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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Loved the Adventure Time series finale. I can’t wait to do a rewatch of all 283 episodes someday; hopefully they’ll do a Complete Series blu-ray set.


I’m not watching this right now, but I will give it a try later;

I went to a talk last night about London Bridge and the surrounding area (in a pub nearby). It was a good night (a mix of history, ghost stories and alcohol) and the fact that the previous London Bridge was sold to an American property development company and moved to Arizona was a big part of the talk.

This is a TV movie filmed around the Bridge, featuring David Hasselhoff fighting a resurrected Jack the Ripper.

So, as I say, I’ll be watching it later. :slight_smile:


I got caught up with the first three episodes of the new BBC drama Bodyguard over the past couple of nights (on a recommendation from my mum, no less).

It’s a very watchable and slick thriller, but it’s also rife with clichés and stock characters, and feels so melodramatic that it’s almost cartoonish at times. But it looks good, has a decent cast (particularly among the secondary players), features plenty of compelling and well-choreographed action and has enough twists and turns to make it the TV equivalent of a page-turner.

In short: it’s the kind of thing your mum might like.


Oh I remember watching that as a kid. They move the london bridge to like Texas and it bring Jack the Ripper back to life. It’s… okay.


It’s Arizona rather than Texas because…


In my defense, when you’re a kid, there’s not much difference between Arizona and Texas.


That was the first part of the talk last night.

They spent $1m to buy it but only used the exterior casing, it’s now steel and concrete underneath that. The exterior blocks were still 30,000 tones of stone though (shipping costs were $7m).

There’s a legend that they thought they were buying Tower Bridge, but that is very unlikely. There was even a brochure produced to sell the bridge.


Yeah I heard the Tower Bridge story when I was pretty young, that they’d been swindled, it was really presented as a joke. They clearly weren’t conned by anyone as the seller was the City of London and I’m sure if you are spending a million bucks (at 1960s rates) you’d do at least a little homework.


You would hope…

Rather sadly the speaker said very few people really care that it’s London Bridge anymore.

Lake Havasu is very popular with tourists, but they go for the lake itself. It’s a big venue for spring break students.

“They only care about how extra loud the horn on the boat sounds when they speed through the arches of the bridge.” was the way it was explained to him.

There used to be a chintzy “Little England” area next to the bridge, but it’s been flattened and redeveloped for condos.


It’s a pretty weird thing, buying a bridge and relocating it. If it wasn’t actually called London Bridge, I doubt hardly anyone would recognise it.


It worked though, for a time anyway. There were other factors but Lake Havasu City is a real place and self-sustaining. The publicity from the Bridge got it far more attention that it would have received otherwise.

They even did a TV special with Tom Jones;


Better Call Saul continues to be great, with this week’s episode maybe the best of the season so far. That cold-open scene was a wonderful surprise, but what came after it was even better. Can’t wait to see how this season plays out.


Oh, I remember that, too!


You should. It is starring the biggest act in German cinema.:rofl:


You mean the biggest star on German TV and on music stages :wink:

(And the man who single-handedly ended the tyranny in Eastern Germany!)


I’m sure he had a backing group,


My wife has been watching it based on a recommendation from her Mum, which for me was a reason not to watch it.

However, she’s had it on when I’ve been reading and I’ve watched little bits of it.

The acting from whatshisfacerobstarkguy is good, nice to hear close to his natural accent.

But yeah, what you’ve said there about the show sounds pretty much what I thought from what I’ve seen.


Is there any chat about the Krypton show on the other threads? Just before I post here.


I think there has been some discussion in the DC Television thread.


Had a wee look there but can’t see much.

Just to say I’d finished episode 1, watched 2 and I’ve started 3 and I’ve been surprised by it.

It’s not the greatest show ever, not even close, but the sets and costumes look excellent and the general look of it has elevated the show to being somewhere I’m quite enjoying spending time in, if that makes sense.
I’m quite enjoying the soapy elements and most of the acting.

Also, Nyssa :heart_eyes: