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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Watched the first 2 ep’s of The Terror.

It’s pretty fucking creepy and I’m really enjoying it but Jared Harris is much better at Belter than an Irish accent


His dad would be pissed off about that.


Started watching House of Flying Daggers tonight. Wow. At first I was disappointed by comparing it to Hero in my head every ninety seconds, but then the story kicked in and it grabbed me. Visually it’s pretty outstanding, with all of the stuff set in the forests really making an impression (I’m reminded of a similar setting in Ninja Scroll). If you ever had to sell someone on the colour green, then I think this would be the movie to do it. It is the sound that’s really drawing me in though. All of the ambient noises are so sumptuous that I really could watch and listen to this movie all day. As long as the remaining forty minutes don’t do anything personally insulting then it’s probably going to wind up a new favourite of mine.

I think that @RobertB has said before that the early 2000s were a particularly great time for cinema, and in terms of great genre cinema I have to wholeheartedly agree. We probably haven’t had such a trailblazing, fertile period since and now that we’re well into the Disney/MCU occupation, how much longer will we have to wait? For full disclosure, that decade will be the one that I pine wistfully for, so maybe I’m just getting ahead of the curve. :thinking:


The fight in the bamboo forest is one of the most amazing scenes ever put on film.


Lake Placid: First time watching it since I was an adolescent. Honestly, I think it’s a bit of an odd beast of a creature feature. It’s not exciting or over-the-top enough to be unforgettable, but it’s well-executed and aware enough to be incredibly charming. Definitely, however, I have to mark it down as one of my favorites.

I wish it had gotten proper sequels instead of the sad SYFY original movie fate.


Yes, 1984-1987 and 2001-2004 are the best stretches of movies in my lifetime. This is scientific fact.


Basically a 20 year cycle then. Golden age coming in 2024 or there abouts.


Hope the young guns of tomorrow enjoy it.


That is probably fair to estimate, although who knows where the industry as a whole is going. Disney buying out the block could prevent it, too.


It’s always fun to wonder and guess though.
Streaming services could change things up just as much as Disney. Netflix are releasing the new Alfonso Cuaron movie soon. If all of the great directors go to streaming, will I be left with only mediocre movies in cinemas? I guess that Disney and Netflix could support each other in that way.


I expect an anti Disney backlash to take hold eventually. And their box office domination will force studios to get more creative rather than offer bland sub standard properties. The stage seems set for a world vs Disney battle over the next decade.


How the hell do you leave 1982 out of there? That’s the year that gave us the thing, ET and Bladerunner.


I was actually torn between going 82-85 and 84-87 with my completely arbitrary 4-year timeframe. What swung me is that 1983 is weirdly a bit duff, with a few exceptions. But 1982 is one of the best years ever for sure.

Blade Runner, Burden of Dreams, Dark Crystal, E.T., Fanny and Alexander, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, First Blood, Fitzcarraldo, Halloween 3, The King of Comedy, Koyaanisqatsi, Liquid Sky, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Poltergeist, Rocky 3, Secret of Nimh, The Thing, Tootsie, Tron, Wrath of Khan, The Verdict, etc, etc…now that is a year of movies.


Ok, I’m going to confess to actually quite enjoying the first Bad Moms movie in a junk food sort of way, so when I saw that A Bad Moms Christmas was on Amazon Prime I thought I’d give it a shot.

I shouldn’t have, it’s pretty weak. There’s virtually no story, the gags all feel a bit lame and first-draft (it feels like the whole thing was cobbled-together fast after the success of the first movie) and even the chemistry of the three leads feels off, somehow. There were one or two laughs but it largely felt like a waste of time.


That was my exact sequence of thoughts :smiley:


That will tie in with the next Star Wars revival then :+1:


It’s a pity when a simple, popular idea runs aground so fast.

There was an audience for this, a lot of new-ish parents I know (not just the mums) enjoyed the first one.

Its a sitcom idea, and it should be as consistent as a sitcom, just with a bit more money to play with.


The Happytime Murders: You could have chopped this movie down to 40 minutes and nothing would have been lost. The story content for the noir elements isn’t there enough, and the jokes are really just padding more than they are either funny or unfunny. They’re superfluous and the real meat is threadbare. It’s not bad in itself, I just think that it should have been shorter if they weren’t going to tell much of a story.

Overall - 2.3/5. Some of the noir/P.I. elements are pretty entertaining, and the times it hits it’s a nice “smirk”. But definitely feels stretched over it’s already short runtime.


Absolutely. It felt like a tacked-on feel-good ending, which was made all the weirder by the last scene (of the plot) going off in the opposite direction again.


Cheers, Ross. I’d been wondering about the memoir, and about whatever actual fact may be behind both.

A movie in which Ron Stallworth is actually the villain would be very interesting.