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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I watched The Last Boy Scout last night, for I haven’t quite some time. I can’t say it hooked me up as it did before. Moreover, I am reading some chunks of the script for the movie, I believe it’s original draft, and it’s just… wow! It makes the finished movie like a bland copy, like you pull a line with a soft pencil and then erase it, but the line is still visible. I dare to say, the way it’s written, it could be one of the best action films of all time. Next to classics of the genre, like Die Hard. I think I’ll never watch TLBS with same eyes again.

It’s nearly bizzarre how almost everything you know about the movie is in the script, but either modified or put in different context. True, the mastermind behind is another guy we never see in the movie, and there is no jig at the end. But , the original is more darker and more violent than finishing product. Also, the portrayal of women never bothered me in the movie, but in some ways, the script it’s more misogynistic. Sarah cheated Joe, not only with his partner, but with two other guys. A girl (presumably porn actress) is killed by chainsaw off-screen (off-page). Because beside being henchmen, Milo is snuff film director. Milo fondles Sarah breast in front of Joe. Darian is even more foul-mouthed (“take a bath in my a**”). Also, some of Black’s lines are better than in the movie, but some would fit into a movie of C category (when Sarah begs Joe: “Save me. Be a hero”). Terrible, but funny.


Insatiable - I was bored and working at home most of the week so figured I’d see if it was as bad as the reviews have made it out to be. The short answer is yes. It’s pretty terrible TV. The show really doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be, it’s a tonal nightmare. Sometimes it tries to be a twisted dark comedy, sometimes a quirky, campy satire, sometimes a more straightforward dramedy about coming to terms with and learning to love yourself. It fails on basically at all those. Part of the failure (but certainly not all of it) is because the show ties itself to an intensely unlikable protagonist. Patty is an awful character. She’s deluded, selfish, and vindictive and spends the entire show complaining about how unfair life is to her. On top of that, she even comes to conclusion that she’s a terrible person (which she undeniable is) at least in every other episode, only to quickly dismiss and forget that lesson and then be surprised when she relearns it in the next episode. And look, those kinds of characters can work if done right. In It’s Always Sunny, you’ve got nothing but deluded, selfish, vindictive characters but that’s the point of the show. The Insatiable writers flip back and forth between Patty being awful and trying to garner sympathy for her.

The point is, it’s a crap show that no one needs waste their time on and that hopefully Netflix won’t bring back.


It seemed like they could have told the story with half the episodes and been more effective. It seemed like a lot of it was drawn out to fill the season - like the fight in the motel. The last few episodes, though, kinda rushed to the end.


That’s the AMC business model.


I watched Season 5 of Arrested Development.

Wow, that was really bad.

The plot was completely incoherent. It felt like it was missing the last 1-3 episodes. Worst of all, it just wasn’t funny. After the disastrous Season 4 (I seriously doubt I’ll watch the longer Remix version), I was hoping this would be a return to form but sadly, it wasn’t. I really don’t see a Season 6 happening.


I stopped watching halfway in. It was like they filmed everyone a year apart and only had them all together for a day. I don’t know if I’ll finish it.

I am however really looking forward to Ozark season 2!!


Didn’t they split Season 5 in two, so the final episodes will be released sometime later? Or am I making that up?


Nah that’s the plan


Started the first episode of Krypton, despite by better judgement

Do they explain why they wear jeans, hoodies and baseball caps on another planet, at any point ?

Edit…I’ve watched on…it’s been explained…haha…I must admit I was starting to fear the worst


I’m watching ‘The Keepers’, a documentary series on Netflix. It’s about the mystery behind a murdered nun in the late 1960s in Maryland. It’s very intriguing as the layers are lifted, similar in style to Making a Murderer or Serial and if I wasn’t going out now I’d watch the next one.

Be warned though the revelations from the 2nd episode are very disturbing and should make you angry. So it’s one for the right mood for serious content.


Dude, that fight sequence was the most awesome thing in any series ever! It was my absolute highlight of season 1.

So, you know, there’s also no accounting for taste, sometimes.

EDIT: Also, I watched The Wolverine. It was an alright Wolverine movie. I don’t think there’s a lot more to say about it.


The rule for The Wolverine is it was a good movie until the last third where it went wrong.

It is beyond the statue of limitations to deviate from this opinion now.


I watched the first episode of Disenchantment last night and it didn’t really work for me. It all felt a bit flat and lacking in any real laughs. I didn’t even make it to the very end. A shame as it looked like it could be fun in a Smax sort of way.


What, with the guy being the bad guy? They built up to it from the start, was pretty obvious. Robot samurai armour was probably a mistake, but about in keeping with the rest of it.

I am deviating! I am a deviant!


I finally saw Blackkklansman and really liked it. Mostly good performances, some poignant moments and plenty of humour (dark as some of it is). I appreciate Spike Lee’s “take no prisoners” approach and the press conference he gave at Cannes lays out how he really feels about things as they are now (I would recommend watching it after you’ve seen the film, since it spoils the ending otherwise).

Did you see what the director of Sorry to Bother You had to say about this movie, Ron and his memoir? He’s made some interesting points which have me intrigued to look into everything further.


Nah, you have a link?
Sounds interesting.


Here it is.


That’s incredibly interesting, and definitely puts both the movie and the memoir in a different light.


The one scene I hated in the movie (aside from the unnecessary Alec Baldwin bit at the start) was the one at the end where the one in the bar where the racist cop is caught and kicked out. Even by the standards of the movie that scene felt ridiculous and out of place.


I watched Ocean’s 8… it was an alright movie… probably got more flack than it deserved 'cause of the Ghostbusters fiasco… this however was pretty okay… felt more like a sequel in the franchise than a “female-forced-reboot” or something like that…

However, I gotta say two things: 1) they kinda wasted some of those actresses, and 2) I was heavily distracted all througout the movie by that incredibly heavy handed make-up… wow whoever was in charge of the movie’s make-up should go back to school.

Also, Sandra Bullock’s surgeries were pretty distracting too… what the hell happened to her? =/