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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I tried the first episode of Kidding last (you can watch it for free on YouTube at the moment). It’s… an odd show. The high concept is that Carrey is a beloved children’s tv show host whose son recently died in a car accident and his life is completely falling apart off camera. The first episode hinges on him wanting to do an episode about death which his producer (his father) refuses. It’s an odd thing to fight against when both Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street did it decades ago at this point. Beyond that the tone is pretty odd it’s a fairly dark and depressing show that still aims to be funny, which often feels out of place. Carrey’s character comes off as unrealistically naive and innocent, it’s one thing for him to play that as a character and another to suggest he’s really like that. Finally, despite the show being promoted as Gondry’s he seems to only be involved as producer and certainly none of his visual creativity is on display in this first episode. I’m really not sure if I’m going to watch the second episode at this point.


Actually, the look of Kryton actually reminds me a bit of the look of some episodes of Farscape - a show I’m very fond of.


The show looked like a bit of a mean spirited caricature of Mr. Rogers. Almost like a mix of a Carrey In Living Color character and some of his more recent of the wall real life ideas.


I’m not sure it’s mean spirited and I think the core idea is fine but they clearly don’t understand what made Rogers special.


Finished the first season of Jack Ryan. It’s good, but nothing special.

There’s just not a lot that’s particularly new about it. If you’ve seen any season of Homeland, then you know what you’ll be getting with this. With the big difference being that Carrie from Homeland is quite a complicated character. But Jack Ryan is a rather dull blank slate.

I did think it was going to be quite balsy toward the end, by having the terrorist win and killing off the President…But no such luck.


Finished the 3rd episode of Krypton and I thought it was excellent. It’s moving along at a decent rate with enough going on to keep it interesting.

Again the show looks excellent, some of the best effects I’ve seen on tv. The Brainiac Scout is a great peice of design brought to life brilliantly.


I’m 5 episodes in and it’s entertaining enough but lacks the balls and depth of Condor which I strongly recommend.


Was he resurrected or reincarnated? Didn’t Hammer films do a Frankenstein meets Jack the Ripper movie where the doctor inadvertently puts the Ripper’s brain into a gorilla’s body or something? Sorta like Dr Frankenstein meets Jack the Ripper meets Murders in the Rue Morgue.


Wow they took their time with that reveal on Castle Rock… =/

It’d be a MUCH better show if the pace hadn’t been this fuckin SLOOOOW…



Well if they did it’s a Hammer film I’ve never seen. Perfectly good (well batshit insane) B-Movie plot though.

If fake trailers were still a “thing” I’d say go shoot one for that immediately!


Got properly stuck into Detectorists last night, having only dipped into it occasionally before. It’s such a great show, with comedy that’s firmly rooted in the characters and some great performances (from the leads and supporting cast). We raced through four episodes last night so we’ll likely get through the whole series quickly.


My niece became positively obsessed with My Neighbor Totoro recently, and as a result, I finally have a favorite Miyazaki. Which is to say, a Miyazaki where I get all the chatter about his work.


Totoro is a lovely movie.

Did you see Spirited Away?


It seems infused with a lot more weird aspects. I’m not really keen on the weird stuff, more the whimsical stuff, which is what Totoro is. It captures childhood magic wonderfully, which is what a cartoon ought to do.


I enjoyed Kiki’s Delivery Service a lot as a kid. She should check that out too.


All Ghibli is good (possible exception: Tales of Earthsea), I’d highly recommend The Cat Returns a a fun lightweight adventure as well.

(though I’ll admit, I’m not the hugest fan of Totoro. I prefer pretty much all his other films I’ve seen)


Spirited Away is by far my favorite. Though I do have a soft spot for Princess Mononoke.


Pretty sure she’s seen it. She’s seen a handful of Miyazaki at this point, but again, she latched onto Totoro. Cat Bus, soot sprites, lots of little fun elements, and of course Totoro himself.


That is a nice way of putting it. I think Totoro is much more suited to younger kids, there are elements of Spirited Away that are a bit dark and scary in comparison.

I love it though, probably my favourite animated film and one of the best handlings of growing up and changing from childhood to adulthood that I’ve ever seen in a film.


I like Mononoke but it is long, and it didn’t quite have that magical spark for me that some of the others did. Howl’s Moving Castle was similar for me - some great designs and ideas, beautiful animation, but it didn’t quite push into that higher level of greatness.