at least when I’m sober).

It could be remade quite effectively if anyone has the rights, the inclination and a hotline to Netflix (probably) to stump up the cash.


So I rewatched Suicide Squad, better known as SQ… aaand… it’s a shame, there was really a decent movie in there but it got murdered during final edits… =/

I’d be really interested in knowing wht the hell went on in that period of time at WB… someone should write a book or something =P


I watch Suicide Squad once a year to remind myself just how bad it got for superhero movies. It has to be the worst superhero blockbuster of the last five years. Maybe ten?




Did they ever do an extended/re-edited edition in the end? I thought I heard that a different version was coming out.


The blu-ray version has a cut that’s 13 minutes longer.


I’ve been watching a few episodes of something called The Guardian, which I’d never heard of before but looks a couple of decades old (it’s got watsisname from The Mentalist, looking really young).

The premise is a hot-shot corporate lawyer (watsisname) who gets busted for doing(/possessing/dealing, I’m not sure as I missed the pilot) drugs and sentenced to community serivce working in the city’s child advocacy services.

As you might guess, considering he’s defending children who are abused, etc., it’s pretty grim. And I mean, not just in the subject matter, but the whole tone: there are no lighthearted moments or comic relief, watsisname never even cracks the patented “Mentallist” smile. This is relentlessly serious stuff. He’s faced with morally ambiguous situtations where it’s never entirely clear what is the right thing to do – and half the time, he makes the wrong call. There aren’t many happy endings for anyone.

Somehow, I’m completely hooked on it.


They did, but it’s a long amount of nothing fluff, As everyone knows by now the real meaty scenes were all lost to make the montages.


The version that was shot reportedly had a lot more nasty violence, particularly with the Joker treating Harley like crap and even trying to kill her.

It’s not surprising that was cut. It’s surprising it was ever greenlit.


Totally gutted Harley’s character arc though.
And the scene they kept that feeds into it near the end is weightless now.