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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I was looking at my DVD shelf the other day and realised I’ve had The 4400 series 4 on DVD since Woolworths went out of business, which is getting on for 9 years now, and I’ve still not watched it.

So I’ve been rewatching the whole series. The first two series are solidly entertaining, with a good balance of series arc stuff and freak of the week stories. The notion of ripple effects from the actions of the 4400 is interesting and well explored.

I’m in series 3 now and it’s had a marked drop in quality. The big problem is Isabelle. Previously an Omen-esque fetus and baby, she’s rapidly aged up to her late 20s for series 3 and it becomes much less interesting, as we get a load of “I’ve not experienced a normal life, have missed out on so many things” stuff. The positioning of her as an anti-messiah figure set up to kill the 4400 is just really dull and the character of Matthew Ross is completely changed out of the blue to facilitate it (previously a pragmatic sceptic, he becomes conspiring and overly knowledgeable about the 4400 and the politics of the future).

And for some reason, starting with this season, the DVD producers have decided to put a recap of the entire premise of the series on the front of every single episode. As if someone’s going into episode 10 of series 3 and still hasn’t picked up the gist of things yet.

ETA: one thing that’s stuck out through this is the very post-9/11 themes. People being arrested as terrorists (“you do not have the right to a lawyer, you do not have the right to remain silent”), waterboarding interrogation, no mention ever of warrants.


Since we’re verging on spoilers:

The happy ending didn’t ring right for me either. But maybe that’s the point? Even when Ron speaks to David Duke for the final time, it’s a hollow victory. That chapter of the klan become active again and the violence continues. It felt to me like the point of the ending was that treating them like a joke just enables them to operate in a greater capacity. If you don’t take them seriously, we end up with the shocking coda footage.


Avoid Slender Man as if it were a horny leper on hump day. I walked out of the cinema for the very first time because of it (and I’ve sat through some crap in my time like Battlefield Earth and Batman & Robin). It’s atrociously bad.


Deadpool 2 (first viewing, and the Super Dupet cut).
Loved it, although it’s a touch under the first one (still, hitting 90% of a high bar is something).
Loved the Canadian references (the rip, and then the credits scene).

Blu Ray Super Duper disc menu came on as I was going out to balcony (filthy habit) had me stop and watch.
80’s VHS quality and some cool stuff.
Come around and repeat with regular menu (proper quality, movie scenes only) multiple times (not showing that first stuff, kinda making me think I’m nuts)
Love shit like that.


Bodyguard is a recommend so far (2 episodes).


I went to see The Meg yesterday.

There’s a far more effective film in there that is R rated, doesn’t telegraph every surprise and isn’t edited like a transformers movie.

Result is a lack of any real suspense or tension


I think I saw that film.


(Looking it up, I’m surprised that the original Jaws was only PG-rated.)


I re-watched Amadeus recently, and was surprised that was a PG, even with (brief) nudity.


I’m sure you both know but this was all before the PG-13 rating.


This is the UK. They had a 15 rating at the time. And when the Director’s Cut came out in 2002, they still rated Amadeus a PG, when I think it got an R in the US.


I am watching some early eps of Cobra Kai… A few tropes from Mean Girls are in it.

The cool kids trope is there too…

Loving it.


Some DVR’ed episodes of My Hero Academia. There was a marathon on Toonami last night.


Where are you up to? I’ve started the third season and am surprised by how much I like it.


It was the first thirteen episodes. I’m on episode 12.


Yeah I’ve enjoyed the first couple episodes to. The whole things a bit far fetched, but I’m interested to see where it goes. The assassination attempt in the second episode was pretty cool.


Working our way through Prime’s Jack Ryan, just got through episode 3 and…

Rarely has an episode ever given such a deserving target for a drone strike. It starts with a guy being taken out and the operator who took the kill shot is haunted by the ambiguity of it all, did the target deserve to be summarily executed by drone? The other plots in the episode continue, with Suleiman’s wife becoming so terrified of him she first tries to get passports to flee, then legs it in the middle of the night after he finds and burns the passports in front of her.

So, she legs it, he sends two minions after her. One is who was helping her, he gets killed by the other, who then decides to punish the wife by raping her - and all of this is being seen on drone. Drone operator requests permission to strike, it’s denied, as it all hits crux point he decides to with ‘fuck it all’ option. Cue one rapist bastard blown to hell, by a Hellfire no less.

Bloody excellent way to end the ep.


I’ve been watching the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale for the last couple of months and finally finished it tonight. I think it has shown what a huge debt the first season owed to Atwood’s novel, because without that basis to work from the show’s second season has been all over the place.

After enjoying the first season a lot, the second has fallen into a lot of recognisable habits of Bad Television - meandering plotting, inconsistent pacing, illogical twists and endless cyclical repetition with no real destination in sight.

It has also ratcheted up the gratuitous violence and shock factor, and very little of the brutal (often sexual) violence we see in this season has felt as meaningful or considered as what we saw in the first.

It makes me feel like the programme-makers saw a very different show in the first season than the one I enjoyed, and it’s such a comprehensive decline that it almost makes the first season worse in retrospect.

They should have stuck with a single-season adaptation of the book and left it at that.


So you`re saying that you can’t wait for that multi-season HBO Watchmen now?


There’s a near-200-item list up at IMDb with the premiere dates of TV and cable shows. It scared the crap out of me. It’s Zombie TV 2018, ladies and gents! SNL will star Don Pardo. Isaac Hayes is still on South Park. Andy Rooney is still grumpy on 60 Minutes.

And need I say more than

134. FBI (2018– )

Crime, Drama | Pre-production

Add a Plot

Stars: Courtney Gonzalez, Ebonee Noel, Missy Peregrym, Jeremy Sisto

“Add A Plot”??? Okey-dokey…